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Are Rust Guns Hitscan

Christina Perez
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
• 12 min read

For up to date statistics on item stats, please check out This fine pistol features the ability to blow a hole in the guy in front of you, maybe, sometimes, eventually.

lr rifle 300 assault rust vip lr300 gamepedia icon enemies x1 10x bps package combat ultimate


I would hold on to this guy for everyday jaunts in the early game. If you have the funds, I'd recommend this gun as a helpful upgrade to the Hokey and a reliable peacemaker.

Slow but effective at close range, this gun has become a favorite of sneaky Newman's everywhere. This popular gun is a bit of an orphan… Not powerful enough to use as a primary weapon for many players, but it’s also far more accessible for most.

Similar to the Legacy favorite the P250, this gun is the sidearm of choice for many Rust players. With low Him cost and high accuracy you can drop even geared enemies in short order with a few well-placed shots.

One of the newest guns in Rust, the Python Revolver is a beast that is set to make its mark! Loud and flashy, this gun packs a punch at the expense of fire rate and capacity.

The Thompson has the second fastest rate of fire in the game and arguably the best zoom when looking down the sights. That being said, it is not as powerful nor does it have the range the Assault Rifle does however if you want some suppressive fire this baby can do a number on the opposition (until you have to reload).

rust armor damage lr quality mid minutes

You can aim down the sight (mind the wobble), a loud crack when you fire and it kills your enemies dead in their tracks. Inexpensive compared to the AK, I'd highly recommend moving one of these to the top of your crafting queue.

Now you might have heard of this gun before, commonly called the AK. The sound makes your heart drop right out of your chest.

Oh, yes I'm talking about the, gas powered, 30 round clips, 5.56 NATO cartridge using, Assault Rifle. User beware, you may have extreme bouts of aggression or an uncontrollable urge to go raiding once you acquire this weapon.

Thank you for stopping by the Justified Gun shop and have a wonderful day! This gun is a work of art and a force to be reckoned with.

Him and component cost compared to other shotguns The pellet spread from this bad boy is super tight and can deal consistent damage much further than the water pipe.

rust guns tier damage low academy draw

You can basically burn shit down with this, light up the night, and become a beacon for counter-raiders everywhere. It is rather clunky however, and costs more than making a few water pipe shotguns.

Higher resource cost vs. Thompson or Custom SMG Aesthetically pleasing, has a sweet equip animation, and it does have skins.

Well, it's an automatic weapon, it can't be crafted, it doesn't have any skins, and it's not as awesome as the AK. Durable with fast fire rate, and impressive damage this pocket cannon is sure to be the envy of your friends... or enemies.

This low tier weapon fire’s really quick, but doesn’t pack much of a punch. The Nail gun can be crafted for just metal frags and scrap, and holds 16 nails at a time (which are also inexpensive).

It’s great for finishing off enemies in close quarters, but if you try sniping with it, you’re going to have a bad time. Boasts a quicker reload rate and higher magazine size over the Bolt action rifle with less bullet drop at a longer range.

rust mp5 polymer icon

Slower rate of fire over the Bolt Action Rifle, can not be crafted. This formidable sniper rifle is very capable of long range destruction with low bullet drop rate over a longer range with the sacrifice of a slower firing rate.

The rifle packs more of a punch over the semi rifle with a higher round capacity you can lay down sustained damage, although you better have good aim because the slower rate of fire means no panic shots. The Multiple grenade launcher is a versatile AOE weapon capable of clearing congested hallways with The grenades, laying down covering smoke to escape those pesky roof campers or using the shotgun rounds to quickly dispose of the naked grubs.

While it is possible to defend your base using only a bow, you should work towards obtaining a significant armory. This will provide a huge advantage for your defenses, allowing you to use whatever weapon you need for the situation at hand.

These guns are not easy to obtain though, you’ll need to loot it off a corpse or spend days struggling to find the required parts. With base damage of 60, each crossbow shot will hit unarmored targets like a truck.

