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Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. To help make your “add to cart” decisions easier, Amazon constantly updates its list of best-sellers, which are the most popular products that people are buying.

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Here are 25 of our favorite finds, from the best smart speaker to the insanely popular rapid egg cooker. The newest Dot, while still a tiny four inches in diameter, even has a majorly improved speaker for better sound quality.

Whip up your own snack-size brunch treat with this tiny waffle maker, which has thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon. We've tested it ourselves and like that it doesn't take up much counter space, is easy to clean thanks to its nonstick surface, and produces evenly-cooked, perfectly-browned waffles.

If you never want to experience that disgusting sludge of hair and god-knows-what-else, get a Mushroom, which sits right in your drain to catch debris before it goes down. The wide mouth can be used with all different types of lids and the stainless steel keeps your drink insulated without adding any funky flavors.

This set in particular is a favorite among Amazon shoppers because it comes with five different bands ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy and is made with thick rubber that doesn't tear or break easily. Take it from someone who's suffered from sleep issues and overwhelming anxiety her whole life: Weighted blankets are a game-changer.

Reviewers say it's surprisingly breathable and has helped even the worst insomniacs fall asleep quicker. She says that it goes on smoothly (just like regular deodorant), doesn't leave white streaks, and holds up well to her everyday life.

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Less than five inches wide, when our experts' tested it, they loved how versatile it is (you can find K-Cups in over 400 different flavors and varieties) and that you can use it to brew anything from a single cup to a full travel mug. There are some things worth paying a little more for, like Lululemon leggings, a good cup of coffee, and high-quality trash bags like these from SimpleHuman.

Thousands of people have given them five stars for being strong and durable (the thick plastic means they won't rip easily) and for having convenient drawstring handles that make taking out the trash that much easier. One of my biggest pet peeves about my MacBook is that I can't plug more than two things in at once (I have to choose between my charger, my mouse, and my phone cord).

Our experts put some most popular handheld flashlights to the test and found that the Anger Bolder was one of the best. Prevent that from happening with this waterproof meat thermometer, which has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

Users love that it's accurate, fast (you'll have a temperature reading within two seconds), and easy to clean off when you're done. Of all the vacuums out there, the EUF 11S is easily the best affordable one because it spotless up dirt and debris, yet is so quiet it won't even interrupt your conversations.

It made delicious eggs every time (from poached to hard-boiled) without leaving a mess and its fast speed makes it ideal for busy weekday mornings. People swear that even after just one use (you stick them on zits overnight), they noticed a significant difference and their skin was much clearer.

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According to reviewers, it gives you that frothy milk you crave and has a long battery life, so you can use it every morning. Luckily, there are plenty of popular home fitness products on Amazon that cover all the bases for a great at-home workout.

Think: A mini stepper with removable resistance bands, the fan-favorite Ab Roller with over 10,000 ratings, and an adjustable kettle bell handle that works with your favorite weight plates, just to name a few. While these products can make your workouts more challenging, many of them go easy on your wallet, so you don't have to spend a lot to upgrade your home gym.

If you're in search of engaging ways to make your at-home exercise routine better than ever, read on for Amazon's most popular and hype-worthy home fitness products. There are several weight pairs to choose from, and each set is made from soft, breathable, and moisture-absorbing materials with a strap you can adjust for the perfect fit.

The 1-inch cushion helps reduce pain in the knees, wrists, and elbows, and it comes with a breathable mesh bag for easy portability to and from the yoga studio. The wobble board has a large, nonslip surface, and you can use it for a variety of exercises that tone your arms, legs, and core muscles.

Especially beneficial to rock climbers, golfers, and tennis players, the heavy-duty exerciser features carbon steel springs and a thick foam stabilizer pad, and you can perform regular or reverse wrist curls, depending on how much resistance you want. This lightweight puzzle exercise mat features interlocking pieces that are easy to assemble and dissemble as needed, and the tiles are made from high-density foam that cushions and supports you during workouts.

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According to Amazon reviewers, this massager is incredibly helpful for pain relief and it feels great on sore fingers. It's easy to adjust the length of this affordable jump rope based on height, and it has ergonomic handles with soft memory foam grips that you can hold firmly during your cardio workout.

The deck illustrates 50 dumbbell exercises that target the upper, lower, and total body, and there are three volumes to work through (each sold separately) for plenty of variation. The highly rated Prosody Pilates ring is great for targeting the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and neck while improving strength and posture.

