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Avakin New Items

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 12 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Adorn and design your own home, go to dreamlike places, be anybody, meet everybody, and discover a world of limitless creativity. Av akin Life’s digital universe helps you to change into the individual you’ve all the time needed to be.

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Create an avatar as distinctive as you and be part of greater than 200 million gamers from around the globe. Av akin Life helps you to present the world with your creativity.

DEFINE YOUR STYLE • Specific your self with 28,000+ Av akin clothes gadgets and equipment. • Construct your wardrobe with unique gadgets and create collections filled with trendy appears.

• Host events or simply spend some high-quality time together with your BFFs. Chill with pets or discover an outer house in your personalized shuttle.

How cute it would be if we could be able to touch our Perkins, give them a pat or see them really eating or drinking water. Get it OnPublisherLockwood Publishing LtdVersion1.048.05Fize size101MbMOD FeaturesBought all items UpdateSupportAndroid 4.4+App Details Av akin Life (MOD Money, Menu) 3D virtual world playground for young people was released by Lockwood Publishing Ltd.

Like the most livable paradise on the planet, Av akin Life brings the most beautiful colors. Av akin Life changes to keep up with the trends of the players, you will be surprised when you entertain in this game.

avakin foal

It is not wrong when you come to Av akin Life, the game connects perfectly what I just mentioned above. Combine with a fashion brand, hairstyle or tattoo to create a unique personality.

Join millions of players around the globe, you always catch up with the new trend of the world. Av akin Life has a gameplay that allows you to create stylish images of houses and characters.

Role-playing simulation game for players in the 3D virtual world, but events are taken outside reality. You need to create a profile with an impressive Avatar, choose a dress or change the eye color with different lens styles.

Alternatively you can invite someone or a close friend (BFF) to visit the house and show them some items. MOD has purchased all items, Unlocked Menu for players automatically.

Quickly install via one APK file only you can experience right the second life in 3D virtual world. In the game Av akin Life you always have to face fierce competition from other players.


Change is good, but sometimes we need to be steadfast in our choices, so we don’t get caught up in other people’s play. Av akin Life mod 1.043.02 is a Role Playing game developed by Lockwood Publishing Ltd with more than 50 million downloads worldwide.

It is an RPG and simulation game in which players can meet, chat, find new friends, and much more fun in 3d visuals. Welcome to the virtual 3D world of Av akin Life with amazing social experience.

You can show your look to other players such as your dress, your hat, your overall look, and receive remarks about you. Make changes in your overall look from other player’s remarks or give them kind suggestion about their look.

Av akin Life money allows you to explore new outfits and fashion by competing with other players around the world. Make Your Stylish Look Dress up amazing Av akin Life’s outfits and other fashion stuff.

Shop beautiful and stylish outfits, accessories, and other items and fill your closet with all these cool stuff. You can shop for bags, shoes, dresses, hats, skirts, and many other fashion stuff and accessories.

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The Best 3D Visuals It gives your beautiful 3D virtual reality world. Download Av akin Life mod now and experience this exciting 3D virtual reality RPG simulation game.

Shop for dresses, skirts, hats, goggles, shoes, and other accessories. Make amazing and crazy tattoos Build and design your dream home.

Av akin Life mod is a 3D virtual reality RPG simulation game in which you can meet new people, make new friends, chat with them. Join now and experience the best 3D virtual reality world game.

Note: After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the ability to turn on the accumulation of experience… Av akin Life Mod APK comes with the latest update version 1.047.00 with Unlocked Shop, Unlimited Money, Ads Free, Teleport and more.

We’ve improved the look of the Daily Bonus, and now you can enjoy better and clearer searching in the Av akin Store! We’re the brains behind Av akin Life, a 3D virtual and social world for mobile.


Create your own Avatar and interact with our huge, online community, or customize your own apartment and make new friends. In /var/WWW/HTML/includes/functions.php on line 4777 Our vision is to make Av akin a collaborative, user-driven game that’s accessible to all.

The continued growth of Av akin means I get to constantly evolve my skills while scaling the backend infrastructure. Testing can be challenging; you must adapt quickly to solve problems in an environment that evolves rapidly, but working with the team to create a great end-user experience is very rewarding.

Fashion-based job roles within the gaming industry are not at all common, so it is amazing to have such a niche position here at Lockwood. Reading all the users' positive reactions/comments from each collection released is highly satisfying and rewarding.

More so than any previous company I’ve worked at, the team here feels like a true unit. Communication is very open within Lockwood, meaning everyone feels like they’re on the same page and working together towards a common goal.

Co-founder and Coaster helping set up Lockwood in 2009, director Hall now oversees the product and business development of the company. Board and Investor Karl has over 20 years’ experience in the video game industry and now supports the studio team, as well as Lockwood’s business development.

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