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Are Rusty Jumper Cables Safe To Use

Christina Perez
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
• 14 min read

My wife heard a report on a local radio station warning people not to usejumpercables on modern cars. The guy said they could cause “unstable voltage” and damage on-board computer operations.

motorcycle starter jump terminals portable positive battery


When I contacted both vehicles' dealerships, each told me it is OK to usejumpercables. Additionally, each told me that the devices they use in their repair departments to start cars with dead or low batteries are just like jumper cables.

RAY: It sounds like you're describing my brother, Rob. RAY: Now, there are lots of problems that can be created if you hook up the jumper cables BACKWARD.

RAY: So, when you DO jump-start a car, you want to take great care to make sure you're doing it correctly. It is typically the ultimate connection that makes the spark capable of igniting something.

Do NOT connect to metal pipes such as diesel injector pipes Leave the good car engine idling, switch off accessories like headlights and heated windshields. The idea isn't that the jumper cables can pass enough current to turn over the dead car (unless they are exceptionally well-connected electrically, and very heavy gauge thickness of wire, and the dead car is a small petrol engine).

If that's the case they usually have a jump start point under the hood, marked with a + so you don't have to pull the trunk carpet up After you've waited, turn the bad car engine over (again turn off all lights and electrical accessories, press the clutch if it's a stick shift to reduce transmission drag) for a short period.

Owning a set of jumper cables and knowing how to use and maintain them is a must for every driver. Jumper cables may be used in case there is an accidental discharge of a car’s battery (for instance, by ignition switch or headlights left on while the vehicle’s engine isn’t running).

Once the rust is removed, wipe the metal off with a cloth moistened with clean water. If you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel, tried to start your car, and discovered it won’t power up, you know just how annoying it can be when your battery fails.

Jumper cables are a critically useful auto accessory, and it’s a smart idea to keep a set in your trunk, just in case. While you can buy just any old set of jumper cables, it’s a better idea to look for ones that are high in quality, robust in strength, and durable for the long term.

This is a reliable and heavy-duty set of booster cables that will safely start a wide range of vehicles using a 12/24-volt auto battery. They are resistant to rain, motor oil and chemicals, and these 4 gauge cables are easy to use and won’t tangle.

Here’s a reliable set of 4-gauge jumper cables manufactured from copper-coated aluminum to efficiently conduct electricity and power. The clamp jaws are sturdy and will fit to the side and top post of batteries with no danger of them falling off.

The jumper cables are tangle free and provide maximum protection to prevent corrosion and rust. There’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the 20-foot cables on vehicles ranging from motorcycles to trucks and vans.

With these 4 gauge jumper cables (400 amps) you’ll be able to jump start a monster truck with a dead flat battery. The clamps are easy to open but firmly grip any type of battery connection and will not slip off.

They will start a weak or completely dead battery on a car, van or truck. The copper clad aluminum, single gauge cables are 800 amps with a thick vinyl coating, which makes them both tangle free and flexible down to temperatures of -40-degrees Celsius.

Made with 1 gauge cable and built with heavy-duty construction, these jumper cables feature a thick inner core that’ll get your dead or weak car battery back in action. They can tackle batteries in small passenger cars as well as large SUVs and trucks.

Each set of cables features four alligator clamps with jagged teeth and tough springs for an extra strong grip. Once connected, you’ll get a maximum current of 800 amps along with great conductivity for a quick jump start.

In addition to long-term wear and tear along with quality performance, these jumper cables are also able to stay flexible and strong in inclement weather. Even when temperatures drop as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, they’ll remain flexible.

A useful set of jumper cables that come with a pair of safety gloves and a carry bag for easy storage. The cables are single gauge copper clad aluminum and are 25 feet long.

They transmit 800 amps of power through red and black coated cables. The 10-gauge cables will start a sluggish or dead battery, but they are only powerful enough for small and compact cars.

The alligator clamps provided with the cables are rated at 110 amps and are color coded with a tight grip for secure and safe attachment. At only 12-feet long, these cables are only suitable for use when the vehicles are parked facing each other, but they are compact and easy to store.

A robust heavy-duty set of jumper cables that can be used on any vehicle up to 12V passenger cars and 24V commercial trucks. The current is conducted through copper coated aluminum wires insulated with PVC.

The clamps have tough PVC insulation which gives you a secure and safe connection and an outstanding drop resistance. They meet UL testing standards and feature high-quality construction details that can offer increased durability and resistance to wear and tear.

The cables have a large capacity that’ll suit every vehicle from cars to trucks, and are made with a thick copper that helps recharge dead batteries quickly. Double grip clamps offer superior connectivity, and they reduce the amount of heat during use for increased safety.

A 4 gauge jumper cable is probably too powerful for your car and is only suitable to jump start trucks. Simply remember to select a gauge with a lower number because these cables will charge a car battery faster.

While these products may be from premium brands it’s best to check the thickness of the wire before judging the quality of the cables by the label it’s given. For safety purposes, the exterior of the clamps must always be covered in rubber to prevent you from getting shocked.

Rubber has non-slip properties so you’ll have a better grip on the clamps when you’re placing them on the battery terminals. If you’re purchasing jumper cables from a trusted brand, chances are the insulation will be of the highest quality.

Premium cables are usually made from PVC plastic which is resistant to damage by chemicals or oil. Other materials used to manufacture cables keep them flexible and prevent them from tangling (especially in colder climates) which is important.

