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Amazon For Business Login

David Lawrence
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
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Industry leaders are simplifying processes to enable faster decisions and transform the way employees work. Hear how intelligent technologies are automating purchasing to help organizations scale.

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Procure's annual CIO-CPO study shows how technology is up leveling procurement, and with it, the strategic role of the CPO. With AmazonBusiness, organizations of any size can simplify buying and drive toward their next stage of growth.

Let us analyze your organization’s spending data, identify where you could save time and money, and get you started on the path to strategic buying. Build your case for AmazonBusiness as an efficient and cost-cutting solution to optimize enterprise operations.

Intelligent technologies are automating data analysis to help organizations save time and money. Purchasing solutions like advanced analytics and spend management tools that work for you.

ROI estimates are based on a Forrester-developed composite organization built from data gathered from customer interviews to reflect the value that AmazonBusiness could have on an enterprise organization that uses Business Prime and spends $1.2M yearly on AmazonBusiness with 110 purchasers. Whether you're a new or existing Amazon seller, AmazonBusiness is a great way to reach business buyers, support your channel strategy, and scale your growth.

Tell your business's story and stand out with unique and targeted product promotions. Monitor sales, make adjustments, and plan your next step with powerful insights.

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Exclusive access to business -only pricing and quantity discounts with a FREE AmazonBusiness account. Exclusive access to business-only pricing and quantity discounts with a FREE AmazonBusiness account.

With discounts starting at just two units, join the 700,000 customers saving on over 60 million products from the most trusted brands. Learn more Track and monitor spending by your organization with dynamic charts and data tables.

Learn more Connect your teams, create purchasing groups to match your organizational structure, and share payment methods. Amazon .com, including our Conditions of Use, is the definitive version.

Save up to 28% by claiming GST input tax credit. Receive exclusive business deals and discounts on bulk purchases on lakhs of products.

Track and monitor spending by your organization with dynamic charts and data tables. AmazonBusiness combines the selection, convenience and value you expect from Amazon, with features that can help improve your operations.

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ROI estimates are based on a Forrester-developed composite organization built from data gathered from customer interviews to reflect the value that AmazonBusiness could have on an enterprise organisation that uses Business Prime and spends £1M yearly on AmazonBusiness with 110 buyers. Business Prime offers unlimited FREE Delivery on eligible items, plus advanced features that keep your organization in motion.

Whether you're a new or existing Amazon seller, AmazonBusiness is a great way to reach business buyers, support your channel strategy and scale your growth. Monitor sales, make adjustments and plan your next step with powerful insights.

AmazonS mile donations help Cascade Elementary PTA support our students’ growth by contributing to our general fund. This fund supports everything from library books to instrumental music, from teacher classroom grants to community-building events for our more than 500 students in grades 1-5.

Through our special programs, students participate in gardening, songwriting, and volunteer projects. Because of community support, our organization has saved over 60,000 lives in the past 10 years.

AmazonS mile has helped extend our community by offering customers the ability to support us simply by shopping at smile. For 75 years, Heifer International has equipped poor farming communities with the livestock and training they need to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.

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We couldn’t have helped more than 34 million families without the support of partners like AmazonS mile. This could include anything from conducting simple data validation and research to more subjective tasks like survey participation, content moderation, and more.

While technology continues to improve, there are still many things that human beings can do much more effectively than computers, such as moderating content, performing data reduplication, or research. Traditionally, tasks like this have been accomplished by hiring a large temporary workforce, which is time-consuming, expensive and difficult to scale, or have gone undone.

Turk offers developers access to a diverse, on-demand workforce through a flexible user interface or direct integration with a simple API. Organizations can harness the power of crowdsourcing via Turk for a range of use cases, such as micro work, human insights, and machine learning development.

It is easy to collect and annotate the massive amounts of data required for training machine learning (ML) models with Turk. An example is drawing bounding boxes to build high-quality datasets for computer vision models, where the task might be too ambiguous for a purely mechanical solution and too vast for even a large team of human experts.

Common examples include the moderation of web and social media content, categorization of products or images, and the collection of data from websites or other resources. Use your Amazon account to check out across tens of thousands of your favorite sites for safe online shopping.

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Save yourself from keeping track of yet another login and password by using your Amazon account. Pay quickly, using the information already stored in your Amazon account.

Amazon Pay’s checkout is secure and shoppers’ eligible purchases 2 are protected by our A-to-z Guarantee. Amazon Pay makes it simple for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to pay for products and services using the information already stored in their Amazon accounts.

