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Amazon For Jewelry

Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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Arrives: Tuesday, Jan 19 To sell jewelry products on Amazon, sellers must ensure that their products meet Amazon's Quality Assurance Standards, which help sellers deliver exceptional value to jewelry customers.



This page outlines the Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards that aid sellers to clearly and accurately describe all aspects of their products. Sellers are required to comply with applicable metal quality mark and stamp requirements in the US and Canada and must provide accurate metal content information in their product listings.

The following sections provide additional detail on metal content requirements. Sellers must comply with the following acceptable tolerance for gold fineness.

Certain findings on silver jewelry are exempt from assay considerations: pin stems, clasp safety tongues, etc. Bracelet and necklace snap tongues as part of the clasp are exempt from platinum assay.

Any metal stamping must be accurate, complete, and accompanied either by a trademark or by the name of the manufacturer. Metal Stamp Gold-plated sterling silver .925 Rhodium-plated gold 14k Note: If you are unclear about what Verbal is, the definition according to FTC regulations is: An industry product may be described or marked as “verbal” if it consists of a base of sterling silver coated or plated on all significant surfaces with gold, or gold alloy of not less than 10 karat fineness, that is of substantial thickness and a minimum thickness throughout equivalent to two and one half (2 ½) microns (or approximately 100/1,000,000ths of an inch) of fine gold.

A pure metal (such as Platinum, Surgical Steel, Sterling Silver, or 18 or higher karat Gold). You have competent and reliable scientific evidence that the product does not differ materially from pure metal in terms of its capacity to cause allergic reactions.

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Jewelry containing Tungsten, Stainless Steel, and Nickel plated Sterling Silver etc. Specifically, the Parent ASIN information, including the product title, must represent the core product and accurately describe all Child ASINs within the relationship.

Ring shanks must be thick enough to withstand a moderate amount of hand-applied pressure. All jewelry items should have a well-finished appearance, including functional parts (clasps, earring backs, etc.).

They should not be missing any removable components, such as earring backs, and should be fully and easily operational. This is due to online customers' expectations that the chain not be LESS than the length ordered.

To ensure measuring accuracy, we recommend using a flexible plastic ruler, such as those used as accessories with Franklin Planners and Filofax organizers. Eye-visible porosity or holes, when viewed from a “bent elbow” distance of 12 inches, in any amount or location is a critical defect.

Castings must be free of flashing and excess metal from air bubbles. There can be no open seams or joints, unfilled areas, cracks, or excessive solder.

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Ring heads must be straight and plumb when viewed from top or side profile. All items must be clean and dry with no fingerprints, oils, or polishing rouge remaining.

Stones must be set level and consistent with respect to design. The channel walls should be even and smooth, with a consistent seat cut for the girdle of the stones.

Pearl jewelry such as earrings, rings, brooches, clasps, etc. Epoxy or glue may be used for pearls, inlay, and some cabochon opaque stones such as onyx, jade, etc.

Ear wires and lever backs should operate smoothly and close securely. Regardless of metal type, any gemstones used must meet the standards listed under this section.

Amazon requires that all listings in the Jewelry category follow the international grading standards as instituted by the Via. Color ranges for gemstones cannot exceed two tones of saturation.

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Pearl creation method (that is, natural, cultured, or simulated/imitation) must be completely and fully disclosed on the product detail page. Further, if the absence of treatment is denoted, Amazon may require the seller to sign a document verifying the absence of treatment, and Amazon may require a Via lab report for a sample as proof.

Gemstones must be free of scratches, polishing lines, chips, cracks and abrasions. Faceting and depth must be appropriate to the diameter, shape, and type of material, and must be consistent throughout shipment.

Ensure that the creation method, for example, lab-created, simulated, imitation, or synthetic, immediately precedes the name of all non-natural gemstones, birthstones, pearls, and diamonds. Provide accurate minimum weight, cut, clarity, and number of stones attributes for all gemstone products.

Amazon prohibits sellers from selling products that include stones from any sources connected with civil conflict, criminal, or terrorist activities. Amazon requires that all listings in the Jewelry category follow the international grading standards as instituted by the Via.

Diamond color will be determined by direct comparison against Via Master Stones. For diamond weights expressed as fractions, carat weight tolerance is as follows: Carat weight Minimum required actual carat weight to round up 1/10 0.09 1/5 0.18 1/4 0.23 1/3 0.30 3/8 0.37 1/2 0.46 5/8 0.59 3/4 0.71 1 0.96 1 ¼ 1.22 1 ½ 1.45 1 ¾ 1.70 2 1.95 2 ½ 2.45 3 2.95 All diamonds must have a minimum of 17 polished symmetrical facets, and sellers may not list a product containing a stone described as a diamond that does not meet this standard.

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Naturals that affect the outline of the girdle or are assessed to be a setting risk. Scratches, chips, burned facets, or polish lines that are easily visible under 10X magnification.

Diamond Stud Earrings: Amazon requires a grading report if the total stated carat weight of the center stones in the pair of stud-earrings is greater than 1.0. Rings or Pendants: Amazon requires a grading report if the center stone's stated weight is ¾ carats or larger.

All grading reports must state that the carat weight, clarity, color and cut of the diamond meet or exceed the representation of your item on the Amazon website. All treatments and enhancements must be completely and fully disclosed on the grading report.

Amazon may also require Jewelry suppliers to work with certain designated laboratories for quality testing. Amazon may return any items it purchases for these purposes to the applicable sellers.

Amazon will contact sellers if their jewelry fails quality testing. Depending on the number of products that fail testing and the severity and type of failures, Amazon may take further actions, including (but not limited to) working with the seller on a remedial plan to address the underlying cause of failures, returning some or all inventory purchased from the seller at the seller's expense and suspending or terminating a seller's ability to sell in the Jewelry category or on Amazon.

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