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Amazon For Business

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 11 min read

Industry leaders are simplifying processes to enable faster decisions and transform the way employees work. Hear how intelligent technologies are automating purchasing to help organizations scale.

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Procure's annual CIO-CPO study shows how technology is up leveling procurement, and with it, the strategic role of the CPO. With AmazonBusiness, organizations of any size can simplify buying and drive toward their next stage of growth.

Let us analyze your organization’s spending data, identify where you could save time and money, and get you started on the path to strategic buying. Build your case for AmazonBusiness as an efficient and cost-cutting solution to optimize enterprise operations.

Intelligent technologies are automating data analysis to help organizations save time and money. Purchasing solutions like advanced analytics and spend management tools that work for you.

ROI estimates are based on a Forrester-developed composite organization built from data gathered from customer interviews to reflect the value that AmazonBusiness could have on an enterprise organization that uses Business Prime and spends $1.2M yearly on AmazonBusiness with 110 purchasers. Whether you're a new or existing Amazon seller, AmazonBusiness is a great way to reach business buyers, support your channel strategy, and scale your growth.

Tell your business's story and stand out with unique and targeted product promotions. Monitor sales, make adjustments, and plan your next step with powerful insights.

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Whether you want to start an e-commerce business or launch a new brand, there are millions of Amazon customers around the world waiting to discover your products. You've worked hard to build your audience and provide authentic content that resonates with them.

Now you can provide value while also earning referral fees for purchases your audience makes through your content. Earn referral fees by advertising products from Amazon on your blog or content site.

Earn referral fees by sharing a curated set of products with your social media followers. Whether you want to build a delivery business or be your own boss and have a flexible schedule, we have multiple options for you.

Build a package delivery business with access to Amazon's technology and logistics. Grow your business by offering ready to use software solutions to thousands of customers around the world.

Exclusive access to business -only pricing and quantity discounts with a FREE AmazonBusiness account. Exclusive access to business-only pricing and quantity discounts with a FREE AmazonBusiness account.

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With discounts starting at just two units, join the 700,000 customers saving on over 60 million products from the most trusted brands. Learn more Track and monitor spending by your organization with dynamic charts and data tables.

Learn more Connect your teams, create purchasing groups to match your organizational structure, and share payment methods. Amazon .com, including our Conditions of Use, is the definitive version.

There is a version of Amazon that's strictly for businesses -- big or small -- that want greater control over their procurement experience. It is free to join and includes a unique set of features that organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups would find useful, such as multi-user accounts and quantity discounts.

AmazonBusiness also offers a Business Prime membership that, for a yearly fee, unlocks additional benefits for subscribers -- similar to how regular Amazon users have Amazon Prime. If you're interested in giving your team access to the hundreds of millions of business products on Amazon's marketplace, but with the ability to set spending limits, monitor buying, access price discounts on multi-unit purchases, get pallet deliveries, and more, then you need to become a registered AmazonBusiness user.

The thing to remember about AmazonBusiness is it has features and benefits tailored to the needs of businesses. For instance, if you create a free account, you'll be able to browse a wide selection of items that may be available at special pricing if purchased in bulk.

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80% of the 100 largest enrollment education organizations 55 of the Fortune 100 companies More than half of the 100 biggest hospital systems More than 40% of the 100 most populous local governments Click the “Create a free Amazon Business account” button in the corner of the page.

Amazon will ask for your business information to help verify it, such as the address shown on your official documents. From IT to janitorial, from office to restaurant supplies, from healthcare to hospitality -- Amazon Business has it.

Business Prime : Subscribers get free same-day, one-day, or two-day shipping on eligible items, as well as some additional benefits (which we've detailed below). You must create a free account from here and then sign in to view AmazonBusiness and all the items available through it.

AmazonBusiness users get additional settings, such as business settings (add members, set up approval workflows, manage payment options, and enter tax exemption information), business analytics (see reports, invoices, and line-item details), and the ability to manage suppliers (search for and save your preferred suppliers). Once you sign in to your AmazonBusiness account, you'll see the familiar Amazon search bar at the top.

Try searching for something, like a printer, and you'll be able to filter your results on the left -- just like you would on regular Amazon. The AmazonBusiness checkout process is almost indistinguishable from the regular Amazon checkout process: Add an item to your cart, select whether it's a recurring delivery, and then go to your cart to confirm your shipping details, payment method, and place the order.

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If you'd like to review your order after you've placed it, go to your Account settings and either click the Orders' menu option directly or select Business analytics to get a detailed report on shipping, product, and seller information. Business Prime is a paid membership program for AmazonBusiness customers who want free shipping on more than 100 million items, plus other benefits.

It elevates your procurement experience, with the ability to analyze spending patterns and create policy rules that guide employees to approved products. Guided buying : Account administrators can mark certain suppliers and products as preferred, set specific product category restrictions, and more, to improve compliance and consolidate suppliers.

Business delivery : Choose free same-day, one-day, or two-day shipping on more than 100 million items. Business Prime members can also select consolidated shipping on eligible bulk orders at checkout.

