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Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Each day the time will change for various reason. Gem in wall or just cant find the 10th gem and needed to edit to reset them will add on time.

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Fully customize but you can't remove some options so making it a normal house can be a bit harder but there is an apartment on the second floor. The only downside in the design is there is a balcony on the second floor you can't get on.

Gem farming B They are spread out between the 4 rooms. With the new reality of our real world, it's nice to have something wonderful to look forward to.

We here at Av akin Homes hope that everyone is staying safe and health, and please remember to continue with social distancing and to self-isolate. In this issue, we look at the Robot Pangolin and a quick look at new‘Kit- E’Robot Kitten, suggested suitable apartment environments, fun facts and care.

This cute Robot Pangolin is perfect for space adventures and future designated tasks. Surprisingly the Robot Pangolin Petain mat goes perfectly with a futuristic home.

Feeding and Care for the Robot Pangolin are set at different times. These sets feeding time well apart from Affection and Drink.

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Pangolins roll into a ball when they feel in danger. The new Kit-E Robot Kat is a perfect addition for your Sci phi, space or futuristic home.

As you walk onto the platform, for the launch of your transport to your new home in space, you realize that this is something really special… You can sit on the platform and watch in awe as shuttles take off into outer space and you know that your time will come soon.

As you return to your shuttle, you settle in, sit back and relax, waiting for your next leg of your journey. In these issues Top Picks, we look at two different themed apartments.

Please contact lolly_Hudson on Instagram to claim your prizes with a list of items to the value of your win. This furniture is perfect for your space shuttle and futuristic home.

With sleek lines, holographic technology and comfort you will not be disappointed. In this issue, we look at the Horse, a brief history, suggested suitable apartment environments, fun facts and care.


The horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years from a small multi-toed creature, Phipps, into the large, single-toed animal of today. Suitable environments for the Horse Petain would be depending on your design and theme.

Because of the varying care and feeding times it won’t be as easy to look after than most other Perkins, but it is such a beautiful graceful Petain that you will enjoy watching it lively stroll about your apartment. All More’s older furniture was light or dark and looks like it belongs in a museum, but this last release looks like it belongs in a home.

Wallenstein IDF’s home is classic, minimalistic, and masculine. He states it is his Chill spot to hang out with family and friends.

In these issues Top Picks I take look at two contrasting apartments both with luxury in mind and a very nice atmosphere. Since Rose walls were the only type of backyard deck dividers at the time.

The stone plants on edges created a lovely walk through Garden. The red maple trees were just released not long before I decorated this home, so I use them frequently.


I sure do hope Av akin comes out with more full-grown trees we do not have enough of them! I appreciate our followers and readers. Until next time Happy Outdoor Decorating. BluRayne PNC .

Reservation desist dining roomKitchen It has a friendly atmosphere with killer views that can't be beat. I know that we, the devoted Av akin fans, enjoy showing off our homes and looking at how others decorate theirs.

I would like to make an announcement that Av akin Homes magazine will now be coming out once a month with two smaller versions, we like to call Digests, one before and one after the monthly release date, this is due to real life work commitments. We hope you have been enjoying all the new, fun and exciting content we have written.

Lastly, we here at Av akin Homes Magazine hope and pray that all of you are staying healthy and safe while we are all in this strange time of stay at home, lockdown and social distancing together. We are grateful for all of our Av akin friends and family, no matter where you call home.

The Bavarian Villa has plenty of room for your family and friends. It features a large multi-level backyard with a peaceful pond with waterlilies, along with a spacious front yard, and a view that will have you in awe.

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For example, you can use the Bamboo candles to make the side rails, and there you have a bridge! Add plants and other decorative items to enhance the look.

This month I choose items I didn’t know existed outside Av akin. In this issue, we look at the Pet Rabbits, a brief history, suggested suitable apartment environments, fun facts and care.

Crowned Bunny Petain The European Rabbit was first discovered by the Phoenicians, back in 1000 BC. At the time, it was an unremarkable and rather localized animal, confined to the scrub land of Spain and surrounding areas of the western Mediterranean.

There have been special seasonal bunny Perkins, as of time of going to press, none of the others are available as yet. By using a shed that looks like a small cabin, and placing items around it like the fire pit, tables and chairs.

By placing items like plants and lanterns, it will give it that lived in look. Spring decor palette a blend of bright cheeriness along with cool late wintry colors, this forms the new season palette by Pantone.

