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Are There Vampires In Bitlife

Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 7 min read

What's really cool about the title is that while there's a myriad of different directions your Bitty character's life could go, the developers throw in interesting “challenges,” like this recent Vampire one. That's really just the first step in a bunch of different tasks you'll need to complete in order to officially satisfy all the necessary requirements for Vampires.


Know that you've only got a few days to complete the challenge, too, so if you haven't gotten started, make sure you get your Bit Person to Romania if they're not already living in the Eastern Bloc country. Biting and impaling people might get the cops on your tail, which will get you in trouble with the law, which will then force you to leave the country.

Source: Twitter Living to 100 is a bit more difficult, make sure to go on plenty of walks, exercise, maintain a healthy diet (especially in your later years), meditate, and when your character gets sick, immediately head on over to a doctor instead of just trying to beat it yourself or delay the inevitable. You can't be going around biting people when your character is older unless you're “rumbling” with folks in the prison yard, or else you'll get arrested.

When you bite them, make sure you're picking a spot that won't hurt them: toes, fingers, etc. If the impale selection isn't there, then, just like the “bite” trick, leave the game entirely and then relaunch the app until it appears.

Attempts to impale them might result in the individual fighting back and killing you, the police finding out, or you just end up injuring them, and they get away. OR if it does and you're not caught, rinse and repeat until you clock three impalement murders, you sicko.

When you start your character, look for a high health and happiness level to begin with. Smarts are helpful as well, because you are going to need some money to purchase the haunted house.

I would also make sure you have a brother or sister when you're young because they are just about the only people you can bite unless you go to prison! It's likely safest to start in another country rather than live in Romania originally.

The reason for this is that there's a large chance you might end up in jail and have to escape. The most important part of this is to keep your happiness and health levels as high as you possibly can.

Hit the Gym, Meditate, and go for Walks every year to maintain your health. You can also go on a healthy diet later in life to keep yourself from losing too much of your Health numbers.

So, make sure to head to college or take up a career that can get you paid pretty well. Once you're of age, head to the Assets' menu option and select Go Shopping.

You will usually have the ability to select bite, if not then close Billie fully and re-open it. Once you find the Bite option, pick a location that isn't going to permanently hurt the person (toes, fingers, hips, etc).

Make sure you do this while you are young because people will call the cops on you if you're older! IF they call the police or you get caught, you can immediately close Billie completely and re-open it.

Keep in mind that even after you've committed the murders and gotten away, you can still possibly get arrested later in life. After initially being known as a company that made casual games, Candy writer truly became a household name among iOS and Android gamers late in 2018 when it released Billie.

So with that having been said, let’s get things started with our latest Billie mini-guide, where we discuss the game’s new Vampire Challenge and talk you through what you need to do in order to complete it as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. After all, this is where Transylvania is located (you don’t necessarily need to be born/emigrate there), so it makes sense that you are required to hail from Dracula’s home country.

Well before vampires became hip and trendy thanks to the Twilight book and movie series, they were scary, vicious creatures that preyed on unsuspecting people, drinking their blood in order to live hundreds of years and continue their reign of terror. But whenever a fighting opportunity arises, you’ll need to choose the “Bite” option and do this at least three times for the Vampire Challenge.

It also isn’t as easy to get away with as pushing someone down the stairs or off a cliff or killing them via drive-by shooting, but it’s definitely more effective and hassle-free than, say, going for the Atomic Wedgie or Fastball to Head. We recommend spacing out your kills in order to avoid ending up on the wrong side of the law and potentially shortening your life due to the stress that comes along with a long jail sentence.

The fact that you’ll be living in a haunted house and definitely encountering a spirit or two can also stress a Citizen out and reduce their stats dramatically, so we suggest choosing the option that allows you to stay calm, as opposed to screaming, calling the cops, or investigating further. In this guide, we will show you how to complete this mission, the last of which requires biting and impaling peoples.

Owing to the lucrative gameplay style and tons of amazing things to try out, this has quickly garnered praise from all the fans in no time. In this guide, we will list out all the requirements needed to be met to complete the Billie Vampire Challenge.

However, if you are had already started the game and are living in some other place, simply emigrate to Romania. Although in real life that is quite difficult, doing the same in Bit life is fortunately quite easy.

First, make sure that you remain fit and healthy at all stages of your life. Likewise, make sure to maintain a safe distance from drugs and alcohols and crimes that might land you in jail.

Head over to the real estate market and look out for houses, and while searching, don’t forget to check out their description. It doesn’t matter if it is not 100 years old, just purchase alive in this house and wait for the time to pass.

However, if you aren’t able to find the house with such requirements, then refresh this real estate page next year and see if it is available then. As and when that is done, head over to the Crime section of Billie and chose the impaling option.

However, as you might have noticed the said feature belongs to the crime section, hence doing so will attract some negative consequences as well. One of the most common punishments after impaling someone is to send the offender to jail.

To escape from this punishment, make sure you have loads of money that could be used to hire the best lawyers in town. With that said, once you have bitten and impaled 3 people, you have completed this mission and the entire challenge also.

With this instruction, we conclude the guide on how to complete the Billie Vampire Challenge and its four associated missions. To achieve this challenge, you need to meet some requirements in the game, and going about them takes some time.

One of them is ensuring your character lives for an extraordinarily long time. The easiest way to do this is to consistently rotate through your choices until their country of origin is Romania.

Alternatively, you can craft a custom character and choose Romania as their place of birth. To do this, you need to take some steps, such as ensuring their health remains at the highest you possibly can and avoid getting into too much trouble as your character grows older.

The best way to do this is to consistently have them working out every year, altering their diet, and avoiding any potential crimes you can do in the game. You’ll need to refresh the real estate page each year if you don’t get one.

When you do find one, you can also read about it to learn how old it is, giving you a decent idea of how long it will take for you to sit on the house until it becomes over 100 years old. An excellent way to not go to jail after doing this if you get caught is to ensure you have plenty of money stockpiled to use the best and most expensive lawyers help you out of the situation.

You can see if it’s haunted based upon the paranormal activity levels the house has, which you can see when checking out the statistics about it. The greater it is, such as red, it suggests there ’s an unsafe spirit, and you have the capacity for your character to deal with injury, or even worse, while living there.

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