Requiring a tier 2 workbench, 10 high-quality metal, 100 wood, a spring, and SMG body, Thompson's are pretty easy to acquire. All shotguns can do this but the pump variant is much better, as it has a faster fire rate, holds more rounds, and is simple to craft.

icons rust guns rifle assault 3d these drawn remember were way comments

Possessing insanely high damage, range, and accuracy, it’s a sniper’s wet dream. Unfortunately, sub-machine guns have issues in Rust as they tend to be out-performed at all but close to medium range.

However, the MP5A4 is nothing to turn your nose up at, you can craft it yourself so it’s a good medium-tier weapon until you can reach the higher entries on this list! Introduced far more recently than many of the other weapons on this list, the Spas-12 is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun that can cover entire areas in buckshot.

It has weaknesses, of course, high recoil makes it difficult to land multiple shots. Sporting high damage, accuracy, and fire-rate, the LR-300 is a great choice in all situations.

Of course, such an awesome weapon is really hard to get hold of as it’s only found in crates, airdrops, and attack helicopters. Lower damage over time than the draftable sniper but you’re more likely to hit your shots at range.

Its potency in combat is almost unrivaled, with high damage & rate of fire allowing it to perform at all ranges. Unlike most other late-game weapons, the crafting cost is reasonable and shouldn’t bear too much weight on your resources.

rust mp5 military m92 crafting guns smg hello long lr grade rustafied gamepedia

I’ll first point out the fact you can only get this gun from an attack helicopter’s remains making it the fourth weapon on the list that you can’t craft. The downsides are its high reload time and exceptional recoil but these are barely a factor to a decent player.

This is a rant post hopefully to fix this giant pile of chaos, grind, and cancerous meta's that have engulfed this game Rust. Before I dive into the topics I would first like to start off by saying I know half the morons that use the Reddit thread are idiotic role players, and people who have yet to experience the old excitement that was Rust PRE summer 2017 and before.

If that's what the devs want to go for they should have done that ages ago by making the already shit Eve aspects such as rig scientists hard and maybe put actual events in the server other than the aids that is Bradley and the Chinook landing every 4 hours in a random rad town. That doesn't add anything fun, it's just a time consumer for new kids who just got the game who think it's cool to watch a poorly coded tank drive around shooting at people.

There is still core issues with the Gun play that can easily be fixed, yet has not for some odd reason. Old AK-47 was the most skilled weapon you could base the game off and each fight in old rust was intense, the fact they changed it makes absolutely no sense to me.

The main purpose of old rust guns revolved around a simple difference between a good player and a newer one. Tapping also known as aiming your weapon is the simplest gun play mechanic that I think every game should have had back then.

rust un imgur hogar construyendo supervivencia crear crafting tu casa como armas imagenes

Semi Rifle and p2 had the ability to be insane early game weapons that created intense starts to wipes and made aim battles fun. The Tommy, custom, pump, and LR were good substitutes to go along with the bolt (most papers roamed bolt and AK) instead of roaming AK as the Tommy was easy to control had a fast fire rate with muzzle boost, the LR was easier to control than AK, but had a slow fire rate and was hard to tap fast with.

Scripting, trash spray pattern, and aim cone have torn the skill gap to shreds making any new player just as good as someone who has been a veteran. Current Gun play Example 2 Stand spraying with a simple S pattern and the plague of scripts has cursed this game to the point where these 2 players are no different from the older rust video I linked earlier in the paragraph.

I don't absolutely hate the idea of gun-play standing up, as almost all FPS games include this if you think about it. Removing it would mean bullets go where the player aims, not the player standing up spraying 30 shots across a field aiming at someone's kneecaps and hitting a double headshot.

It's stupid and decreases the skill gap if you click the p2 and semi rifle as fast as you can at someone the bullets go everywhere BUT THE PLAYER. You can be 200 m out spraying it with no recoil, damage, or sound and kill an entire group in seconds with it.

No one voluntarily chooses a pump bolt, or Tommy, or LR over the AK. Which is fine, because it means the playing field is even, but if you have a p2 vs. Assault rifle, 9/10 times you are losing that fight no matter how unskilled the other player is.


