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Avakin Queen B

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 10 min read

Featuring Queen Santorini and Smack Santorini__________________________________________________________________*I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC* catch me Outside how BOUT DAT (TRAP remix) by Major Minor_________________________________________________________________My Instagram: Av akin today : get. An endless social world waiting for you.

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This gorgeous customer kissed her bloating goodbye, as well as huge 5 kg / 11lbs after a cycle of our 14-day Detox tea cleanse. Our beautiful customer Emma lost a huge 2.5 kg / 5lbs in just 14 days during her 14-day Detox tea cleanse.

This wonderful customer shared her amazing results, and expressed how our tea helped her kick start her weight loss journey. Queen has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide discover natural health solutions to many common health issues.

Our weight management cleanses, detox and shred, have helped both men and woman naturally detox their insides, eliminate their sweet cravings, increase the metabolic rate and suppress their appetite in order to lose weight. Our skin cleanse of products has helped eliminate our customers pimples, blemishes, scars, acne and dry skin.

Our sleep cleanse has helped those who tend to toss and turn get a restful night sleep with a relaxed mind and body. And, our menopause cleanse has helped relieve symptoms of sufferers.

Queen ’s range of handcrafted, 100% pure Australian beeswax candles will light up your life. Each of Queen ’s candles are made with love; designed to help you relax and fill your home with a laid back ambiance.

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That guy is Schrödinger's Douchebag, he’ll trap you in a thought-experiment without your consent ! Queen BEC is a girl from the North East who is a rosette and bossy (rosette).

I told Louise, and she said “I will soon make you feel better” and true to her word she certainly did! It feels like I have died and gone to heaven, Louise is so Professional and dedicated I would recommend everybody should choose her.

As a lady who has visited many salons and countless Luxury Health Spas I did hope she had not oversold it and I would leave disappointed. OMG in hindsight she completely undersold it, utter heaven, I cannot wait to tell my friends about this hidden treasure.

I would 100% recommend Tina and the Signature Pamper Experience to everyone and counting the days until I can do it all again next month. After being warmly welcomed into the salon, Screen did a fantastic job on my nails (I promise next time I’ll ‘relax my hands’) The whole experience was super professional and efficient, and the salon felt very calm, welcoming and clean.

So professional polite and took pride in what she was doing, also explained that you also do beauty treatments something I’ll definitely be back for! Share performed her role professionally, seems very experienced pleased with my visit.

petkins avakin aomi unicorn

The therapist was amazing, really lovely and made sure I was listened to and comfortable. I left and floated home (lol) as I was soon relaxed.

I have been going to Queen for over 2 years and the level of service has been of a consistent high quality. I have specific ideas of what I want in colors and style and the team has always come up trumps.

I have been going to the lovely Queen salon for a few years now, and I am so grateful to have found a local salon where I feel welcomed, am offered a delicious coffee and a space where I can actually relax! My nails always look great and all the staff are lovely, and give you a fabulous result.

Top beauty salon nestled in the heart of South Codon. From the warm welcome of all staff, Peter’s energy and care, right the way to the immense hygiene throughout all treatments and tools is second to none.

The wax and lash lift treatments were super too and you are well looked after. I’ve been going to Queen for nearly 2 years, I book in every two weeks for my gel hands religiously.


The level of treatment and care is always amazing, it’s never short of perfect in my whole experience. All the staff are so friendly, they’re great at giving you perfect gels and all the products they use are premium quality.

After my treatment Tina took the time to go through the Mural products that are suited for my skin type and how and when to use them, she made sure I didn’t leave without getting the routine right! Staff are amazing, Screen was so attentive and professional, making sure my nails were spot on.

This was my third full body wax session with Tina and, like the previous two, I can’t praise her highly enough. Tina makes you feel relaxed and welcome, and she carries out the waxing quickly, efficiently and with great skill.

I had an excellent Mural facial today and my gel nails were done to perfection. The small touches like a heated bed, warm pillow and eye mask ensured ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Was following on instar and decided to book a group of 4 for their signature pedicures. Peter managed to book us all in on a Friday at the same time… the staff were absolutely fantastic and very polite.


I will definitely be returning not only for regular pedicures but also hoping to try the Mural facial My 3rd visit at Queen and Dianna never fails at doing my gel nails.

Recharged and ready for work after a fabulous 1-hour detox massage at Queen, which was very much needed after dancing at a festival for 4 days! Friendly and a real perfectionist… I always come away totally happy with what a great job she’s done.

A much more pleasant experience at Queen than my usual trip to a nail salon. The bikini wax was a pleasant experience and professionally done to my satisfaction.

Lots of care and attention went in to find the perfect nail polish and then I was treated like a queen for my manicure and pedicure. The Queen team have been working magic on my hands and feet for several years but now following a beautiful refurbishment they have moved into face and body treatments.

This is the first time I have been back since the new beauty area has been opened and it looks amazing. Peter and the girls are always friendly and make you feel so welcome.

lesser waifus known zukin queen

Gel nails and a lovely spa pedicure which made me feel fab as I have been recovering from an operation. I have booked my next 3 appointments already as I don’t want to miss out including waxing in the beauty area.

I was offered to take my coat off when I arrived by a gentleman at the reception, and got a tea and cookie while I was waiting. The pedicure service was great, it felt like they really took care about my feet.

The salon was clean and beautiful, and it is very convenient to make appointment online 24/7! Peter was brilliant and very patient with arranging our group booking, and the beauticians were really friendly and gave us all fantastic manicures and pedicures.

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