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Are Amazon Orders Running Late

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
• 9 min read

“If you received free shipping through Amazon Prime, you may be eligible for a free one-month extension when the promised delivery date isn't met,” Amazon once wrote on its customer service page. However, since the publishing of this article, that page has been updated to provide more general information about late shipments.



You will instead need to contact Amazon customer service, which according to many Internet users, will give you the free month. Keep in mind that some internet users have reported even better perks in return for a late Amazon Prime delivery.

It's unclear exactly what triggers Amazon to offer one deal over another, and it might have something to do with the time of year and whether you've complained before or not. When customers get to that page, they'll see the option to either chat with a messaging assistant that can answer basic questions or direct users to the proper place to have their issue addressed.

The page also gives users the option of having Amazon call them, as well as a wait time, so they have a sense of how long it’ll take to hear back from the company. If neither option is suitable, Amazon also provides quick access to a slew of help pages on everything from checking an order and managing content on devices to getting help with Amazon Prime and updating payment information.

But as mentioned, some people have been lucky enough to get more than a free month of Prime, so it's a good idea for customers to push back a bit and explain why the delay is such an inconvenience. Perhaps you ran out of critical household goods or you were counting on the product to land in time so it could be given as a gift.

As such, it's a good idea to go for it all the first time around or face the possibility of more pushback on subsequent attempts. (Image credit: Shutterstock)One more thing: While it's fine to complain to Amazon on Twitter, the company discourages sharing order information on the social network and typically directs users to its customer service page.

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As millions of people are told to stay indoors amid coronavirus scares and grocery store shelves empty, Amazon is facing an unprecedented surge in online orders that's causing delivery delays and certain items to run out of stock. For many of Amazon's third-party sellers, this means a big loss of business, while others face challenges as inventory is stuck in China.

Amazon promises its Prime members free two-day shipping on millions of items, but what happens when your package is delivered late ? I learned that Amazon may compensate customers when it doesn’t make its guaranteed delivery date.

Laurel: We have had it happen so many times they gave us a $40 credit on our account and extended our Prime. When I contacted Amazon about another late delivery in November 2018, I got a $5 credit instead of a Prime extension.

To reach out to Amazon about a late delivery, the first thing you need to do is visit the Contact Us page. You’ll then be given the choice to contact Amazon via live chat or phone.

I used email to contact Amazon the first time, but that’s no longer an option. Basically I ran out of tape and started running low on boxes.

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Hadn’t saved the boxes to a reorder list, so went into my orders. (EDIT: This was shipped by Amazon, so the seller probably won’t be penalized.

But Amazon is only giving me the option to contact the carrier… who delivered the package already!) RobertAtIVC: (EDIT: This was shipped by Amazon, so the seller probably won’t be penalized.

Either this other seller is a “friend” or you just like to really worry about stuff that in no way is directly impacting you. It’d be very easy for someone who wanted to cheat the system to get a couple of hundred bucks in free product to exploit a glitch like this.

RobertAtIVC: It’d be very easy for someone who wanted to cheat the system to get a couple of hundred bucks in free product to exploit a glitch like this. Even Amazon knows sometimes delivery scans (when items were actually delivered) are occasionally missed.

They are also fully aware most will probably say something if “a couple of hundred bucks of products” actually never do show up. Eas: Even Amazon knows sometimes delivery scans (when items are actually delivered) are sometimes missed.


It’s that Amazon hasn’t picked up the scan and is declaring the item to be late. You’re getting dinged for a late delivery on an item that showed up on time.

So If Amazon (or the seller) ever has any reason to look into this matter, it’s very clear what has happened. But one Cincinnati-area woman is among a growing number of people complaining their packages are arriving late.

Latasha Wright loved the speedy delivery to her College Hill home that came with Amazon Prime. Instead of a familiar brown box at the door, she started receiving emails about delays.

But the report found that there's a big difference between two-day shipping and two-day delivery to your door. Many customers assume that they will receive the item two days from the moment they place their order.

Business Insider found the slowdown is typically not with delivery, but with the third-party sellers that now dominate the site. Hint: Look for items that say “Get it Tomorrow,” which typically means it is already in an Amazon warehouse.


If your order is delayed, the easiest way to contact Amazon is through web chat, not calling. A chat agent can sometimes find another vendor who can rush out your order, so you don't waste your money.

After selecting track package, you may receive a message similar to below. You can wait another couple of days or sign in to view more options.

You may also see the package was shipped with AMZL_US or Amazon Logistics and contain a tracking number. Amazon Logistics delivery service may have shipped your order via pony express, messenger, or drone.

If you have not received your package at least 3 days after the expected delivery date, we suggest you request a refund at the next screen after selecting contact us. You should immediately receive an email from Amazon accepting responsibility and promising a refund within 2-3 days.

As the item(s) is/are unavailable for replacement, we've requested a refund for the full amount of this shipment, including shipping costs. Completed refunds will appear at the bottom of an individual order's summary page.

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A few seconds ago the tracking page said the driver is 8 stops away. Now the page refreshed automatically, the driver is still across the street, and they say it will arrive by 9 PM, and no more “8 stops away”.

Otherwise, pretend it's the olden days and you can't obsessively follow packages around the country. Nah, Alexa glows green, Package was delivered.

Quote Stevie Tracking packages is the top of a slippery slope to madness. If the package doesn't show up that day, track it.

Otherwise, pretend it's the olden days and you can't obsessively follow packages around the country. I am usually NOT tracking, but I had to look up an older order to post a link for warm for a small micros adapter.

My far is when the package shows as delivered and arrives about an hour later. Quote Dustman We often see several UPS (or Amazon ’s own) trucks in the course of one day.

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I got that message with my package yesterday (that was still delivered on time), and with today's deliveries (still waiting to see if they show up today). Did have a package earlier this week that ended up being delivered a day late.

The Chorus Wall keeps us safe from illegal characters and words The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is the knowledge of one's own ignorance. I ordered a $20 BT speaker from AMZ.

I got it in two days as guaranteed to the local AMZ locker. I now screenshot my online order confirmation and track the package in the event they change the delivery day.

There was no offer of super saver shipping on this order. If I click 1-Click, I skate right past any potential options.

By the way, the Koontz Angle 3 speaker ($20) is pretty decent for the money. Most BT speakers, like the Anger Sound core 2 I bought a few months earlier are too bass heavy, yielding an unnatural spectral balance that usually muddies the upper bass and midrange, with little treble, almost muffling the audio.

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Some speakers can pair as a headset with one device and as headphones with another. You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.

They just ensure that you don’t offend anyone, and produce bland inoffensive products. Yeah, tracking can be total nonsense.

Last week, I ordered some stuff from our sponsor. The morning of the delivery date, it showed scanned into Louisville, KY, 2,000 miles from here, with the date pushed out two days.

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