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Using a combination from the palette, contrast and complimentary colors as in this room example, we can see a blend of pale to mid to more vibrant Spring tones for the walls and floor. Then find a wallpaper that matches or is close to the palette color you have chosen.

Whichever ones you choose, start with the walls, play around with the variety of wallpaper options available to you, considering the color/s you have picked from the Pantone Spring Palette until you have the one you like that uses same or similar shade to the color you have selected. You can pick out a color in the wallpaper and find a matching floor covering to compliment your room.

The furniture, floor and decoration can compliment your choice of wall coloring It was originally designed for the graphics industry, but now the Pantone palettes are used by a wide variety of industries, including Interior design.

I have had the honor of visiting some of Šequöyåhös AZT favorite homes. It was obvious that she loves her family and friends because as they kept popping in, she never made anyone feel left out and all were welcomed.

So I would like to say thank you, Sequoya, it was a pleasure and an honor to view your homes and for letting me show case them. In these issues Top Picks I look at two contrasting apartments both with Seasonal changes in mind.

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Entrance garden Zen Yoga spaceSeating facing the pond Luxury loungeKitchen Bedroom Fountain Patio Skylarks Period Villa has an abundance of niche spaces decorated beautifully with lush foliage, trees along with luxury and fun elements. Dining SpaceKitchen with an assortment of foodShowerBathroom Garden Rooftop HottubBedroom TV lounge Garden BalconyFifigrays ‘Grapevine Villa’ is very much centered for both entertaining and relaxation in tranquil surroundings.

Filigree has incorporated both minimalist and luxury style along with fun elements in her apartment decor design. Please contact Lolly Hudson on Instagram @lollyhHudsonor on AAv akinLife Amino for to collect your prize.

MOD’s furniture is a blend of earth tones and natural woods. All their items are unique and makes your home look cozy and inviting.

In this edition we take a look at Romantic Decor, Valentines Themed House, Lookalike, Perfect Perkins along with a look at Pantone colors of romance. In this issue, we look at the Chow Chow Dog, A brief history, suggested suitable apartment environments, fun facts and care.

It is the perfect home for this happy dog who has boundless energy. There is a lovely Panda version of this jolly dog for just 699 coins available in store to purchase.


As a matter of fact, my husband of ten years tells me all the time “Valentine’s Day is Every day to me!” Sweet I know but… I still want that box of candy on V-day. I’ve set up three picture scenes to catch that precious moment with your loved ones.

For the lovey-dovey couples I’ve created this picture scene with hearts and lips. Something for the BESTIES… Decked out in Pinks this Picture scene seats eight Awakens.

For this special issue for Valentine's Day, we have a beautifully decorated Valentines Vacation home set in the stunning surrounds of Bali. Main Entrance Under the PergolaRomantic BathroomLuxury Bathroom Under the stars Dreams of Romance Bedroom Cozy Lounge Swimming Pools the song by the B52s goes ‘Heading’ for the love getaway’… One can sing this song on their way to this apartment.

It is very romantically decorated, with cozy nooks and twilight dreams under the stars by the pool. Apartment : Love Sheik, Aditya Luxury Villa, Bali.

Using a combination from the palette, contrast and complimentary colors as in this room example, we can see a blend of dark ruby to a more vibrant red tone for the walls this will give an overall warm and cozy feel as well as giving the room more depth and focus. Adding greens, blacks, pinks will add a lush and luxury ambience.


Then find a wallpaper that matches or is close to the palette color you have chosen. Which ever you choose, start with the walls, play around with the color options tab on the left side of your screen until you have the one you like.

The furniture, floor and decoration can compliment your choice of wall coloring. It was originally designed for the graphics industry, but now the Pantone solids palette is now used by a wide variety of industries, including Interior design and is the most commonly used palette.

So I’m going to show you some in this article, and will feature more in future editions of the magazine when I run across them. Look Alike is a new section where I will show you matching clothing and decor.

It may be your favorite shirt, sweater, dress or even a bathing suit. Just be warned, that there is a chance, that one day you walk into your friends home and you will match the wallpaper.

So as a public service I will post pictures of matching clothing and wallpaper once a month. In this issue, we look at the Corgi, a brief history, suggested suitable apartment environments, fun facts and care.

