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Amazon Philadelphia Eagles All Or Nothing

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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Directors Terrell Riley, Chip Swain, Steve Trout Supporting actors Jeffrey Lure, Malcolm Jenkins, Carson Went Producers Keith Crossbow, Emily Later, Matt Kissinger, Nick Mascot, Jeff Cameron, more… Eric Reed, Maryann Truck, Kevin Lutz, Pat Keller, Ross Recover Season year 2020 Network Amazon Studios Content advisory Foul language, violence Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices. Directors Steve Trout, Chip Swain, Terrell Riley, Emily Later Supporting actors Zach Hertz, Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Graham Producers Maryann Truck, Ross Recover, Pat Keller, Keith Crossbow, Nick Mascot, more… Jeff Cameron, Matt Kissinger, Emily Later, Kevin Lutz, Eric Reed Season year 2020 Network Amazon Studios Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices.

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Directors Terrell Riley, Chip Swain, Steve Trout Supporting actors Jeffrey Lure, Malcolm Jenkins, Carson Went Producers Keith Crossbow, Emily Later, Matt Kissinger, Nick Mascot, Jeff Cameron, more… Eric Reed, Maryann Truck, Kevin Lutz, Pat Keller, Ross Recover Season year 2020 Network Amazon Studios Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices. The first episode debuts Feb. 7, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, five days after Super Bowl LIV.

It’s appealing to a broader audience of fans,” Smolensk told the Daily News at the time. Between the team battling injuries to reach the postseason, and the inner turmoil surrounding Orlando Sandwich and anonymous locker room leaks, the usually even-keel Eagles were extremely intriguing to even the average viewer.

Of course, characters make a show like this, and there are few NFL stars as boring as Carson Went once he steps off the field. The king of innocuous press conferences, Went's pregame speech during the trailer is just one platitude after another.

The series will be narrated by Jon Hamm, according to the NFL, which hopefully means Howie Rose man ends up dramatically painted as a Don Draper-type. No matter where and when this season ends for the Eagles, whether it’s early February on the Super Bowl LIV victory platform at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, or in late December in the bowels of MetLife Stadium in North Jersey, you’re going to be able to sit on your couch next spring or summer and see how it all unfolded.

The Eagles are the latest NFL subject of Amazon ’s All Or Nothing series, which is the younger brother of HBO’s Hard Knocks. The five-episode series runs concurrently with training camp.

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The show also has featured English Premier League soccer teams Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. The Eagles aren’t crazy about the idea of being on the all -access show.

For the second time in three years, they were given a schedule that included three straight road games. The other four were the 2018 Carolina Panthers, the 2017 Dallas Cowboys, the 2016 Los Angeles Rams, and the 2015 Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals went 13-3 and made it to the NFC championship game the year they were featured. The 2017 Cowboys finished 9-7 and sat home watching the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

The NFL feels strongly that all -access shows such as Hard Knocks and All Or Nothing are important in helping market its brand, and it’s right. That is why the NFL instituted a selection process for both shows in the event that it can’t get volunteers, which is almost always the case since the last thing coaches and general managers want is a camera crew following them 24/7.

Even media-friendly Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayo ck, who previously worked for the NFL Network, placed serious access restrictions on the NFL Films crew that chronicled the Raiders this summer for Hard Knocks. There are more than 30 producers, camera and sound people on-site during the production of Hard Knocks each summer.


And given the regular army of reporters and cameras that are out there every day, they blend in pretty easily. The Eagles coaches and players were told about being on All Or Nothing shortly after the league informed Smolensk and owner Jeffrey Lure.

He said head coach Doug Peterson has dealt with it the same way he deals with everything else. “He always puts a positive outlook on what we do, no matter what the challenges are for him.

When you’re losing back-to-back games by 45 points, like the Eagles did to Minnesota and Dallas, and when a player you recently got rid of goes on national TV and takes potshots at your team, and when you're All -Pro defensive tackle’s love life is making bigger news than his on-field play, it can be difficult to find anything positive about being the subject of a popular TV series. All 11 minutes was all over the place.

Teams typically have a fair measure of editorial control over all -access shows such as All Or Nothing and Hard Knocks. Plus, with just eight episodes to tell a story about an entire season, they can’t really spend a lot of air time on Sandwich’s comments on Malcolm Jenkins, or Cox’s shotgun-toting 911 call.

“Like I said, it’s an NFL Films and Amazon project,’’ Smolensk said. Sara.Ziegler (Sara Ziegler, sports editor): When the NFL took the field in September, we weren’t sure what to expect.

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Would the NFC East proceed to be the worst division of all time? Seventeen weeks later, the NFL’s 2020 regular season is in the books, and we know the answer to all of those questions.

