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Amazon For Germany

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 14 min read

A trade union has called on workers at an Amazon warehouse in Germany to hold their second strike in a week in an effort to disrupt Black Friday order processing, Reuters reported. The strikes in Germany are separate from a larger, international protest by climate activists and Amazon warehouse workers that launched on Black Friday.

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An Amazon spokesperson said in a statement emailed to The Verge on Sunday that there was “no impact of these activities, the overwhelming majority of employees is doing their everyday job.” The spokesperson said “more than 16,000 employees and thousands of seasonal workers in Germany help us ensure we are able to support the changing needs of customers during this challenging time.” Amazon .DE is so popular internationally that it’s actually available in several languages including English, Dutch, Czech, Polish, and Turkish.

If you’re shopping from outside Germany, the good news is that Amazon Germany delivers internationally. Some are happier to ship further afield as well, particularly to countries like the US, Canada, and Australia, and New Zealand.

Taking a pair of Bose 35 noise-cancelling headphones as an example, you can expect the following express delivery times. Generally speaking, those sold by Amazon have the fastest delivery times.

Prime Delivery isn’t just available in Germany, it’s also available in other neighboring countries like The Netherlands and Belgium. Unlike Amazon Spain, Amazon Germany is actually available in English (read how to change it here).

This is great news for international shoppers that don’t speak German. Global provides a translated version of the Merchant site and converts prices to your currency.


The Merchant prepares your package and sends it to Global, who will ship it to your address. Global allows you to pay your order on Amazon .com with your PayPal account or with your own credit/debit card, exactly the same way you would on any online store in Germany.

Check this page to learn more about how these charges will be applied when paying for your order. This is due to the large experience and order volume that Global handles from the USA.

This is key to allow you to shop and get all the products you purchased on Amazon .com to Germany at a cheaper cost. Once you're done with your payment, the seller on Amazon .com will fulfill your order and send them to one of the Global numerous warehouses in the USA.

“We gain another strong cooperation partner who will further increase the international significance of research in the area of machine learning and computer vision in the Stuttgart and Tübingen region.” “Schölkopf is a leading expert in machine learning in Europe and co-inventor of computer-aided photography. He has also developed pioneering technologies through which computer causality can be learned. With causality, AI systems predict customer behavior in response to automated decisions, such as the order of the search results, to optimize the search experience,” said Amazon.

Amazon (s AMZN) has announced the launch of a new development center for cloud technologies in Germany, with locations in both Berlin and Dresden. According to a statement from the company, the 70-plus engineers that Amazon will hire will work on technologies for supporting various hypervisors, management tools and operating systems.


If Amazon's timeline is correct, Samsung should officially unveil the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite on Thursday this week at the latest. SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Star, a Lions gate company (NYSE: LGF. A, LGF. B), announced today the launch of Sharply on Amazon Prime Video Channels' line-up in the UK and Germany.

At launch, Amazon Prime members with the add-on subscription, Sharply, can enjoy brand new Star Originals, including “Vida” and “Sweet bitter.” “Vida” is executive produced by Tanya Sarah (“How to Get Away With Murder,” “Girls”) and focuses on two Mexican-American sisters played by Melissa Barrera (“Club de Cuervos”) and Michel Prada (“Fear The Walking Dead: Passage”), from the Eastside of Los Angeles who couldn't be more different or distanced from each other.

The Sharply channel will offer Prime members who have subscribed in the UK and Germany its growing selection of future Star Originals exclusively on the same day they launch in the US, as well as a range of Star series, such as “Houdini” and “Rosemary's Baby,” and hit movies like 3:10 to Yuma, Bend It Like Beckham and Dirty Dancing in the UK and American Psycho, Reservoir Dogs, and Dune in Germany. Prime members can sign up to a range of channels, including live sport on Eurosport Player, documentaries on Discovery, and popular TV series and movies on Sharply.

These channels are available in addition to the broad range of original and exclusive TV shows and movies they enjoy through Prime Video, like customer favorites from The Grand Tour, to The Man in the High Castle, American Gods and Sneaky Pete. Amazon France and Amazon Germany are now displaying an availability date of October 23 for the Apple TV, indicating that a new version of the device may be available soon after Apple's media event next week, reports German website fun .

A tweet from the well-connected MG Ziegler last month hinted at an incoming updated version of the hardware, with Apple also releasing a major update for the Apple TV in September that brought iTunes Radio and AirPlay from iCloud functionality. Apple is rumored to be working on a new version of the iPad Mini with a larger display size, and Japanese site Mac Tamara today shared some details on the upcoming tablet with information said to be sourced from the Chinese supply chain.