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Brief History: The Pembroke Welsh Corgi lineage has been traced back as far as 1107 AD. It is said that Flemish weavers brought the dogs with them as they traveled to reside in Wales.

Purchase Cost: 999 One of the best homes in Av akin Life for a Corgi is Lexington Hall Gardens. The gardens of this magnificent hall is a perfect place for this lively dog, and in keeping with its regal and celebrity status.

Feeding and Care times for the Corgi are easier than some other Perkins. Famous Corgi Owners: Queen Elizabeth II of The United Kingdom Jerry Brown.

For a truly regal addition to your home, you can purchase a Crowned version of the Corgi. We here at Av akin Homes are so excited to share our new content in the Magazine.

In this project I will bring you home interior designs made from raw, reclaimed, eco-friendly materials. I will also be bringing you small living design concepts great for the “off-the-grid” homeowner.

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I will be using the San Francisco Eco Home night for this project. Please feel free to stop in and check them out in my “Showcase Features” home.

As in this one it was the Concept Pallet Bed by Decor priced at 499 ac (coins). I chose items that would benefit from the natural lighting in this room.

Light wood works well giving the room a clean relaxing atmosphere. I added the Luke El Heine Round Rug priced at 349ac to center the open space in the room.

Placing 2(two) Mod Country Charm Armories priced at 499ac on either side of the Luke May ford Standing Mirror priced at 2499ac (this can be replaced with another mirror) I’ve created a great little dressing area. Decor’s Clench Chest of Drawers priced at 199ac and the Bond Rambo chair from Wanderlust priced at 299 AC were a perfect fit to complete this all-natural bedroom.

I look forward to our next issue with more great ideas from all of us here at Av akin Homes Magazine. In this new section, I will show you how you can decorate a room with hardly any coins at all.


After building everything you can and using items that were house gifts, prizes from the mystery box and event gifts, the whole room would cost 248 coins and 998 in gems. It's easy to decorate on a budget, you just have to be patient and work at it little.

And with this being the time for New Year's resolutions, Queen’s gym is the perfect place to meet up with friends and exercise. Then afterwords, head up to the top floor and dance the night away.

Lady Legendary, ‘Lady’s Luxury’ mansion’ is quintessentially styled as an exclusive home with silvers, golds in cool to warm notes to bold and striking. Features in this apartment include a games room, cinema and massive pool party.

Princess Hotel Room is set in stunning Central Park location Reception Remaining Sustaining Room with Breakfast AreaKitchen Dining SuiteExecutive Bedroom Suite French DecorLuxury Bathroom Suite Daniels, ‘ Princess Hotel Room ‘ apartment is beautifully decorated in the style of a luxury apartment suite at an exclusive hotel in New York.

Lollys modified home is a trip down memory lane with glimpses into your favorite movies regarding time travel mixed with a fun house feel, Lolly has a huge imagination and it shows in her design. With mazes and surprises around the corner or outside the windows, you are sure to have a fun time navigating around this modified home.

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If you have a tip you would like to share with me and your fellow decor enthusiasts please feel free to contact me through this website or VIA Instagram mention_Blaine or the magazines Instagram @avakinhomes If you read regularly you should know I’m kinda big on entrance ways and open spaced centerpieces.

In this week’s tips I’m going to show you how to create a centered seating area. Great for Lobbies in businesses or a grand entrance way in your home as well.

Not only will you make your guests comfy but it will appease your Avatars tired feet from carrying us players around Mainland all day. Congratulations Osiris Lotus and Sunshine Supreme for being the top picks this week.

mixes romance with luxury and has a color palate that blends well with the Malibu sunset. Her attention to details make her home feel complete.

In this issue I would like to share my Greenhouse at my Eco Friendly Home. Pay attention to detail and add some empty pots and a watering can.

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Create a center table with candles n more potted plants. Add a couple chairs and a table for leisure use and you have created the perfect work space for your gardening.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a beautiful greenhouse or garden area in your Av akin home. If you have a garden you’d like to share please contact me through this website or VIA Instagram mention_Blaine or @avakinhomes.

Every Issue I will show off someone's creativity and talent by giving you a glimpse into their modified home. Until then, here is a look at one of my modified homes, TK’s grocery and spirits.

Werewolves and Vampires alike are a curious lot, and we all want to know what both lairs look like. Awakens love it when our favorite club is all decked out for Halloween.

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