The critics of tanking fear that fans will lose interest if the NFL becomes a league where tanking is normalized. But fans are smart, and gaining three spots in draft capital is worth more than the near-term pain of a meaningless loss.

Neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): And look, Nate Surfed, the *checks notes* sixth-round draft pick out of Indiana with 25 career attempts in four seasons before last night, deserved a chance to show what he had! Hurts played badly, but he should have been allowed to finish.

Joshua.thermometer: Hurts was 20th in KBR Week 17 and completed just 35 percent of his passes for 72 yards. If you’re going to lead a fourth-quarter comeback, you probably need to do it with a QB who can push the ball downfield successfully.

I take the “more tape on Surfed” as a knock against Hurts, actually. Neil: Although a guy named Surfed comically wreaking havoc on a New York team on NBC is meme-able.

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You call one Philly Special in a Super Bowl, and all of a sudden you think you can bring Nate Surfed in to win a game … Saline: My take on the fourth down is that it was bad situational football emblematic of Peterson’s problems this year.

At the time, three quarters through the game, a field goal is worth 10 percent of all points scored up to that point, and it ties the game. Joshua.thermometer: These splitting of the finest of hummingbird hairs over fourth-down decisions are silly when you’re the Eagles.

But if you’re a Giants fan, you hated it, which is why you know it’s a bad call. Going into the weekend, seven playoff spots were still up for grabs, with several teams controlling their own destiny.

Two of those teams in particular did not seem to want that awesome power: the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals. But my goodness did they look flat on Sunday in a 30-point loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Joshua.thermometer: The Bills started Josh Allen and left him in, passing 38 times against just 25 rushing attempts in a complete blowout. This is an argument for player attributes over college stats and also for team-building around a QB.

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But I don’t think Allen is just randomly good at the moment. 2 seed, which only goes poorly for them if Cleveland upsets Pittsburgh and Baltimore wins, which would mean they’d face the Ravens (another hot team) in Round 2.

Whether it will continue into next year is going to be a fiery debate over the off season. Neil: Allen has answered just about every question people had about him going back to his rookie year.

The improvement he’s shown over both of his two NFL off seasons is incredible. Sara.Ziegler: Maybe some other Viking fans feel differently, but I’ve really enjoyed watching Riggs find a home in Buffalo.

And the reasons for that refusal seem to always come down to “you don’t understand the problems it creates.” Saline: One argument against it is that there are not enough practice snaps to develop two Lbs.

Sara.Ziegler: Miami can look to Arizona as the example of drafting a top QB until one sticks. And yet, the Cardinals also came crashing down on Sunday to end what seemed to be a promising season.

carlson tucker commentator fox masslive

Kyle Murray missed most of the first half of the Cards’ loss to the Rams with an ankle injury. Neil: Kyle’s shoulder injury back in Week 11 was definitely the turning point of the season, though.

Neil: Yeah, but it was clear he was playing through it at the time. Murray isn’t the same player without his mobility, and his shoulder probably impacted it.

When Arizona had a chance to score and draw closer on Sunday, Cliff called a speed option, and Murray kept it and was tackled for a loss. If I were him, I’d pass off those duties and try to remake myself as a CEO coach.

Sara.Ziegler: Speaking of hope, you have to be happy for fans of the Cleveland Browns, who made the playoffs for the first time since 2002. Joshua.thermometer: I think having a second “prove it” game against the Steelers is perfect.

Neil: Cleveland lost despite leading 33-21 with under four minutes left, roof. Saline: You’re bringing up misspelling PTSD, Neil.

kristin chenoweth pennlive wicked broadway

But yes, a lot of history and revenge riding on that Browns-Steelers wild-card rematch. Saline: I think we got lucky with that matchup because neither of those teams is beating anyone else.

Saline: I can see the Bus struggling against Washington against that pass rush and presumably without Mike Evans (hyper extended knee). Henry has had the most sustained dominance in NFL history.

Sara.Ziegler: So obviously we have to wait a little to see the Chiefs and Packers play. Neil: I think the Saints are every bit as good as the Packers in the NFC.

They had the better SRS this season despite missing Drew Trees for a huge chunk of the year. In some ways, you could view the Bills’ last couple of games as tuneups for the boat race they hope to have vs. the Chiefs.

And that’s a matchup that, if Ma homes isn’t playing his absolute best, I can certainly see K.C. Saline: And Ma homes has to find it because he’s clearly struggling relative to his normal self.

fleck jerry pennlive

Neil: This Bills team has been unapologetically dominant and I love it. Saline: The Chiefs are like the basketball team with two great scorers.

After Hence and Hill, everyone else is a backup singer for the Chiefs. Sara.Ziegler: All right, let’s wrap this up by getting your predictions on the record as we head into the playoffs.

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