Your jumper cables will also last you a long time provided you maintain them and store them correctly. Hartman’s booster cables are safe and reliable as they’re resistant to motor oil & chemicals.

These jumper cables are heavy duty as they’re made with 4 gauge aluminum wires with copper coating and a length of 20ft. You won’t have to worry about the clamps slipping off battery terminals as they give a tight grip.

Topic heavy-duty booster cables can be used to jump start many applications such as vans, trucks and full sized cars. The cables won’t snap or break as they’re made with special PVC coating.

Topic jumper cables are versatile as they can be used for smaller applications such as motorcycles and quad bikes. The Topic jumper cables are made with 4 gauge copper and aluminum wires that provide efficient electrical conductivity.

Topic’s booster cables are made with high premium insulators for maximum protection and durability. These are parrot clamps with jagged teeth to provide a tight grip on battery terminals.

They’re also color coded to easily identify which clamp goes on the positive and negative terminals. It should be noted that they have no rubber exterior so use safety gloves when performing a jump start.

These heavy-duty booster cables are capable of recharging a monster truck with their 400 amp wiring. They’re easy to open, yet they still provide a tight grip when you clamp them onto your battery terminals.

The Always Prepared jumper cables are weather resistant so you’re able to jump start your car even when it’s snowing or raining. For you to identify the polarity easily the clamps are color coded with the standard red for positive and black for negative.

Sometimes it’s best to have extra long cables especially when you’re working on bigger vehicles such as trucks, buses or minibuses. Because of the different heights of the vehicles, the length helps you reach the battery terminals easily.

Energizer’s heavy-duty booster cables are designed to jump start small or big applications. The cables are made from premium materials, so they’re able to conduct enough electricity to jump start even the weakest of batteries.

The Energizer jumper cables are single gauge made from copper clad aluminum for effective conductivity. The reason the cables are able to operate in freezing temperatures is because of the special PVC coating.

Energizer’s jumper cable clamps are vinyl coated for safety and to prevent rust & corrosion. The integrated spring helps you open the clamps easily so you’re able to quickly apply them onto your battery terminals.

The clamps also have a strong grip, so they won’t slip off while you’re performing a jump start. For easy identification of the polarity, the clamps are color coded red (positive) and black (negative).

Why we like it: Whether your jump-starting a truck or standard vehicle, the heavy-duty cables are capable of producing maximum current flow to charge a battery fast. These jumper cables are made from premium materials so there’s no resistance when jump-starting your vehicle.

Kodiak manufactured these jumper cables with single gauge internal wires which produce 800 amps. The reason they can power up heavy-duty batteries is because of the copper clad aluminum gauge.

For simplicity, the clamps are parrot style with double connections for optimal power transfer. The jagged parrot teeth give an extra strong hold, so they won’t slip off the terminals.

Kodiak’s jumper cable clamps are also coated with a durable insulator to prevent corrosion and rusting. The insulator also prevents sparking and reduces short-circuiting during a jump start & it adds extra protection when you’re handling the cables.

Why we like it: Auto is a tried and tested brand that makes only the best heavy duty jumper cables. Because of the extra long 25ft cable, you’re able to jump start cars that are in awkward placements.

The Auto jumper cables are durable and the wiring is flexible so you’re able to use them in colder weather easily. The product also comes with a carry bag so you can store the cables easily and it adds extra protection from contaminants.

Auto’s jumper cables have copper clad aluminum 1 gauge wiring that can be used safely on most standard applications. Auto manufactures their cables with special insulation to enhance flexibility, so they don’t tangle or stick together.

For a strong and sturdy grip, the clamps are parrot style with jagged teeth that prevents them from slipping off the terminals. They are color coded with red (positive) and black (negative) so you can easily identify which terminals to use the clamps on.

Why we like it: The AmazonBasics jumper cables easily boost a dead battery back to life. Motorists on a limited budget will benefit from the AmazonBasics jumper cables as they’re inexpensive and easy to maintain.

These jumper cables are standard and are only powerful enough to jump start small cars, but they’re still extremely reliable & well-made. The cables are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified which means they’ve been tried and tested to ensure the safety of the user.

AmazonBasics jumper cables have 10 gauge copper clad aluminum wires that provide sufficient 100 amps of power. The clamps are made with an alligator design for a tighter grip when placed on battery terminals.

Why we like it: It’s always best to have a pair of professional jumper cables in your car especially if driving is a big part of your occupation. They’re extremely reliable as they provide sufficient power to jump start myriads of objects whether you’re working on petrol or diesel vehicles.

The Voila mart jumper cables are 20ft in length to provide easy access to battery terminals. The Voila mart’s clamps are also made from a durable metal that also adds maximum conductivity.

The clamps provide added protection as they’re coated with a color coded insulator. You’ll also receive a carry bag for easy storage and for added protection for your cables.

Auto gen’s robust heavy duty jumper cables are 25ft in length to allow you to reach battery terminals easily. The copper clad aluminum wiring is a 1 gauge type which provides 900A of power.

They’re also extremely reliable as they’re made with materials that add protection and durability to your cables. Pennzoil is a tried and tested brand that makes their jumper cables robust & easy to use.

They’re also extremely versatile as you can jump start most standard cars and SUV’s with a 12V battery. Pennzoil’s jumper cables are 25ft in length so you’re able to jump start vehicles parked in awkward and hard to reach places.

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