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Best Avakin Names

David Lawrence
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 10 min read

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In my 5 years of playing Av akin I've never felt so insulted by the same company who supposedly offers “unlimited ways to be us”. You people enjoy your overpriced packs, pix elated items, nasty encounters with 12 years old and whatever else Av akin has to offer, because I'm joining my friends on better games.

There is so much power and influence within what someone is called, it’s essential to take the time and think of wonderful usernames and nicknames. You may not realize but many of the nicknames are wrought with history, tales of love, family, mispronunciation, and more.

In the article below, I’ll go into detail and provide tips and tricks to come up with your very own moniker. Often times this isn’t necessarily well-thought-out and you’ll likely think of better ones after the first bit.

Turn your real name into a rhyme or play around with the letters or numbers. Use alliteration within your name to make it roll off the tongue a bit easier and more memorable.

Many companies and famous brands do this from Best Buy, to Coca-Cola, to LA Lakers. For example, cellar door which was coined the most perfect word in the English dictionary.

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On the other hand, many people would also cringe at the word “moist” in a username. You can include cute, funny, extrovert, nerd, athletic, etc.

Use an object that means a lot to you, an heirloom, one of your favorite gifts, etc. Since there are so many options out there, make sure you choose a couple just in case your first pick is not available.

For example, my name is Trevor and people sometimes call me Tree. These things can provide insights into adjectives about how you would describe the person and can be used to come up with potential names.

Another super common replacement is to just call someone by their last name, especially if it’s on the short end and sounds cool. That wraps up tips to come up with great nicknames and hopefully gave you a good sense for how girls or guys can have different playful names that describe themselves.

Also, comment below with your ideas and tips for our readers and remember that everything is changeable but it may sometimes be very hard to change a name. You may have heard of the Bowery Boys, a notorious New York street gang of the mid-19th century.

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With a leader whose most noticeable feature was his humpback, this gang worked the Lower East Side, with their base of operations in a graveyard. Their thing was to get a shopkeeper to fill a hat with molasses and then slap it over his head and run off with the cash drawer.

This gang was headquartered near the Rabbit Soap Factory on the Lower West Side. A splinter group from the Roach Guard, this Irish gang fought hard against the Bowery Boys in over 200 battles.

Ace is the meaning of a cool ass kid that's funny and hangs with cool people as well as him self ace is a young man that heats school and loves to do dumb stuff and usually skips class with other individuals. 2 Phoenix Um is it just me or is anyone else named this?Because I am! This name is bad ass because I know I am. Like fight me and um lets just say you'll like you been shot a million times and are bleeding out but now that will be hand made. Trust me. Don't underestimate women because I will win a fight with you.

All my usernames are Phoenixx223 to the point where when I type Phoenix that's what it autocorrects to. Totally badass, sounds nice and sweet with the first part “Sky”, then more defined with “LAR” added to the end.

It just sounds feminine but at the same time, rebel like. 4 Jade One of my friends name is Jade and I just love it cause 1 It's beautiful and 2 because she is a bad ass! Fight her and you will get more than a scratch! You will get a battle wound that will look like you were in World War 2.

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I think it catches people off guard when I introduce myself. It's masculine for a guy, but I am a very girly girl and it's still fitting.

“Hunter is a great name for boys and girls. There's a kid that I know from school who has this name, but I think it's spelled different...

Sounds like a cool name if you were going to be in the army There is a folklore that there was a deity and guardian of Britain that was called Bran the Blessed, who had his own head cut off just to so it could speak words of prophecy.

I'm a girl, and while I may be biased because my name is Rain, I think that Raven's pretty badass. Think of Raven from Teen Titans, and the fact that I'm pretty badass myself.

I love boxing, listening to rock music, and I'm fiercely protective. 9 Andromeda One of the unique and beautiful names I've ever seen. Like what! How was this name even invented! How did someone think “I'm going to name my kid Andromeda” and not realize that they just created the most beautiful name ever? I love this name. It's cool, It's unique, It's beautiful, and it is most definitely bad ass.


Tiny Timmy taught Talking Tina to tattle to Thomas Toad to teach Talking Tina how not to make friends ever. I hope that Talking Tina tails Tiny Timmy to Tennessee to Freeborn Tavern to take Tiny Timmy's Teaching Tomes together with Tiny Timmy and burn them all.

Sounds pretty stupid, but if you've ever met someone with that name... My best friend is named Tim, but he sometimes gets called Timmy.

That jimmy and Thor story is hilarious made my week 15 Arrows I unknowingly just named a character of mine this, because his mother is really weird and different and I thought it would be pretty cool to name a kid this.

? Only someone who knows that their kid will be bad ass and the best archer in the world. But like seriously come on it doesn't get cooler than this. I think Arrow would be a Sick mane for a student, that likes to play games.

Well it's not stupid if I had to choose a name it would be Cupid! If I had to choose my name it would be either Jade, Neon, Amber, Alexandra, Amanda or Emily.


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