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Avakin Official Twitter

James Smith
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The official Subreddit for Av akin Life, a social mobile app for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

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3.1 Entrants must be over the age of 15 when registering to the Program. Entrants who are considered minors in their state of residence must submit a valid parental or legal guardian consent to avakincontests@ av akin .com No other entries will be allowed in the Program. 3.3 Residents of the following countries are not eligible for participation in the Program: Brazil, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Quebec, Republic of Congo, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, UAE.

As well, from the participation in the Program are excluded residents of any other jurisdictions in which contest are prohibited by the applicable legislation ENTERING REQUIREMENTS: Participation in the Program is subjected to filling out and sending the relevant application found our website at Av akin .com.

Each successful candidate must submit the required amount of projects each week for the whole duration of the Program. By entering the Global Creator Program, you consent to giving the Promoter a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide license, for commercial purpose to use all elements in the video or picture submitted.

Any piece of content which violates the rules set out by this agreement shall be rejected. Ten (10) prizes, each consisting of the following: 100,000 Ava coins, a Creator Badge, Av akin Merch, Workshops, Access to a private Discord Server with members of Lockwood team and General Promotion of the winner’s channels and content from Av akin Life (e.g. sharing, reposting).

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The Promoter reserves the right to substitute a prize fully or partially with one of a comparable or greater value. Any local taxes not identified by this set of Terms and Conditions will be the sole duty of the Winners.

Their decision will be made based on the criteria set below and it will be final and binding. 9.2 The Winners will be announced on one of the following social media: Promoter’s Instagram Story or Promoter’s Instagram Post, Facebook, YT Community Tab, Twitter within the 12 days following the closing of applications.

10.2 The ability of the Creator to engage with his or her audience and to actively post content Personal data of the Entrant may be disclosed by the Promoter to any third party and at the request of any official authorities as described in the Privacy Policy.

By entering the Program, you agree that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy. The Promoter reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time of the Program.

Entries submitted prior to cancellation will be subject to the Promoter’s decision to award the Prizes. If any of the provisions of this Set of Rules is invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, as such void, the rest shall enforce.

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The invalidity of one condition shall not affect the validity of the entire Set of Rules. If you are passionate about Av akin Life, influencer culture and content creation, then our Creator Program was made for you.

Avon Trendsetters offers a wide range of special rewards for successful applicants: Creators are placed into specific Tiers based on the amount of overall followers they have on their Av akin Life Social Media Platforms combined.

Successful applicants are required to post Av akin Life content on their Social Media Channels each week for the whole duration of the Program. The type of content we ask Creators to post varies in each Phase of the Program.

Each week, Creators are provided with a calendar outlining fun challenges and interesting projects we would like them to create for their Social Media Channels. To submit an application for the program, all you have to do is fill out a form and answer a few simple questions.

You will find a link to the application form for each new edition on our Social Media Platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) and here on our website. In order to be able to apply, Creators must be 15 years of age or over and have at least 500 followers on any Social Media account.

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We also require applicants to have an active presence on Social Media within the Av akin Life Community. The content you share must not be vulgar, offensive, or in breach of our Terms of Service (e.g. discussing modding, hacking).

All you have to do is use the link available on our Story Highlights on our Instagram page @avakinofficial and type in the name of the Creator you want to vote for in the form provided. Find the latest information about the program on our Social Media Platforms and in Av akin Life.

'Hereafter' is a survival mobile game, when the devastating virus swept across countries, order and contract collapsed, where do you go? We've just received an emergency distress message from the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.

Hereafter’s ongoing anniversary celebration is entering its final stage, honoring survivors’ spirit of never giving up on hope. Hereafter is today revealing a new map section called Mount Snow.

At the foot of the snow-covered mountain lies the base of Scientist, which has lost all activity and order and is now instead filled with a dreadful silence. For this new version, survivors are tasked to migrate back to Kevin City and rebuild their homes.

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As doomsday life begins, survivors are now able to ride motorcycles to explore. Moreover, the World Gourmet Festival would make gaming experience a more realistic one.

We've just received an emergency distress message from the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D. To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update from Nov. 19th 8:00 to 8:30 UTC+8.

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