We do not share your full credit card, debit card, or bank account number with sites or charitable organizations that accept Amazon Pay. The merchant only receives information that is required to complete and support your transaction.

For a partial list of websites that accept Amazon Pay, see logos above. If there are websites you frequently buy from and would like them to add Amazon Pay to their site, you can email them or call them with your suggestion.

To put things in perspective, this is more than Amazon ’s top three competitors combined, with eBay coming in at 6.6%, Apple at 3.9% and Walmart at 3.7%. Well, it all starts by understanding the platform’s key areas of opportunity, as well as acknowledging the issues and hurdles Amazon sellers face.

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Here, we will highlight some of Amazon ’s big wins from 2018, trends we are beginning to see form and things for sellers to watch out for moving forward. Dominating nearly half of the US e-commerce market, Amazon is one of the first places consumers turn to when searching for and comparing products.

“Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” This is Amazon ’s mission statement. As part of its mission to help customers “discover anything they might want to buy online,” it is crucial for Amazon to sell as many products as possible, across as many industries as possible.

In its quest to be all things to all people, Amazon has built an unbelievable catalog of more than 12 million products, books, media, wine, and services. On a platform that is endlessly seeking to increase its product offerings, the competitive climate is at an all-time high.

For some time, the home improvement industry was believed to be immune to the dreaded Amazon Effect.” However, a recent report by Jump shot shows that Amazon has more than 80% market share across the home improvement industry, and its growth continues to outpace everyone else in the category.

Home improvement sales are a clear indication that more and more shoppers are transitioning to e-commerce, even in industries previously thought to be dominated by brick-and-mortar stores. When Amazon Prime first launched in 2005, members paid $79 per year for free 2-day shipping on eligible purchases.

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Since then, the list of benefits for Amazon Prime members has grown tremendously, including perks like early access to lightning deals, free monthly e-books, unlimited video streaming and even discounts at brick-and-mortar Whole Foods stores. These are customers who not only shop on Amazon, but pay a monthly fee for exclusive benefits and faster shipping.

By selling on Amazon, sellers are able to tap into this network of dedicated shoppers who are committed to making a purchase from the platform. But if you approach this from a psychological perspective, you can see an even more interesting reason why this stat may have come to be.

With an annual fee of more than $100 a year, many Amazon Prime members feel the need to justify their subscription. Those who do so open themselves up to a pool of 95 million US shoppers who are much more ready to buy than the typical Amazon customer.

Amazon has been aware of this since its inception and always hung its hat on its ability to quickly get orders to its customers. As part of its effort to put shoppers first, Amazon continues to strive to create a better experience for its customers and get items to them even faster.

See how Amazon ’s continued efforts to improve shipping impact the ways in which shoppers and sellers do business on the platform. Enrolling in FBA is shown to both increase the conversion rate of your SKUs and boost your sales.

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From its large number of nationwide warehouses to its extensive network of logistics partners and delivery drivers, Amazon has gone to great lengths to give customers the fastest and most reliable online shipping. Amazon has nearly perfected efficient, cost-effective shipping, and FBA gives sellers the opportunity to capitalize on that.

It cuts down on the time and resources required by sellers to handle their own shipments and orders get to customers faster. Third-party sellers continue to flock to Amazon, a trend that has seen upward growth for several years and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, the percentage of third-party sellers on Amazon has been increasing steadily over the past 5 years, rising from 40% in 2013 to 53% at the end of 2018. No seller can overlook the incredible opportunity Amazon provides to reach a massive audience.

For this reason, many sellers feel that an Amazon presence is crucial to the growth and prosperity of their business. In fact, upwards of 80% of sellers look to other online platforms, including their own websites, to conduct e-commerce business.

Some of the most prosperous companies have established branded products that solve real problems or provide unique selling propositions that no one else has. Differentiate yourself from the competition by having something unique to offer, solving a problem, improving on an existing product, etc.

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Work with an Amazon consultant to optimize your listings’ titles, bullet points, descriptions, Enhanced Brand Content and keyword banks to achieve greater conversions while optimizing PPC campaigns. Be ready to spend real ad dollars to compete in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

Invest in sophisticated seller tools, software and partnerships, like those offered by BigCommerce, to help you appear in front of customers and drive more conversions. It takes a well-thought-out strategy, creative marketing and a real investment of time, energy and resources to compete.

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