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Monday, 25 October, 2021

Best Bitlife Names

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Disclaimer: I am constantly updating this list as more ideas come in. If you have an idea, please comment below and I’d be glad to add it to the list.

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This idea is controversial and is pretty evenly divided between sides. If you do something bad like getting in a fight they should reduce this allowance, ground you, etc.

Your allowance could potentially increase as you age closer to adulthood. Also, when we get married, we should have the option of changing our child’s last name as well (Unless of course they are abandoned).

For example: “You met a guy named Samuel at the bar. Also, on the same aspect of being born into royalty, you could also add a feature making it possible for one of your parents (or even both of them) to be famous.

For example, when your child passes their driving test, you should be able to buy a car for him. It could look something like this: “Jake has just passed his driving test, he is asking you to buy him his first car.

With this branch, the requirements for acceptance should be high levels of Smarts and Fitness (I’m assuming the Health stat takes the place of fitness). Sometimes I get bored with one life, but I’m not necessarily ready to give up on it yet.

names night stands bts concert memes funny bitlife call dose

It would be way cool if we could save our progress, start a new life, and be able to come back at a later time. But make sure our legacies and stuff are saved to that previous life.

And if they have a large litter we should be able to either sell the puppies (via the advertisement) or take them to a shelter. In addition to that, you guys forgot about the Tibetan Mastiff dog breed (If you do not know what this is, google it).

The police could catch you and bring you back home since running away is illegal (At least it is in the United States. Family that you leave behind would be considered abandoned, and you would have the ability to reconnect with them.

This would happen automatically if you return home, but you could choose to do so on your own when you reach adulthood. I think that a sports career should start with high school (or even before that) and should have the ability to continue on into college, and if you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to make it into your career.

Now, with that, while you are in high school and college, you should have to maintain a certain level of smarts, or risk getting kicked off the team because of academic ineligibility. They could potentially kick you out of the house for coming out of the closet, for teenage pregnancies, etc.


They could even force you to break up with your teenage lover if they do not approve. When your character is born into royalty in Billie, they must patiently wait to inherit the throne from their parents before having power over the country.

That can take time, and many may choose to kill their older siblings or parents to make it happen sooner. The most powerful titles include King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Emir, and Mira.

When your character assumes these ranks, they can do quite a bit while running a country, regularly performing executions, and dealing with laws. When your character has a child while in this role will be a Prince, Princess, or a Duke or Duchess.

It is a text-based game that lets you control your life through a series of decisions. We have provided a number of guides for the game, that you may want to read, including tricks to find your dream job and make a good career, tips for criminal minds, as well as a complete beginner’s guide.

Check out our latest set of Billie cheats, tips and tricks below to learn everything you need to know! As you could probably imagine, studying hard will help improve your intelligence rating in this game.

bitlife technologies uganda

The bonus is only available once every year, so there is no use in spamming this option multiple times before progressing. You should also drop by the library once a year in order to get that extra boost in your smarts rating.

Stay away from alcohol and drugs throughout your lifetime in order to protect your smarts. You have the option to go to the gym once a year in order to boost your looks, but unlike smarts, you might not be able to max it out no matter how many times you lift those weights.

The problem with plastic surgery is that there is always a chance that it will get botched, and you end up in a worse position than what you started with. While becoming a great-grandparent isn’t currently tied to a ribbon that you can achieve, there is always a chance that it will be added in the future.

Nonetheless, it is a feat in itself and is worth trying if you don’t have anything else to aim for within the game. This is a natural requirement since you want to live long enough to see your grandchildren grow up and start their own families.

Copywriter has released another big challenge for fans in its popular simulator game, Billie. Completing these challenges allows players an opportunity to earn special badges and a bunch of other rewards.

roblox game rich board gamesmen pets edition paradise games

The latest challenge in the game is live right now and it requires players to become a K-Pop star. So, let us quickly show you how to become a Pop artist in Billie and complete the latest challenge.

Be born in Korea Become a K-Pop artist Get a million subscribers on YouTube Achieve 100% fame Have a son named Won ho As you begin the challenge, you simply need to start your life in South Korea and make sure that you are born in the country.

For the next step, you need to create a new YouTube account by accessing the Social Media tab. In this instructional tutorial, we will tell you the best way to turn into a God Mode in Billie and alter anybody’s life.

In the event that you aren’t living under the rocks, at that point, you may be understanding or two about this amazing text-based simulation game. For instance, turning into a farmer, chef, Prime Minister, social media star, dentist, etc.

Instructions to Become A God Mode in Billie to edit anybody’s lives:- With the presentation of the God Mode in Billie, you could now alter pretty much anything: directly from your details to your folks, colleagues, companions. Before we hop directly into this and investigate this component, do remember that it is a paid element and will cost you around $3.

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Presently returning to this component, when you make another character in the game, there will be the standard snippets of data like the name, sexual orientation, nation, and origination. Customize your Character utilizing Billie ’s God Mode Under the Appearance tab, you could change and customize your character’s facial details including their eye shading, haircut, facial hair, and temple shape.

For the qualities' area, leading there are the standard highlights like Happiness, Health, Smart, and Looks. Utilizing it, you could now additionally change some covered up details, including Athleticism, Discipline, Fertility, Karma, Sexuality, and Willpower.

You can’t modify any details during the underlying and last 50% of your life, including Baby, small kid, adolescent, moderately aged, and senior citizen. Be that as it may, we surmise you get rid of this admonition, as looks matter than most when you are at an incredible prime, and the game permits full customizations during this brilliant age of your character.

On the off chance that you head over to your parent’s profile, you could see their age, conjugal status, relationship, and occupation. Among them, Relationship is something that you were unable to change, even in God Mode of Billie.

God Mode in Professional Setup Along a similar line, altering details of your colleague and associates is likewise conceivable. These incorporate Looks, Grades, Health, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness, and Willpower.

For instance, you could lessen the severity of your head or decline the professional skill of your boss in the workplace. As for your chief, you could alter his Professionalism, Coolness, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness.

As you would have seen, there is truly an endless number of changes conceivable, from your folks and grandparents as far as possible up to the expert level, including your chief.

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