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Amazon Hot Products

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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You won’t necessarily see those items that are creeping up through sales rankings gradually, but this tool is still incredibly useful for spotting the latest popular and trending products within your niche market. The good thing here is that Amazon keeps a record of all items that are purchased as gifts, and filters that information into a new list that you can then use to help your research.

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Another tool that Amazon provides to its buyers is the ability to create ‘ Wish Lists packed full of products that they’d really like to own. As with gifted items, Amazon keeps a record of those products that are the most wished for on the website for you to access in list form.

There are many reasons why an item may end up on the most wished for list, perhaps it’s a bit too expensive for them to purchase right now, perhaps a person just doesn’t want it right at this moment but would like it in the future … but this is information that can be extremely valuable to you as a seller, as you may be able to offer a similar product at a lower price, or source stock of an item that might not be available from another seller at the present time. Amanda O’Brien is a freelance content writer, producing premium quality, engaging and interesting words since 2005.

Last but not least, the way people search for Amazon bestsellers or best-selling products has changed too. Even though traditional product research methodologies may still work, discovering Amazon bestsellers and top-selling items for your e-commerce business is not easy.

In this context, you always need to test and experiment in order to discover the best products to sell online. In one of my most popular posts to date, I present my entrepreneurial journey and discuss the importance of experimenting to discover top items that can help you boost sales.

Now, let me provide an overview of our process to discover the best products to sell on Amazon. Let’s assume that you’ve done your product research and have come up with a big list of Amazon products that have potential.

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Author’s Note: These are actually some of the bestsellers on Amazon in the categories of “electronics, “toys and games” and “camera and photo.” For example, you may have to research the potential that one keyword has to become a sustainable Amazon FBA business.

The product description is lacking, especially when comparing it to other items in this article, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these really deliver. This is a perfect example of what a proper angle can do to a pretty boring product (if I told I sold pet glove-brushes, you probably wouldn’t be too excited).

It features all the elements you’d expect from great copy, and is loaded with social proof. They not only have almost 4,000 reviews, but also mention that it’s recommended by Chris Kimball from America’s Test Kitchen.

(He was sued by ATK though, so you want to be careful with who exactly you mention in your product listing.) This is a great example of a simple product that can be sourced from China with your own logo for a different twist.

Yoga mats are a perfect example of why you don’t need to check every single box of our recommended guidelines to find a successful product. Even so, it only weighs 2 pounds, is a passion product, and is sold for $16.99, meaning that the seller is probably making a ton of money.

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That’s New England Patriot player Rob Minkowski (on the left) with his older brother. When writing about the previous item, I started thinking about what products I only ever bought because I had a very specific problem related to one of my hobbies, and this is one of them.

By targeting the compression socks to women, the average yearly revenue nearly doubles. While the Amazon seal doesn’t guarantee the product is going to be listed at the top of the organic search, it does boost it a little.

Our pick has four times the amount of reviews and actually has the better product description. Copper Fit was able to differentiate themselves enough to create their own store and use Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Bret Fare as their spokesperson.

Notice how they didn’t stop at knee sleeves, but rather sell every kind of compression item. That’s the power of well-done market research: items that would go unnoticed to most people but are big enough to make good money.

Silicone BBQ gloves have exploded onto the scene over the past 5 years. If you have any hobbies, chances are you’ve wished “someone had done that before.” For example, if you’re an outdoorsy type of person and have a family, it might have crossed your mind that letting your kids roast marshmallows can be dangerous if you’re using small sticks, and they have to be close to the fire.


It would only be remotely useful to you whenever you wanted perfectly peeled, round apples (or any other fruit, but cooking is not my forte, so I won’t comment on that). That probably means that proportionally, their revenue numbers are lower than the plastic slicer (that one only came around by 2013), but just goes to show you how some products can sell for decades.

Even though they’re competing with a major department store on a “volume item,” they did a good job finding a different angle and creating a brand, which allows them to charge a premium: almost 50% more than the Amazon ’s product. The product was probably created in response to the cupcake craze from a few years back, but is still the best-seller today, half a decade and 2,500 reviews later.

It proves that if you can create the proper systems to survive after the initial wave shoots your business up, you can still reap the benefits for many years to come. This means the products I shared with you are only examples of those that could make for a good opportunity.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me give you some tips on product research that will help you learn how to find and sell items on Amazon. In fact, so many people followed that path that today, over 5 million sellers are on the marketplace.

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this post, when looking for Amazon products for your e-commerce business, you shouldn’t be looking for top-selling items. These products are great but probably aren’t good for your Amazon FBA business.

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It’s therefore only when they start selling that they discover their profit margins are lower than anticipated, and that competition in their niche is also much rougher. My advice here is this: do the math before starting your e-commerce business; and when you think you’ve finished, do it again.

In order for a new product to have commercial success, it has to fit the criteria of the framework I’ve shared with you. This is especially the case now that things on marketplaces like Amazon and search engines like Google have become more competitive.

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