Set up fights with other 40 man groups (ALL ROAMING 2 WHOLE TEAM SYSTEMS, WHICH WAS PUT INTO THE GAME TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS PEOPLE PLAY WITH, INSTEAD IT HAS INCREASED IT) like it's some sort of meeting between two groups just, so they don't get third partied. Old fights were just roaming the map you got that wipe and running into other groups based off chance, not because you set it up.

That defeats the whole purpose of the intensity in fighting, randomly face checking another group and battling it out. And ruined the changing someone's bag name when you ran by them, so they would be confused.

NO ONE HAS THE CHANCE OF LOSING LOOT WHEN THEY CAN JUST FLY IT ALL HOME AND SCREENSHOT IT TO PUT IN DISCORD. This can be fixed by removing elements of farming, component grind, cards (virtually useless for certain rad towns, people can bypass them simply with a mini held, defeating the purpose of them.

Nighttime is the most worthless waste of 15 minutes you could add to this game. It's so dark you have no idea where you are and it eliminates 15-30 minutes of time I could spend playing the game, roaming, or farming.

During those 30 minute everyone sits in their base and goes AFK defeating the purpose of me being on the game. Each night cycle adds up probably like 4-5 hours of playtime wipe day and other days which is spent in base.

rust semi rifle automatic modular

Either keep the benches in with instar crafting enabled so people are not sitting there for hours, or remove them overall. I think this would create more interaction between players, players not worrying so much about loot and needing it to craft at their bench and give people more time to get what they want done, so they don't have to spend hours and hours playing each day.

This goes into something that has also plagued time-wasting and staying up all night to make sure everything is safe. The Building 1.0 and 2.0 of Rust had so many elements to it that anything was possible if you knew what you were doing, and you were punished for your bad base if you did not know what you were doing.

Old Rust each base was unique and made raiding and building just as exciting and different as the previous wipe. Here are some photos to show you the differentiation in bases and the capabilities people had with building in old rust.

And Phaedo82 who is an old Rust Admin and YouTuber from back when the game was fun has an interesting raid cam playlist that shows all the different raid excursions and bases you would run into. You cannot build a sustainable big enough base to for smaller groups that a bigger group can't just pound when you are asleep, hence why people waste hours of their time sitting in base waiting for a raid or an offline.

Removing upkeep would give people the ability to build what they want if they take the time to farm for it. Say if a door or TC was not checked within 15-24 hours the base would start to decay.


This would help with being able to punish people building in more advantageous spots with the old TC coverage. Having to cover your surrounding area with TC's was a good aspect of the game to keep people on their toes.

Having to farm constantly to keep a base up and make it big enough to prevent you from being offline every night while you sleep takes time away from the player interaction of the game. This would also decrease the amount of larger groups who solely use players to farm resources.

The Idea of the jackhammer is a good one as it was not implemented until the newer branch of rust. In the past year nothing has been added to drastically change the performance issues this game has, the graphics of the game, which are horrendous as most people play low settings, and the lag input found in fighting.

Players die constantly behind things, or do not get registered due to invalids and projectile loss. The scrap held, the bag meta of spamming bags everywhere, the circle road which limits the available space for players to build since you removed building on roads, 2 rigs, which are fine help add more interaction, the Bradley to the rad town which has removed the fighting in launch by tenfold, junkyard which is the most worthless rad town in the game and yet one of the biggest.

Remove the junkyard and add another Tier 2 rad town to go along with water, power, train yard, and airfield. You can get the green card from lighthouse, and scientists on the road there is no need for that many supermarkets/gas stations.

Going back to what I was saying was at some point you need to stop adding random things to the game and focus on what you have already implanted. Please work with what you have and make them more interesting not add more stuff that isn't fully compatible and defeats the purpose of items already in the game.

Add a classic WoW themed client or servers that include the ability to play older versions of Rust that are promoted BY you so you can support and invest in them, and WE CAN support and invest in them whether that be through VIP slots to pay for them etc. Meaning people will have to still buy it if they want to play your older versions released back into the game.

If you do release an older version of the game I do hope you implement a small amount of things from new Rust that are actually good. If not add older versions then add older themes of the earlier stages of the game such as gun play, removal of aim cone, and building mechanics which I mentioned to the current stage and fix the god awful state it is currently in.

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