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Amazon Upstate New York

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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The facility will eventually employ more than 1,000 full-time workers who will stack, pack and ship items to customers across the region, including bulk paper goods, sports equipment, pet food and supplies, electronics, and household goods. Pay at the fulfillment center starts at $15 an hour and full-time employees will get health, vision and dental coverage along with a 50 percent match in 401K plans. Minimum wage in upstateNewYork currently stands at $11.80 with an increase to $12.50 scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 31.

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The fulfillment center had early on met opposition by some community residents worried about the traffic that would be created as well as impacts on groundwater and the area’s rural character. An organization, the Birchwood Association, sued Scholars’s planning board in 2018, contending that project on Route 9 was approved without an environmental impact study. But a panel of appellate division judges in December threw out the lawsuit, clearing the way for construction.

Local unions also protested Amazon ’s use of non-union and out-of-state contractors to work on the $100 million project, which includes high-tech robotic equipment to help package and prepare items for shipping. Amazon officials on Wednesday didn’t say precisely how many of the approximately 1,000 job openings at the center have been filled.

Jobs at the fulfillment center involve packing and shipping customer orders, and there are positions in finance and human resources. People interested in applying to work at Amazon can sign up for text alerts by texting ALB NOW to 77088 to receive real-time messages about job openings and visit Amazon .com/albanyjobs to apply online.

SUMMARY:An award-winning storyteller, Lorna MacDonald Carnot spreads her history knowledge of the expansion from New York to Buffalo. Once open frontier and wilderness, European settlers and Native Americans altered the routes with their cultures, inventions, ideas, and experiences along the way.

From Harriet Tubman to the Oneida Community to the Cherry Valley Massacre, many people, legends and events are included. David McNab obviously loves his topic and is a real booster for upstateNewYork, which is on the whole rather neglected as a tourist destination.

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“It is apparent the obstacles in New York City are going to be difficult to overcome and with all the resources we have in the Syracuse-Rochester corridor we would hope Amazon would give us a chance to become the home of the new headquarters,” state Sen. Bob Fibonacci (R-Syracuse) said in a press release Monday. Assemblyman Gary Finch, who represents the Finger Lakes region, said it “never made sense to provide Amazon incentives to headquarter in the most prosperous city in the world.

Cuomo made his remarks in a Thursday radio interview on WAC. (President Donald Trump) wants to make sure he’s responsive to New York.

That’s with the Congress with that $2 trillion (stimulus) bill (the Senate) passed, disregarding that New York state is basically bankrupt. “And when a state is bankrupt either I have to raise taxes or slash education funding.

Cuomo noted he is days away from the April 1 budget deadline. “The funding they (senators) provided for the state was only for COVID-19-related expenses,” he said.

The Times-Union newspaper in Albany, New York, said the state is facing billions of dollars in revenue shortfall ahead of the budget deadline. It noted Cuomo is pushing for a reduced spending package that he would be able to adjust throughout the year.

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Andrew Cuomo revealed the coronavirus outbreak has left his state “basically bankrupt.” Indonesian navy divers searching the ocean floor on Tuesday recovered the flight data recorder from a Srivijaya Air jet.

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta is being reassigned, the network said Monday. Cuomo and de Blasio trumpeted Amazon's decision to build a $2.5 billion campus in the Queens borough of New York as a major coup.

The city was eager to lure the company and its thousands of high-paying tech jobs, offering billions in tax incentives and lighting the Empire State Building in Amazon orange. Then Amazon made it official: It chose the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens to build a .5 billion campus that could house 25,000 workers, in addition to new offices planned for northern Virginia.

Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Democrats who have been political adversaries for years, trumpeted the decision as a major coup after edging out more than 230 other proposals. But what they didn’t expect was the protests, the hostile public hearings and the disparaging tweets that would come in the next three months, eventually leading to Amazon ’s dramatic Valentine’s Day breakup with New York.

“Offering massive corporate welfare from scarce public resources to one of the wealthiest corporations in the world at a time of great need in our state is just wrong,” said New York State Sen. Michael Granaries and New York City Councilman Jimmy Van Kramer, Democrats who represent the Long Island City area, in a joint statement. The next day, CEO Jeff Bezos was on the cover of The New York Post in a cartoon-like illustration, hanging out of a helicopter, holding money bags in each hand, with cash billowing above the skyline.

