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Monday, 29 November, 2021

Avakai Restaurant

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 29 November, 2021
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Reviewed 12 February 2019 via mobile Avakairestaurant is in the river bay the quality of food is so nice but price is more for middle class guys Reviewed 31 December 2018 They've got an iconic catchy name for the Restaurant.



Reviewed 27 November 2018 via mobile Very catchy and favorite title but Telugu people wide range of food available in an affordable price range Reviewed 31 July 2018 Serves predominantly vegetarian food.

Saturday tiffing buffets are popular with good variety and tastes. Reviewed 29 May 2017 via mobile This is a typical south Indian restaurant.

Reviewed 1 April 2017 via mobile From the day this restaurant is opened it's been my far. Ambience 2. Service 3.staff 4. Not so spice or pungent food.

Reviewed 14 February 2017 via mobile Regularly we used to visit this Restaurant when we visit Goddard Ghat and ISK CON, slowly it got highly commercial, staff was not good and not helpful, food quality and taste also declined from earlier comparison, rates of items were very high and not youthful, there...are many good restaurants nearby so please check alternative rather than this More If there is one thing that people associate with Andhra Pradesh, it is this simply awesome pickle called Avatar or Alafaya.

We take Alafaya and mix it with hot steaming rice and ghee. When we were young, one mid-summer weekend would be reserved for making assorted mango-based pickle.

thota raju gari suryapet menu hours updated business

Father would set off early in the morning to the wholesale market to get the best of mangoes. Finally, wipe each piece with a soft, dry cotton cloth without damaging it.

We make the Ava pod or Mustard powder, though you could buy it ready made as well. The idea of making Ava Pod just before mixing the Avatar is that it retains the fresh taste and smell.

We also use unrefined, cold-pressed Sesame or Til oil because that is what gives the richest taste. It is just my attempt to pass on all the knowledge I inherited from my Mom and Grandmother.

Juicy mangoes would mean the pickle will spoil quickly. Chopping the mangoes First it needs a heavy-duty chopper than can cut through the seed.

We normally wash and sundry the ceramic jars a couple of days in advance. Typically, we keep the jar (Bahrain) under bright sunlight for 8-10 hours.

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I use steel vessels and spatulas to make avatar and so warm them slightly on open flame to remove any residual moisture and then let them cool completely. Storing the Alafaya The way we store this pickle is to close the lid of the jar tightly and then wrap a clean, dry cotton cloth around the mouth of the jar.

If you are using freshly bought oil from a can or a packet, then you can skip this step. Heating and cooling the oil ensures that the moisture content in it evaporates.

Spread the mango pieces on a dry cloth or paper for about 15 minutes to air-dry. Making the Alafaya | Avatar In a large and absolutely dry vessel, mix the mustard powder, chili powder, salt, fenugreek seeds, and Bengal gram/garlic cloves.

With an absolutely dry spatula, mix well till all the mango pieces are covered with the masala and the oil. Put the Avatar into the jar and pour the remaining oil onto the pickle.

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