Apple has given conservative social network Parker 24 hours to implement a full moderation plan and remove objectionable content or face a permanent ban from the App Store, reports BuzzFeed News. In an email sent to Parker this morning, Apple said that it had received complaints that the app had been used by supporters of President Donald Trump to plan and coordinate the infiltration of the...

Apple is said to be planning to work with Hyundai to produce electric vehicles and develop batteries due to the “enormous costs” of the technology and the... Apple said there is “no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity,” and noted that Parker will remain unavailable on...

FBA is a logistics and fulfillment solution in which Amazon picks, packs and delivers your goods to the end customer. Learn more about our other services that will help you to grow your business at home and internationally.

Sell your products to millions of Amazon shoppers. Sell on all of Amazon ’s European Marketplaces & manage from a single seller account.

Amazon picks, packs and ships your goods to final customers and also handles returns. The first item I see in Amazon's Swansea warehouse is a package of dog diapers.

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The warehouse is 800,000 square feet, or, in what is Amazon's standard unit of measurement, the size of 11 football pitches (its Undermine warehouse, the UK's largest, is 14 football pitches). But then there are more than 100 m items on its UK website: if you can possibly imagine it, Amazon sells it.

If Santa had a track record in paying his temporary elves the minimum wage while pushing them to the limits of the EU working time directive, and sacking them if they take three sick breaks in any three-month period, this would be an apt comparison. Neither does Santa attempt to bully his competitors, as Mark Constantine, the founder of Lush cosmetics, who last week took Amazon to the high court, accuses it of doing.

He didn't, but it's not a coincidence that the heat is on the world's most successful online business. But then who hasn't absentmindedly clicked at something in an idle moment at work, or while watching telly in your pajamas, and, in what's a small miracle of modern life, received a familiar brown cardboard package dropping on to your doormat a day later.

“It mastered the chaos of storing tens of millions of products and figuring out how to get them to people, on time, without fail, and no one else has come even close.” “We didn't miss a single order,” our section manager tells us with proper pride.

My finger hovers over the “add to basket” option but, instead, I look at my Amazon history. I made my first purchase, Through Guide to Italy, in February 2000 and remember that I'd bought it for an article I wrote on booking a holiday on the internet.

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It's from the age before broadband (I itemize my phone bill for the day and it cost me £25.10), when Google was in its infancy. It's littered with the names of defunct websites (remember Sir Bob Geld of's, anyone?).

It's an industrialized process, on a truly massive scale, made possible by new technology. The place might look like it's been stocked at 2am by a drunk shelf-filler: a typical shelf might have a set of razor blades, a packet of condoms and a Little Pony DVD.

It's what makes it all the more unlikely that at the heart of the operation, shuffling items from stowing to picking to packing to shipping, are those flesh-shaped, not-always-reliable, prone-to-malfunctioning things we know as people. It's here, where actual people rub up against the business demands of one of the most sophisticated technology companies on the planet, that things get messy.

Amazon will be taking people on permanently after Christmas, we're told, and if you work hard, you can be one of them. Walking from one training session to another, I ask one of them how many permanent employees work in the warehouse, but he mishears me and answers another question entirely: “Well, obviously not everyone will be taken on.

After a 10½-hour shift, and about another hour's drive back, before picking up the children from his parents, they got home at 9pm. He has a special, colored lanyard that shows he's an Amazon “ambassador”, and another that says he's a first aider.

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He's worked at the warehouse for more than a year and over the course of the week I see him, speeding across the floor, going at least twice the rate I'm managing. He'd been a senior manager in the same firm for 32 years before he was made redundant and landed up here.

Permanent employees have blue ones, a better hourly rate, and after two years share options, and there is a subtle apartheid at work. “They dangle those blue badges in front of you,” says Bill Woodcock, an ex-employee at Amazon's fulfillment center in Hugely, Stafford shire.

It reminded me of stories about the great depression, where men would stand at the factory gate in the hope of being selected for a few days' labor. Walking off shift in a great wave of orange high-res vests, I chat to another man in his 60s.

He'd been working in the Unity mine, near Neath, he told me, until a month ago, the second time he'd been laid off in two years. When I put the question to Amazon, it responded: “A few seasonal associates have been with us for an extended period of time, and we are keen to retain those individuals in order that we can provide them with a permanent role when one becomes available.

We consider and review all personal circumstances in relation to any attendance issues, and we would not dismiss anyone for being ill. It's worth noting that agency workers are not Amazon employees.


