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Best Country To Emigrate Bitlife

Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
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If the player's request is approved by the country, they will have to pay a certain amount of money to emigrate. Depending on the partner's relationship, if the bar is more than half, they will agree to come, otherwise, they will refuse.

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Once the player emigrates, they can start living in a new country but will quit their job and leave some family members such as siblings and parents behind (if they try to spend time with them or go to the theater, they won't be able to due to obvious reasons, but they can chat on the phone or Skype, etc). The “Spend time” button has since been replaced with “Visit them” for iOS players.

Several reasons for being denied the immigration request by the country may be for being in the military, having a criminal record, or possessing a giant exotic pet. Emigration in Billie depends a lot on the age of your character as the player.

Besides this, just like in real life, criminal records and other general information also play a hand here. You will be required to ask for permission even before processing with the emigration, and if the other country obliges, you will be allowed to shift.

The chances of you getting to a different country are very slim if you are underage as only the character’s parents will have the authority then. When you emigrate, you will have to quit your job, and the player will have to leave his parents, cousins, and other family members behind.

When this happens, the button that said Spend time will change to Visit them as the family members will now be in a different country. Here you will find the emigrate option, pick it, and then select the country where you prefer to move.

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Some locations represent their local currencies such as Euros (€) and Pounds (£), but most use the standard Dollar symbol. The original countries are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela.

On March 2019, Billie released the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Indonesia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, and Singapore. On June 9, 2019, Billie released the following countries: Afghanistan, Belgium, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Poland, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay.

On October 29, 2019, Billie released the following countries: Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Pakistan, & Syria. On December 19, 2019, Billie released the following countries: Austria, Bahamas, Costa Rica, DR Congo, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Players have the option to work towards moving to a different country in Billie beyond where they originally grew up. It gives them the chance to experience a new life, new people, and encounter things they may have never experienced.

You can wait for your character to age through their life, or you can click the menu option at the top left of your screen and automatically reroll a new life, starting in Romania. Click the emigrate option, and you should be able to work your way towards moving to Romania, but you can only choose from the list of available countries.

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Those who don’t receive approval can try to make their way there illegally, but it runs the risk of the local authorities finding you, giving you jail time, and then sending your back to the previous country. Many of us experience a serious case of wanderlust and love exploring this big wide world.

As travel broadens the mind and introduces you to new cultures, you may often feel you would like to live in a different country. Put down roots in foreign climes, learn the local lingo, enjoy the traditional cuisine and make new friends.

For those in the mood to save our planet in this time of Global Warming and Climate Change, Costa Rica is an ideal choice. This is among the most environmentally friendly places in the world and offers true pure Vida (the pure or good life).

Not only that, but Costa Rica is truly scenic with gorgeous beaches, fascinating rainforests with a huge variety of flora and fauna, and much more. The Central American country is known to be family-friendly and is one of the ideal places in the world to raise children.

Costa Rica welcomes new residents and mostly, only require that you prove sufficient resources. If you don’t mind cold weather and long winter nights, Finland is one of the most peaceful, happy, and safe places to live in the world.

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While it can be expensive to live there, salaries are excellent and social benefits relating to health and pensions are among the best in the world, placing it in the list of the 13 easiest countries to immigrate to. While this country is ditto on the cold and long winter nights, Iceland is a truly unique and beautiful place to live.

Vast and beautiful landscapes, modern cities and some of the best beef in the world make Argentina a great place to live. Argentina offers a low cost of living and excellent opportunities for employment and education, making it ideal for singles, couples or families.

It is also relatively easy to become a resident or citizen here, as long as you meet the minimum monthly income criteria set for immigrants. All applications require copies of your passport, proof of paid accommodation and a return ticket to your home country.

To apply for a work permit, your contract of offer should be valid for a year, minimum. Norway offers a good standard of living, along with excellent free education.

On top of this, the country has been rated as one of the happiest places to live in the world and is known for the people’s good health and healthy longevity. On top of all this, the scenery is outstanding, including the famous and beautiful Norwegian fjords.

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Also, Norway’s immigration rules tend to not be very strict, making the process relatively easy. However, besides the delicious cuisine, Mexico offers a great standard of living and an excellent healthcare system, along with wonderful coastal resorts.

However, if you hail from the USA, Western Europe or other areas of Latin America you can stay visa-free for up to 180 days. A person wishing residence longer than 180 days need to apply for an Immigrant Visa.

With a strong economy and education system, this is a great country for singles, couples or families to move to. The range of states to choose from covers every kind of landscape, whether stark deserts, green and forested areas or coastal cities.

The USA also runs a green card lottery to help immigrants to attain residency. An employer or family member agrees to support you for an initial period of time.

The country has plenty to offer besides its coveted “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” legacy. Often, a work permit applied for in hard-to-fill farming positions makes for your best way in if you don’t qualify as self-reliant or on an independent income.

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Note though, that some University degrees in New Zealand require an additional course within the country for your papers to be recognized. For those who love shopping, this island city-state has plenty to choose from including the top designer brands.

Singapore is among the most developed countries in Asia and offers reasonably liberal immigration and citizenship rules. The best way into the country is to set up a company or purchase agricultural land for business.

Canada also offers superb healthcare and education, making it ideal for families on the move. Plus, working knowledge of English and French, at least one year of full employment records, a job offer in Canada and an ability to adapt to the ways of the country.

Germany comes a strong economy and boasts the lowest levels of unemployment in the EU. With a choice of great cities, like Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg, as well as beautiful scenery and fairy-tale castles, Germany has a strong draw for immigrants.

Commonly approved visas go to family reunification, business investment, employment offers, and study. Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth are three of the world’s most livable cities, but Australia is also popular for its wide-open spaces, great weather, and remarkable beaches.

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Australia offers an excellent standard of healthcare and education and it is relatively easy to get permanent residency there. However, note that the country seldom issues residence visas to people aged over 45.

You won’t start on the top of the rungs, but it’s a good way in, if you don’t mind manual labor. For close to two years, Candy writer’s Billie has been immensely popular among iOS and Android gamers, and the game just keeps getting better.

Based on what we’ve seen, the countries where royalty is an option are as follows: Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom. Choosing Prince and Princess gives you a chance to eventually take over as King or Queen or Emperor or Empress, as we mentioned above.

Having a royal marriage could also cause your Respect to jump, and so could take over from your late father or mother as ruler of your country. It probably won’t happen right away, but if you become King/Queen or Emperor/Empress and see your Respect dip down to zero for at least a few years, that brings up the possibility that the people of your country will organize a revolt and potentially overthrow you from power.

Obviously, choosing the Apology option is your best bet if you want to quell the revolt and return to the public’s good graces (eventually), though it’s not always assured that you’ll be forgiven by the people, especially if they were quite angry with your rule to begin with. And if you choose to insult your country ’s people, that’s only going to increase your chances of getting exiled, which would likely be very high to begin with.

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Mostly, the celebrities seem to enjoy these activities, and with that in mind, we’ve yet to see what happens when a famous person ends up hating the time they spent hanging out with you. From the moment you enter school as a royal, you will notice that things are more than a little different as opposed to those old walkthroughs where you played as a commoner.

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