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--------------------------------------------------------------------- Qty Item --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows --------------------------------------------------------------------- The release of the final installment in the Harry Potter Scientology, or whatever the hell it's called.

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I bet you can't wait to get your hands on this book. Me, I've had my hands on the book pretty much continuously for the last week, preparing all these orders for shipment.

It's kind of funny, when you think of it: you've been looking forward to this book for a decade, probably pre-ordered the thing a year ago; and here I am, some warehouse-working Muddle (or whatever you call us), who doesn't know Hogwarts from genital warts, with the book 24 hours before you. Assuming you're not some 37-year-old guy who lives with his parents and can recite the d20 stats for a gelatinous cube has off the top of his head.

This book will be on your doorstep tomorrow afternoon, ready to read. And I have to admit, it WOULD be fun to be one of the first people in the world to know how it all ends.

I have to tell ya, though: now that I know how it ends, I kind of want to read the whole thing. For instance, I bust my hump 60 hours a week schlepping your books around.

That chick who plays Heroine is smoking hot. If you've explored the links on the Your Account page but still need assistance with your order, you'll find links to e-mail or call Customer Service in our Help department at http://www.

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This post had me doubled up laughing I'm sick to death of the whole thing, it's a Children book for crying out loud. There will be thousands of adults, perfectly intelligent in every other way reading this book while on the way to work & in their lunchtimes.

Adults ranging from government ministers to butchers to lawyers will be seen publicly reading a book aimed at thirteen-year-olds. I can't understand it & find the whole thing somewhat pathetic or perhaps it's just a sign of adults trying to look & be “cool” or it is proof that the constant dubbing down of society has finally worked.

Amanda Began, I'm glad you're so much cooler than the rest of us. Also, let's not assume that just because something is “intended” for “children” means that it's automatically stupid.

I could have sworn the doctor down at the local clinic said I had a viral Hogwarts infection. I then turned around and told my exes to watch out, because they might find small Slytherin growths on their wee-wees.

I drove down Broadway at about 11:45 last night, saw this massive crowd of people cheering and screaming and thought, wow, that place with the white Lamborghini really got popular, this joint's like Mardi Gras tonight! I was really confused for about 2.5 seconds, then realized it was the Harry Potter line.

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Amanda, I recommend carrying around a large collection of Proust and reading it loudly to anyone you see with a Potter book. I'll have to share it with my friend who, despite her doctorate in English, purchased a copy of the book yesterday morning.

Jake: Did she get her doctorate in English from an American University? Yeah, some of the adults did in fact get excited over a children's book.

Does that bother you in some bitter, unloved corner of your soul? You know, the Starbucks' team hates it when you snort their iced-mochas out of your nose and onto their marginally clean tables.

I forgot that the book was supposed to arrive yesterday and didn't look in my mailbox until today, pleasantly surprised to see the big box of book (singular intended) crammed into the thing. I, with my Master's in English behind me well over a decade ago, took one look at it and decided that I'm just a little too tired today to lift the massive tome to the correct distance to read it, given my aging toward far-sightedness and my vanity that won't allow me to purchase those $5 reading glasses at the drugstore.

Thus, I'll have to start tomorrow, or even the following day, when all the 13-year-olds will be finishing up the saga. I am, apparently, neither an intellectual snob, nor a devoted fan.

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I bought mine at Albert sons last night around 11:30p m and read it until 3am when I forced myself to go to sleep. On the other hand, I think the t-shirts that said “Dumbledore dies on page 384” were pretty funny.

I'm a 40-year-old father of two, and I never would have read them if it weren't for the kids, but I've enjoyed them at least as much as they have. In fact one of the side benefits of parenting is that there is a lot of wonderful children's literature out there that I get to read.

The people who belittle children's books across the board probably haven't read any good ones, didn't have good experiences with books when they were children themselves, or perhaps don't even like to read as adults. I don't get why people who don't read the HP books are so virulently angry towards those of us that dare enjoy them.

They might be exceptionally high quality children's book, but the intended audience is still kids. Clearly, SOMEONE thinks there are a lot of older Harry Potter readers.

Does it mean I'm an adult because I know what Dr. Paisley's Soy lent Green is (and not from the movie)? I have an upper hand over my 11-year-old because I can enjoy books about middle age English professors and The Golden Compass.

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But I don't see any reason that the Harry Potter books are doing a worse job of being literature than say that latest Sharon McKone mystery I read on the return flight (I bought Deathly Hallows going when it became clear I was in for a very looking day in airports and planes), or even say something like a James Elroy novel. My reasoned conclusion is the “it's a children's book” is one of those statements that sounds like an argument but lacks much actual meaning.

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