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Avakin Jocelyn

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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avakin jocelyn


He's so annoying though and when I told him his name was first he started jumping up and down and started telling all his mates at school with loudness and triumph My name is Jonathan, but still that's kinda like calling me john.

Blake is my BFF'S name, he is one of the boys who won't hurt me or make fun of me. Blake also has a twin brother Kaleb and Kaleb is my boyfriend. Blake and I are close friends. Blake is a great boys name and it's not common either.

I know a Blake, and they are a little kid who lives near a playground. This name sounds half girl and all, but it's so cute somehow.

And it sounds like the boy named this will behave nicely. Really shows off all the potential of a person with this name has, the only thing better than this is Blaze.

I think James is a great name my friend watches a show called big time rush and loves it one if the main people am names James so rock on! My brother used to say in a really deep voice: My name is James.


I love it, partly because I'm a fan of Michael Jackson, and also it sounds very nice. My dad has this name, but he's referred to as Mike.

Wait... didn't I say I wanted my last name to be Schmidt? LOL... my dad would be called mike Schmidt just like the guy from FNaF.

Ryan This name is very interesting, I used to go to school with boy named Ryan Sweet, and he would constantly bully me all the time and get on my nerves of every minute. Ryan is the worst possible name in the world.

Sorry to all those good people called Ryan but Ryan Kennedy is the worst name ever and I live next door to him. He thinks I'm going to be happy that he lives next door to me.

One of my OCS is named Ryan, and he is definitely not mean. I like the name Ryan but the guy that most of the girls at my school like is a total jerk his name is Ryan Kennedy, and he is an idiot.

avakin wings 700k

William There is a boy at my school and his real name is William, and his middle name is Andrew, so he does by Drew for short. Justice William Rehnquist, who recently passed away, bore this name.

Will is cute and short, for a child, and they can grow into William as an adult. My mom named me Matthew after a kid who was the best son a mother could have.

Jason I'm writing a book about a boy's mom who went into some coal mines and never came back out and so this kid's dad is always worried about him going into the mines, and one day his little sister had an “accident” and he sent his brothers to take her inside, and so he went inside and got stuck, but he found a whole new world underground and it turns out that the charm he wears around his neck is a symbol that he is the one who was supposed to save the world from a deadly war and- this world is really high tech- he finds out the leader of the enemy is his mother, and he has to kill his mom to end the war and the boy' name is Jason, or Jay as he prefers to be called. What's tough about having my name is that it's often associated with a hockey masked psychopath.

Justin And I was like baby, baby, baby Jewish... I just need somebody to love, I don't need too much, just somebody to love... Shawty is an Ernie weenie money mo lover. If you let me inside your world, there's going to be one less lonely girl... And all I need... Is a beauty and a beat... Where are you now that I need you? What do you mean..? Pooh... Is it too late now to say sorry? Baby you should go and love yourself. I don't know, just when I think of the name, it just sounds so cute probably because I used to like Justin Bieber when he was a kid, not now and it sounds like a cool name too.

Reminds me of the kid from South Park with the green puppy hat Personally, there is no one I know who's got the name but it feels so awesomely close to me.


And I also get the feeling that anyone with this name will really be gorgeous and would have a heart of gold. Okay, I know I'm speaking crap but I just want to say I really love this name completely out of nowhere.

I just always found this name great because it's simple but powerful at the same time Short for Samuel, a biblical name.

And even if I don't remember anything but the funeral, I'll always cherish the stories that I'm told about him. In my opinion 'Tyler' sounds like a name some teenager would have.

George Washington, the father of our country. Jacob Properly speaking Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are not the “authors” of the Grimm fairy tales.

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