The lightweight ring has inner and outer padded grips for a variety of positions, and it comes with a carrying pouch and a handy chart that illustrates different exercises. The ab roller wheel is one of Amazon's bestsellers, and reviewers love its price, quality, and easy assembly.

The nonslip rubber wheel has sturdy steel handles covered in comfortable foam padding, so it's easy to roll through your crunch reps to tone and strengthen core muscles. Each durable rubber band has carabiners that clip onto the included soft grip handles or ankle strap, so you can do various exercises to target the legs, biceps, triceps, and chest.

Incorporate this yoga wheel into your practice to improve posture and strengthen the core, and increase flexibility by opening the lower back, shoulders, and hips. The sturdy rubber ball has a drippy textured finish and comes in weights ranging from 4 to 20 pounds, so you can choose the right one for your upper and lower body exercises.

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These popular knee stabilizer bands provide support and shock absorption to your joints during runs and other intense activities. With a full half inch of high-density foam, this extra-thick yoga mat cushions your hips, knees, elbows, and spine through every pose.

The extra-firm and durable roller won't give while you're stretching, nor will it lose its shape over time, and you can choose from four sizes to suit your routine. You can use the discs for various exercises, like sliding lunges, squats, push-ups to tone the entire body, and since they're lightweight and portable, they're easy to tote anywhere.

The scale is made from durable tempered glass with sensors and electrodes that deliver quick, precise measurements on an easy-to-read LCD. Linen spa Amazon.comic's what's on the inside that counts: Fill your favorite duvet cover with this quilted microfiber comforter, which is packed with a hypoallergenic down alternative.

Meghan Marble loves this style of bag, and apparently, so does everyone on Amazon. It doesn't hurt that this cross body bag comes in more than 40 colors, including blush, beige, champagne, and gray.

More and more people are buying glasses online, possibly due to the vast array of cheaper frames. Perfect for tired, strained eyes, these leopard frames protect your peepers from the blue screens on your computer and phone.

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Harebell Amazon.contain can be the worst enemy to your hair that you've spent all morning perfecting. If you haven't already heard of Alexa, she's a smart little assistant who can wake you up in the morning, set reminders, or tell you the weather and more.

She lives in many Amazon devices, but the Echo dot is popular for its compact profile and fabric design. Soft Amazon.Comsat goodbye to tension and product buildup with this silicone brush that helps distribute shampoo evenly and massage dry or oily scalps.

“My arms are way less tired in the shower, and my hair and scalp feel great and very well cleansed,” says one Amazon reviewer. These reusable screen cleaners can eliminate fingerprints and smudges in seconds, whether you're using it on your phone, MacBook, or tablet.

Ideal for travel or small spaces, this small but mighty steamer heats up in just 60 seconds and removes tough wrinkles in clothes, drapes and bedding. Essence cosmetics Amazon.this mascara promises a false lash-like effect, with dramatic volume and length.

“It’s not waterproof but I can wear it all day at work and then to a super high intensity workout class and it still looks great.” Vendor Amazon.coastal this trainer belt on while lifting not only for extra support, but also to allegedly help you burn belly fat.

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Follow this story between father and daughter, who work together to instill confidence and self-love. If you suffer from dry or damaged hair, this mask reconditions your ends and works to protect your hair from future damage without using sulfates, silicons, or parabens.

There's also your body fat, bone mass, metabolism, skeletal muscle, and more. Sync this smart scale to Apple Health, Google Fit, or the Fitbit App so you can have up-to-date information with you at all times.

Reviewers say these elastics are soft yet durable and won't snap, even for the thickest hair. Dog and cat owners, this one's for you: Your pet will love this glove because it comes with belly rubs.

You'll love it because it'll reduce the amount of pet hair on your sofa, rug, and well, entire house. Forget snaking the drain: This handy strainer collects any fallen hair strands, jewelry, or other small objects before they even have a chance to clog your sink.

The more seasoned, the better: This cast iron skillet from Lodge, which comes in a range of styles and sizes, comes pre-season with vegetable oil to make cooking a breeze. The Good Housekeeping Institute even says it's a great choice for cooking on high heat from searing burgers to baking corn bread.

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Berry Ave Amazon.comfort brooms that constantly tip over. This rack hanger keeps your brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools off the ground, thus saving you tons of floor space.

But we also think that the best way to care for yourself is to score a good deal without leaving your house. Waze Labs Amazon.comfort extra eyes around the house, this camera livestreams your outside area in 1080p quality.

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