Affiliate disclosure: Zone may earn a commission from some products featured on this page. Individual sellers don't pay fees to Amazon unless an item sells.

Once you start selling, you will receive your payment using Amazon Pay. To be paid, you must provide a bank account in a country supported by Amazon.

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It can take up to five business days from the settlement date for the money to appear in your bank account. If you don't need access to volume selling tools or Amazon Marketplace Web Service APIs, you may find that an Individual selling plan is more cost effective than paying a monthly subscription fee of $39.99 as a Professional seller.

Here's a simple cost-benefit analysis that might help in deciding whether to switch your selling plan. Note: Amazon requires a Federal Tax ID Number (TIN), even if you don’t sell many items and have sales under $20,000.

All Amazon sellers who exceed 50 transactions in a calendar year are required to provide taxpayer identification information, regardless of sales volume. If you are unable to sell products for a short period of time, you can set the status of your listings to Inactive.

When you are ready to sell again, change the status back to Active, and your listings will reappear shortly. To learn more, see Listing status for vacations, holidays, and other absences.

Instagram is the perfect social media platform fore Commerce companies, giving them the ability to showcase their products, connect with their target audience, and develop a broader presence that keeps their brand top-of-mind with their ideal customers Particularly brands that don’t operate a separate e-commerce property and rely on the platform for the majority of their sales.

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They too often focus on what they can do on Amazon, without putting enough thought into how they can grow their sales by promoting on outside channels and establishing brand credibility that differentiates their listings. There are so many social media platforms to choose from, and knowing where your demographic spends their time requires that you dig in and conduct some research.

Signs social media management is a new product that allows Amazon sellers the ability to target niche audience and then reach out to them using anti-fake follower technology. This allows brand to create a fan base of real followers that convert to sales in an environment that is normally notorious for bot traffic.

The best part is that their algorithms help boost you to the top of the explore page which repeatedly makes your posts viral. While Facebook and Twitter can be helpful and viable choices fore Commerce companies, Instagram typically stands heads and shoulders above the competition in terms of ROI produced.

First, it is important to understand that when you establish a presence on Instagram, you are securing your position on a rapidly growing platform. After their acquisition by Facebook in 2012, the company has seen sustained growth each year and grew to more than 1 billion users worldwide in 2018.

Their users are very engaged, with more than 500 million (of the 1 billion total) using the platform on a daily basis. Instagram's users also tend to be educated, with 42 percent of adults who graduated from college using the platform.

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Beyond the fact that Instagram’s demographics closely align with what any e-commerce business would like to have access to, the platform is also a great choice for Amazon sellers because they have gone out of their way to embrace e-commerce companies using their platform to generate sales. Instagram recognizes how helpful their platform can be for both buyers and sellers and have provided numerous features and tools to facilitate both crowds.

While it isn’t a requirement that you use Shopping on Instagram if you would like to promote your products on there, it certainly could be the right idea for some companies. These features represent an extension of the company’s first dabble in supporting e-commerce brands on the platform.

The button showed up right underneath Instagram posts and was immediately a big hit with e-commerce brands. Instagram also announced in September 2018 that they were launching a new “Shopping” section in the “Explore” category on their app.

What benefits does the platform bring to Amazon sellers to make it rise into such a powerful tool in the last ten years? By creating a reliable presence on the platform, you position your products to be the one that Instagram users are learning about.

Some benefits that Amazon sellers will find in maintaining and growing a presence on Instagram include: With more than one billion users, you can rest assured that a healthy portion of your audience uses the platform.

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They restrict the reach of organic business pages, pushing companies to pay for ads. Amazon is a big site and users can quickly lose interest in your product, stumble across a competitor, or forgot to come back and buy after initially discovering your item.

Your ability to engage in real-world conversations and develop connections with your ideal customers and industry influencers can put you in a position to reach a wide cross-section of your audience, driving targeted traffic to your Amazon product pages regularly. Even though Instagram is often the right choice of social platform for Amazon sellers, it can still be a tough nut to crack.

There are still best practices that must be followed to ensure that you are continually growing your presence and getting your posts in front of your intended audience. Creating regular Instagram stories can be a great way to stay top-of-mind with your customers and grow awareness over time.

Ultimately, the amount that your audience engages with your content affects how often your posts will show up in their feed. You want to give your audience every reason to continue interacting with the content that you share for as long as you possibly can.

One of the biggest mistakes that e-commerce brands continually make is treating their Instagram presence like it were a bullhorn. They constantly post new product images and updates but fail to consistently engage with their audience.

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The thing that they don’t understand is that engagement is the whole point of establishing a presence on Instagram or any social media property. While it’s alright to automate a portion of your overall presence on a platform, you have to make sure that you are genuinely engaging and developing connections with your customers, or else you are diminishing the returns you receive for your efforts.

Paying for mentions, posts, or stories from an influencer with an audience that closely matches your own can help to generate immediate sales and jumpstart awareness within your industry. Through consistent, high-quality updates, you’ll grow awareness within your industry, sell more products on Amazon, and develop close-knit connections with your customers and prospects.

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