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Avakin Help

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 7 min read

We hope you have an excellent time in the Av akin Life universe. To make sure everyone’s having fun and stays safe, we’ve put together these guidelines to outline what is and isn’t acceptable behavior on this site and in Av akin Life.

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Never do anything that infringes the rights of another person on our forum, our social media pages or in Av akin Life. Any behavior designed to intimidate, shame, bully, insult, harass, troll, flame, cause upset or shock to another person is not allowed.

On social media platforms you may want to use your real name, but please be careful when taking conversations outside of Av akin Life. If you give any of the above to someone else, even if they are attempting to trick you, this will be considered account sharing which is against our rules.

For more on staying safe while playing, check out our Player Safety page. Repetitive, pointless or annoying messages can upset the Community experience for other users and make our moderators cross.

SPAM includes flooding, hijacking, chain letters, pyramid schemes, advertisements and creating duplicate messages. Av akin Life is a social environment, and we understand that relationships can develop quickly.

However, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone who players and is part of our community feels comfortable. The laws of your country always apply to your behavior on the internet, and our community channels are no exception.

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Don’t do anything that condones, supports, depicts or recommends illegal activities. Mods or hacks, or any 3rd party software or hardware that interferes or changes the normal live game.

You should never reveal your real age when playing Av akin Life. Also, if we have reason to believe you are underage, your account will be immediately banned and terminated after 5 days.

Our universe is a safe space to role-play as different characters and personas, but never pretend to be someone other than who you are. *All of our game rules apply to our website, forums, social media platforms and any application developed by Lockwood Publishing. For a full breakdown of our rules and the guidelines that support Av akin Life, please review our Terms of Service.

We’ve designed Av akin so you can create your account and start playing without exposing any personal information. While it’s fun to connect with other Awakens, never reveal any information that could be used to personally identify you, like your home address or phone number.

Don’t share your Av akin Life, or app store account with anyone. If you lose access to your account, please contact our support team, and we will do our best to assist you: WWW.

lockwood avakin publishing makers

They will also not be able to join you in the same scene, such as parties, social spaces or lobbies. If any Av akin is being negative or mean towards you or another player, you can also submit a ‘Grief Report’.

Av akin Life is an online virtual world that allows teens and adults alike to chat and make new friends. As with all things on the internet, we understand that being safe online is a shared responsibility between us, the service provider, teens and their parents.

We have full time support staff that deal with any in-game abuse or issues between players, and our reporting system lets players easily flag a user if they are being offensive, or making them uncomfortable. First and foremost, please ensure your teen is old enough to play Av akin Life.

Enabling restrictions will also prevent your teens from making in-game purchases without permission. If your teen has made a purchase without permission, you can apply for a refund within your order history.

Players should never post anything they wouldn’t want the world to know (e.g., their real name, phone number, home address, screens names from other IM clients, or specific whereabouts). Tell your teens they should avoid posting or saying anything in a chat that would make it easy for a stranger to find them, such as their local hangouts, where they go to school, etc.

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Av akin Life is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Av akin Life Customer Service.

Discuss the issues you have had with Av akin Life and work with their customer service team to find a resolution. Good morning av akin You guys should really think of a way to separate the kids from the adults...maybe...

The items have shown up in my “collect gifts” section so no problem when I open app back up. However, when I go into the London Fashion Show Social Spot & go up to a Lockwood character, the app also suddenly closes on its own.

Cause its really unfair you buy all this stuff and work hard to join the gold but just certain people win if you not part of it you can do whatever you want you won't win and I think it's so unfair cause there's many other girls that wish to have the fashion badge but if you not part of that click then no badge for you either... I find it very offensive that when I click on a clothing line in av akin life's news feed, it takes me Straight to the female section.

Not everyone playing is a female & it should take you to the clothing section that best fits your awakens gender. Another thing... do you SERIOUSLY expect EVERYONE to complain to you with 350 characters just in order to get you guys to look at this & only CONSIDER this... just shameful, it's no wonder nothing gets fixed cause no one wants to write this much.

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So, I wanted login into my old account so I sent a forgot password to my email and the link didn't work. I kept trying over and over again but it still doesn't work and I need help so it is nice if you guys can respond back to me because I never really had this problem and I miss being on the app and meeting new people and enjoying the social events.

I got false reported many times for sending nudes which I didn't, these people don't even know the whole story, they have no right to know about my personal life on Snapchat, I got banned for no reason and it made me upset.

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