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Avakin Reddit

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The official Subreddit for Av akin Life, a social mobile app for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.



| If we feel you are doing something wrong, admins have the right to ban your Reddit account and have the final say. It started 3 years ago, when I discovered Av akin Life in Google Play Store by accident.

They are definitely my best virtual friends, and I can't image my Av akin Life game without them. For some time, we have wanted to make a statement like this to address some comments, feedback, and suggestions we hear related to Av akin Life’s history as well as how we see the app going forward.

As some of you know, when Av akin first launched back in December 2013, the age rating was set at the highest available at the time (17+) simply because you needed to be 18 or older to have a credit card to play and buy Ava coins. So, because our game content was appropriate for teenagers of 13 and older, the rating was changed to reflect that.

At that time, we already had Tap joy support built in, so changing the rating was no concern to us as players no longer needed a credit card to buy Ava coins and play. Though the change of rating seemed straightforward to us for several reasons, we heard loud and clear at the time that some of our existing player base were concerned about the change, as they did not want younger players in the game.

Though the game content was not adult-only in nature and had been rated as fine for a younger audience, some of our players remained concerned that what to them was an adult-only experience was being changed. To be clear, we did not have then, nor do we have now, any interest in creating any kind of risqué adult-only content in Av akin Life.

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We simply want the game to be as we originally intended, a safe and appropriate environment for all our players. Some players have made comments suggesting that we never used to enforce our rules and restrictions in the past.

We are aware though that as mentioned earlier, when we first launched as 17+ and requiring a credit card to play meant that the purpose of Av akin Life was confusing to some players, who have linked the initial age requirement to dating and even to more risqué behavior. We are proud of our diverse community of players from all around the world, and we want Av akin Life to be a place where our players can feel safe meeting and sharing ideas with this wide and varied community.

Our moderation practices rigorously monitor player behavior to ensure those rules are upheld. We do everything in our power to make sure that people under 13 are unable to play Av akin Life, and we deal with it seriously.

Today players must falsify their age when asked to achieve access if they are not 13+ since, as is sometimes the case, not everyone tells the truth. However, as soon as we are aware that someone is under 13, we immediately suspend the account and take appropriate action with relation to privacy and security.

In a different but somewhat related note, we recently announced an upcoming removal of around 15 items and are in the process of refunding players for them. As we mentioned in our announcement, these items were removed as we didn’t feel they were appropriate in the app anymore.

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The bulk of those other items were originally designed to allow players to “skin tint” underwear items to allow some specific dresses to work as originally intended. We have since released a feature to toggle underwear when using these dresses, so these items are no longer needed.

Going forward, “skin tin table” items are not going to be part of Av akin Life. The good news is that there are over 22,000 items in the app and many more to come, so there are plenty of options to spend your refunded Ava coins.

Partially based on the feedback of adult players who joined the game believing it to be a dating app, we investigated several age verification options and discussed whether we wanted to create alternate versions of Av akin Life that were more oriented towards adults with potentially more risqué content. Based on limited options to achieve a truly adult-only age verified space, community feedback associated to service costs, and our own interests in developing this kind of content, we have concluded that we will not be adding age verification to Av akin Life or making an adult-oriented version of the app.

I hope this post answers some of your concerns and makes our position clearer on the topics we have touched on. But we also know there are other applications out there that do cater to the adult-only audience, so you may want to try one of those if your enjoyment depends on adult-only interactions, cybersex or sexual role-play as this is definitely not what Av akin is or ever has been about.

Keep in mind you can make more than 30, but you have to have at least that many to equip the badge The official Subreddit for Av akin Life, a social mobile app for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

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| The Av akin team do not offer Support via Reddit. Please check with the Support team inside the app or at Av akin .com/support.

| If we feel you are doing something wrong, admins have the right to ban your Reddit account and have the final say. Account security cannot be addressed often enough because there are many new, inexperienced Awakens.

Therefore, I write my tips and tricks for your Account Security here. Never give out account data email & password to other players.

Never post the profile with the friendship code xxx-xxx publicly on YouTube or Instagram, etc. While there is no evidence that mods are used to steal accounts, it cannot be ruled out.

The pentagram is used for good and evil but it’s not like you can use it in the game. An endless social world waiting for you.

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