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Best Bitlife Degree

Ava Flores
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
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You can get anything from undergraduate, graduate, business, medical, dental, law degrees, and more, but first, you actually have to get into the school, which is the toughest part. You have to be born smart and continue to build your intelligence as you go to school by studying, going to the library, and doing other intelligence-boosting activities.

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If you don’t see your major immediately, ignore university and apply a year or two later and it might show up. NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them Other majors, such as Psychology, will also get you in, but when you graduate, you’ll qualify for different jobs than you would have with a scientific undergrad major.

Business School can make you the CEO of a company eventually, but the requirements are surprisingly not that strict. This is a quick school to get through; the real challenge comes in finding the right company and dedicating yourself to it until you get a promotion or qualify for a better executive job.

Typically, the requirements are not too strict; just go for and achieve your undergraduate degree and then try to apply. Typically, it’s pretty easy to do, but study harder every year that you can, and continue to do that which builds your intelligence, like going to the library.

Category: AndroidiPadiPhone Tags: android, APK, Billie, iOS, iPad, iPhone Evan Heisenberg named himself after a Breaking Bad character one time, and then got stuck with it. He’s a San Diego guy living in Tacoma, so he legitimately enjoys the cliché “long walks on the beach.” Aside from writing about mobile games, Evan is an aircraft hydraulic maintainer and maintenance instructor.

He likes weightlifting, beer, dad jokes, the Padres and Chargers, and slightly-old luxury and exotic cars. In this guide, we’re going to list all the schools in Billie, what sort of career path they lead to, and how to get into them.

That’s not really that difficult, as you can just visit the library once per year and study hard at school. Then, continue to study and go to the library during university too and you should see your smarts max out before long.

This is nice because you can have a good career, then retire, or you can even decide to go AWOL if you get tired of military life. After that, apply to become an Officer in your preferred branch of the military, and then get ready to put the work in.

You will also need to accept every deployment that comes your way, as refusing them can negatively affect your chances for promotion. The good news is that they are unlikely to kill you, but they will injure you and this affects both your Health and your Happiness stats.

If you manage to successfully clear a minefield, this will result in a medal, and improved chances of promotion. The best paying jobs in Billie are much the same as in real life: doctors, lawyers, pilots, actors, dentists, and more.

So getting the best job in Billie is much the same as it is in real life: pick a career path, study hard, and find a way in. However, each Billie is going to be very different, and the best paying jobs can change on a number of different factors: country of birth, family income, and your own personal smarts rating just to name a few.

While we have got a few basic tips to help you get where you want to be, we strongly recommend shopping about a bit as early as you can in life. It should be fairly obvious, but we’ve got a link at the top of the page that details how to get into each graduate school.

Ideally, you wait until you have a naturally good-looking person as surgery is expensive and prone to failure. Then, just get a job as an actor or porn star, which shouldn’t give you too much trouble if you’ve got good looks.

We also recommend posting on social media as often as possible from a young age to increase your number of followers. This should skyrocket when you become a famous actor or porn star, but starting young will give you a head start.

The main objective of the game is to follow a life path (a path that you would have wished to follow in real life) and complete several tasks like going to school, educating yourself, attending college, getting a job, marrying, producing children, staying fit, earning money, etc. The game is fully text-based and does not clutter you with overwhelming options, that gives you a digital or virtual life without struggles and difficulties.

And in this post, we will give you a glimpse of which are the highest paying jobs that you can take up to make more money in the Billie game. You can follow your passion, such as music, painting, singing, dancing, or take up noble and general professions like being a doctor, teacher, engineer, etc.

Well, like in real life, being a hero on screen is one of the lucrative jobs and one of the most common professions that would pop-up in the minds if you ask anybody. In the Billie game, one of the high profile jobs or career options that you can take up is being a lead actor in TV or Movies.

But that involves a lot of hard work and selection of the right options if you want to earn in the Billie game. Here is a fun fact, the wealthiest person in the world, is a founder and CEO of a company, and not an actor or from any other profession.

We would like to remind you if by any chance you wish to become a CEO of a company, the path to this is one of the longest in the Billie game. You are required to have years of hard work and grit behind you and the sense of truthfulness before you can become Chief Justice.

Being in the adult film industry is not something that would naturally come to our minds, or we would choose to be a part of it, but it offers an entirely new perspective to the meaning of entertainment. This job allows you to be famous and earn various boosts, being surrounded by social media, and do photo shoots and advertisements.

Right at the bottom of the highest paid jobs you can take up in Billie life simulation game. However, it is a dangerous career choice where you need to jump through cars, steal, perform bank heists, but in turn, there are higher risks of getting caught or ending up in jail.

I hope you guys liked this post and were able to understand which are the highest paying jobs in the Billie game that you can take up to earn six or seven-figure income. Since our Android friends are now able to join in on the Billie action, we have decided to take a look back at our guides and add any new ideas.

Billie is always adding new jobs and ways to make money, so it’s important for us to keep on top of things. Well, we at Gazebo have heard you loud and clear, read on to find out the best -paying jobs and how to get them.

It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game. They offer different subjects to study and a wide range of jobs and salaries.

But in your pursuit of medicine you are unable to get any scholarships, so you end up in massive debt before you start earning. Meaning you spend half your life paying off debt, which can interfere with plans to buy a home or to get married.

Which is ideal as you will start earning a lot of money quickly, plus the chance of promotion is high in medicine. It really depends on your situation, medicine is a well-paid field, but if it costs you a lot of money to get there, then maybe aim for something else.

Good paying jobs to take note of include becoming a pilot, an actor or even a porn star. It’s not as simple as studying the right subjects, to become an actor you need great looks and living in a place like Hollywood will only help.

It also helps your salary to have a massive social media following, so don’t forget to post as often as you can. However, it is a far easier process to go to university and then pick one of the many specialized schools for further education.

Everyone knows that doctors are well paid, but this doesn’t come without many years of hard work and studying. So just know that the best value for your time is to go to the business school where the top job is a CEO, who can earn a tidy sum.

Tap on the drop-down button and you will see many options; Finance, Dance, Engineering, Arts, History, and more. To become a CEO or get into the business school, you need to graduate from university with an undergraduate degree in Finance.

If you don’t get the Finance option, we would recommend you to start a new life. Bonus Tip When you start a new life, pay attention to your father and mother’s Job.

Or If they are poor or working in other sectors(for example; dance), we would recommend you to start over. It would be better to start with a virtual character whose parents are working in the finance sector.

Once you are graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in Finance, the game will prompt you to make a decision; seek higher education or look for a job. Choose to seek higher education and apply for the business school.

As soon as you graduate from business school, the game will prompt you to look for a job. As we mentioned above(In the TL;dr part), you will have to apply for the assistant president job to become a CEO.

As you progress further, you will get promoted and reach the CEO post in Billie. While working as an assistant vice president, an event will come in which you will have to make a decision on a business tour with your colleagues or boss.

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