The Panorama documentary majored on the miles that Adam walked, the blisters he suffered, the ridiculous targets, and the fact that you're monitored by an Orwellian handset every second of every shift. He started on the shop floor, sounds like Richard Burton, and is gently encouraging.

Don't buy his sodding book), and Paul Hollywood's Pies & Puds, and Rick Stein'India. They lie in great EU butter mountain-sized piles at the ends of the aisle.

Cook an egg on the telly and it's like being given a license to print money for all eternity. The vast majority of people working in the warehouse are white, Welsh, working class, but I train with a man who's not called Sammy, and who isn't an asylum seeker from Sudan, but another country, and I spend an afternoon explaining to him what the scanner means when it tells him to look for a Good Boy Luxury Dog Stocking or a Gastric Mind Band hypnosis CD.

It's the Barbie Doll girl's Christmas advent calendar, however, that nearly breaks me. I traipse back and forth to section F, where I slice open a box, take another Barbie advent calendar, unpick the box and put it on the recycling pile, put the calendar, which has been shipped from China, passed from the container port to a third-party distributor and from there to the Amazon warehouse, on to my trolley and pass it to the packers, where it will be repackaged in a different box and finally reach its ultimate destination: the joy in a small child's heart.

Because nothing captures the magic of Christmas more than a picture of a pneumatic blonde carrying multiple shopping bags. Amazon's arrival has coincided with the decline of the high street in nearby town Briton Ferry.

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Over time, like a hardened drug user, my Amazon habit has increased. In 2002, I ordered my first non-book item, a Life series 1 video; in 2005, my first non- Amazon product, a secondhand copy of a biography of Patricia High smith; and in 2008, I started doing the online equivalent of injecting intravenously, when I bought a TV on the site.

“We are the most customer-centric company on earth,” we're told in our induction briefing, shortly before it's explained that if we're late we'll get half a point, and after three of them we're out. I grew up in South Wales and saw first-hand how the 1980s recession slashed a brutal gash through everything, including my own extended family.

At the Neath working men's club down the road, one of the staff tells me that Amazon is “the employer of last resort”. And they say they're builders, hospitality managers, marketing graduates, IT technicians, carpenters, electricians.

It's not just the nice nice jobs that are becoming endangered, such as working in a bookshop, as Hugh Grant did in Notting Hill, or a record store, as the hero did in Nick Horny's High Fidelity, or the jobs that have gone at Borders and Woolworth's and Jess ops and HMV, it's pretty much everything else too. Next in line is everything: working in the shoe department at John Lewis, or behind the tills at Tesco, or doing their HR, or auditing their accounts, or building their websites, or writing their corporate magazines.

In the UK, I point out, everyone already delivers groceries: Tesco, Asia, Wait rose, Sainsbury's. Shops employ 47 people for every $10m in sales, according to research done by a company called ISR.

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Amazon has just bought an automated sorting system called Diva for $775m. Our lust for cheap, discounted goods delivered to our doors promptly and efficiently has a price.

It's taxes, of course, that pay for the roads on which Amazon's delivery trucks drive, and the schools in which its employees are educated, and the hospitals in which their babies are born and their arteries are patched up, and in which, one day, they may be nursed in their dying days. Brad Stone tells me that tax avoidance is built into the company's DNA.

From the very beginning it has been “constitutionally oriented to securing every possible advantage for its customers, setting the lowest possible prices, taking advantage of every known tax loophole or creating new ones”. It's something that Mark Constantine, the co-founder of Lush cosmetics, has spent time thinking about.

It's an ignorable fact of modern life that, as Stuart Roper of Manchester Business School tells me, “some of these big brands are more powerful than governments. They're multinational and the global financial situation allows them to ship money all over the world.

Just as Amazon has eroded 200 years' worth of workers' rights through its use of agencies and rendered a large swath of its workers powerless, so it has pulled off the same trick with corporate responsibility. MPs like to slag off Amazon and Starbucks and Google for not paying their taxes, but they've yet to actually create the legislation that would compel them to do so.

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Back in Swansea, on the last break of my last day, I sit and chat with Pete and Susan from the Rhonda and Sammy, the asylum seeker from Sudan. It will mean getting their children up by 4.30am and Pete is worried about finding a baby-sitter at three days' notice.

When I ask Sammy how the job compares with the one he had in Sudan, where he was a foreman in a factory, he thinks for a minute then shrugs: “It's the same.” Ian Brinkley, the director of the Work Foundation, calls Amazon's employment practices “old wine in new bottles”.

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