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The New York Times editorial board, meanwhile, called the deal a “bad bargain” for the city: “We won’t know for 10 years whether the promised 25,000 jobs will materialize,” it said. Protesters stormed a NewYorkAmazon bookstore on the day after Thanksgiving and then went to a rally on the steps of a courthouse near the site of the new headquarters in the pouring rain.

The helipad kept coming up, too: Amazon, in its deal with the city, was promised it could build a spot to land a helicopter on or near the new offices. At the first public hearing in December, which turned into a hostile, three-hour interrogation of two Amazon executives by city lawmakers, the helipad was mentioned more than a dozen times.

The image of high-paid executives buzzing by a nearby low-income housing project became a symbol of corporate greed. At a second city council hearing in January, Amazon ’s vice president for public policy, Brian Houseman, subtly suggested that perhaps the company’s decision to come to New York could be reversed.

Cuomo had the power to block Granaries’ appointment, but he didn’t indicate whether he would take that step. On Wednesday, Cuomo brokered a meeting with four top Amazon executives and the leaders of three unions critical of the deal.

As you make your holiday list of whom you need to buy for, consider adding a charity or nonprofit to your budget. The Albany area is home to a wide range of charitable and nonprofit organizations that are working hard to end hunger, help those less fortunate, and bring joy to the community.

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Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and countless donations over the years, Concerned for the Hungry, Inc. has been a leading force in the fight against hunger in Schenectady County. This year, the organization and its community partners have been hosting drive-thru food pantries within its service area.

Founded in 1912, the Trinity Alliance provides key services to the local community and supports healthy families, adults, and children. From distributing meals to promoting education and workforce development, the agency works hard to improve our area.

The United Way improves lives and advances the common good in the Greater Capital Region by mobilizing the caring power of donors, volunteers, and community partners. AmazonS mile is the same as the regular Amazon shopping website with the added benefit of supporting a charitable organization.

The goal of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region is to draw on the compassion of the local community to deliver and support programs that improve the health and well-being of children and families. By donating today, you can help families stay close together and receive the care and resources they need.

AmazonS mile is the same as the regular Amazon shopping website with the added benefit of supporting a charitable organization. Based in Schenectady, Things of My Very Own is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that provides crisis intervention services and programs to children affected by extensive abuse or neglect.

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They serve children in the 11 counties of NewYork's Capital Region, and their goal is to keep kids together with non-abusive family members and out of the foster care system. Participate and donate toys, clothing, food, blankets, and other items to a child in need.

Under the direction of founder (and current Artistic Director) Darlene Myers, the Northeast Ballet Company has entertained audiences in the Capital Region since 1990. The Northeast Ballet Company is able to continue their mission and present shows each year thanks to the generous support from performing arts fans.

You can sponsor an OAE service dog team for just $250 and help provide funding for any necessary adoption fees and training tools needed for them to be successful. You will receive a certificate of appreciation and an email notification with a photo once the service dog team has graduated from the training program.

Their programs and services are free of charge and designed to improve health, reduce stress, and increase the sufferers' quality of life. This nonprofit's goal is to give kids the support and skills they will need on their journey to a brighter future.

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers that provides relief to victims of disaster and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. The Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth has launched a Holiday Angels program.

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Their initiatives include establishing programs linked to colleges for children beginning in third grade, and giving a second chance to those who are unemployed or underemployed. NASA offers services and support to help blind and visually impaired people achieve independence and growth.

The organization is responsive and flexible to each person's unique needs, and their services include training and placing legally blind adults in professional employment, and providing rehab services to seniors with age-related vision loss. Northern Rivers Family of Services is connected to parent company Northern Rivers and member agencies Northeast Parent & Child Society, Parsons Child & Family Center, and Unlimited Potential.

The goal of SALT is to build resilient and sustainable communities in the local area by promoting our amazing natural and cultural resources. Their community development projects throughout Scholars County are focused on improving the quality of life.

And, when disaster strikes, SALT is ready to serve as part of the County's emergency plan. The traditional red kettle is an integral part of the holiday season, with millions of dollars donated each year to aid needy families, seniors, and the homeless.

Donations to the Salvation Army also provide Christmas dinners, clothing, and toys for families. The Salvation Army's greatest need this year is non-perishable food items, and you can support them by making a monetary donation on their website.

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This is the regional office raising awareness and funds for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital located in Memphis, TN. Their mission is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.

Whether you can make a big or small donation this holiday season, your generous contribution will help improve someone else's life.

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