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Friday, 26 February, 2021

Amazon For Xbox One

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
• 3 min read

Arrives: Monday, Jan 18 A few retailers have had a couple of inventory drops over the last few months, but it wasn't remotely enough to satisfy demand, especially when ordinary users have had to compete with bots and resellers.

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Andrew Hoyle/CNET Twitter remains a resource for many gamers to check on restock news, but even when the leads are credible, gamers rarely get more than a few minutes' warning and inventory sells out within minutes, like the unexpected bounty of Xbox Series X consoles that appeared at Amazon Warehouse a late last week. Even Twitter is quiet right now, with no notable inventory drops expected today or in the near future.

Even better: If you don't have a 4K TV and don't expect to get one anytime soon, try the Xbox Series S instead to save $100. GameS top had touted “very limited number of Xbox Series X and S console bundles for purchase” but those are currently sold out.

Here you'll find the latest specs, announced game titles, details on the new controller and more. But if you want to take that path, Stock is a reputable eBay-style site that will let you buy and sell new Xbox and PS5 models -- as long as you're willing to pay upwards of $650.

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