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Avakin Avatar

James Smith
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 8 min read

• CONSTANTLY EVOLVING: Frequent updates CONSTANTLY EXPANDING: Frequent additions to clothing catalog • SOCIAL: Send gifts and messages to friends BEAUTIFUL: Fully realized 3D graphics • MULTI-PURPOSE: Manage all your activity from the Dashboard MULTI-LINGUAL: Supports English, French, German, Spanish and Italian FREE TO PLAY • Earn free coins by using the latest version of Tap joy.• Sign in via Facebook or Google+.• Miscellaneous bug fixes. Users Interact, Digital Purchases.

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Download AVA KIN LIFE and create your own virtual world! Browse thousands of clothing items from amazing fashionable brands to create your perfect look.

Explore incredible locations and chat with millions of players from all around the world! Hang out in your customizable apartment where you can relax with friends, or simply enjoy the company of your very own virtual pet.

STYLE THE PERFECT Express yourself with awesome Av akin clothing brands and accessories. Browse through hundreds of fabulous items and fill your closet with stylish outfits.

Shop for dresses, shoes, skirts, bags, jewelry, and millions of other clothing items and accessories. Show off your perfect outfits and get advice on the newest trends, best styles, and clothes from your friends.

Shop, chat, style and play in your own language, and connect with 200 MILLION imaginations around the world!• Bugs that were causing issues for some players have been fixed. I love playing this game don’t get me wrong but there are a few things that would be nice to add or readjust.

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Been trying to throw a party and invite over the amazing friends that I have befriended, but only limited to 6 people only. Third, interactions are hard enough to make it look believable if you are in a relationship, especially if you are trying to take a cute profile pic.

Also, it’ll be nice if the men’s had more options than making them look all alike. As for houses/apartments there has to be some way where we can have favorites set so it’ll be easier to access instead of looking through all the places that you have.

Don't get me wrong I really love this app but y'all should really Add some adjustments like there's so much you can do in this game, there's so much we would like to do in this game like for example have a family with your significant other, have babies, we should also be able to share a house with whomever you want for example if I have a house that my friend doesn't have and I'm not online on the game that person has permission to join that house sharing the house, also more accessories like piercings and stuff we have a lot of tattoos, but we don't have things like earrings and nose rings and all that kind of stuff ... but back to what I said before us female awakens should be able to have kids and start a little family with the males all can also add more places like real life places like the movies, the zoo, fancy restaurants, watermarks, all that good stuff ... Last but not least THE INTERACTIONS y'all are putting interactions for high prices and there not even that interesting we would like to take pictures with our significant others to make it look like we are in an actual about a kissing interaction or a cuddling interaction ... All I'm saying is av akin life should be REAL LIFE what happens in the real world ...Other than that I love this game just please add more real life stuff, I know we would really appreciate it :) !! One thing I wish above everything else for this game is a single room apartment where I can place all my animals and friendly sidekicks.

Also, my cousin plays this game with me and even though she has rated my apartments nothing ever shows up and I can’t figure out why. Thank you for reading my long-winded rating and hope to see some of these changes in the future.

Purchases Location Contact Info Identifiers Usage Data Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.

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Browse through hundreds of fabulous items and fill your closet with stylish outfits. Shop for dresses, shoes, skirts, bags, jewelry and millions of other clothing items and accessories.

Don't miss parties, presents and perfect holiday moments across a month of snow-packed events. From saving Santa to the stunning party looks, December's all festive, all the time.

This game is amazing but I’m afraid it has a couple of issues overall the game is great but the problems are some children are playing this game below 13 I know because my little sister is below 13 she played the game and got mean messages please please please help her she reported them and the game said thanks we will delete this user and report them in a few days and it took two months we noticed can u next time make it quicker it’s irritating another problem is buying stusometimes stuffthout even using real money it can delete ur yourney from ur ayourount or bank please make sure that never happens cuz becauset will be great also these problems can get worst as life goes on and I know many ppl plpeopleit for a long time maybe until the future or there next generation so if u make these changes it will be a delight and honourhonorke these changes so ppl capeoplee safe and no harm would take place iam reI amwing this for a safe reason and there is a slight chance of all these problems taking place please make sure the game has the changes so me and even anyone can be safe asafe, andn all live in a safe environment thank u another issue is that some ppl arpeopleeing mean and why are u letting them use words such as the f word the b word and many other words please solve that problem and life will be a much more eeasier this is not safe if also this game isn’t eleventh I have rated the game 4/5 because the graphics, updates,and the game in general is so much fun to play, you learn a lot and you can meet lots of different people around the world on the chats however, when you play the game it can be quite hard to earn money, so I just think that you should add more games to earn more money or you should change the things that you can buy and you can pay it with diamonds or you should just get coins instead of diamonds when you go to your houses. I also think that you should be able to sell the clothes and homes you that you don’t want anymore, I think it would be so cool if you could rent out your apartments to other players so that you can make money by the rent instead of waiting every time for the money to come in on a daily basis apart from that it’s a great game and I would advise playing it I think that every time they have an update Everyone should get given a golden present with 15 items in xx.

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of safety for all of our users, Av akin requires you to be at least 17 years old to register and playhouse an outfit in your wardrobe, communicate with friends, beat challenges and change your look to suit your mood. Av akin offers a wide range of customization options for your avatar ’s body, face, hair and clothing.

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