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Amazon For Apple Watch

James Smith
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 8 min read

For converting or exporting your playlist(s) from one platform to another there are numerous online sites and software’s. Definitely not; hence, Muscovy has developed an application that allows you to keep your music items synchronized across various platforms.

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To do so, just go to the download page and choose Muscovy tool for your operating system. The entire application is designed to cater the needs of the users and is extremely easy to use.

Once you are logged in to your accounts, you can move back to your Apple Music section where you will see that all your playlist(s) have been automatically loaded. Once selected, click on the black transfer button on the right side of the respective row.

Click Normal Transfer, the conversion would begin and when the bar shows 100% you are done! Our application also enables you to download your playlist so that you can enjoy unlimited music offline.

As Jean Paul says, “Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life”. For the Apple Watch Series 6, though, Apple didn’t stop at just one bill-topping enhancement, but tried to push things even further with a host of new features.

There’s the faster Apple -made S6 chip inside, an always-on altimeter that always calculates your elevation and the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels. After more than a few sweaty workouts, many blood oxygen readings, full battery cycles and using it in a variety of situations we think that, while this isn’t the biggest update ever to the Apple Watch (and anyone with a Series 5 would struggle to see noticeable performance changes), the Series 6 keeps the Apple Watch ticking forward.

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In terms of design, Apple is ticking that of’ “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” box. In the aluminum finishes, the Series 6 now comes in blue and (PRODUCT)RED in addition to silver, space gray or gold.

The stainless steel options come in an updated polished gold or graphite finish. Like many, we were pretty jazzed about the new Solo Loop bands, but in testing we noticed a big thing: sizing can be wonky.

Truth be told, that band was a little loose, and while we might just have a small wrist, our best guess is that you might want to size one down to ensure a snug fit. No matter the color or type of band attached, your Apple Watch still has a Digital Crown, a microphone, and an action button on the right-hand side.

In our case, the 44 mm screen is stretched to the edges and the bezels are pretty much the same size as a standard watch. More precisely, it’s water-resistant up to 50-meters and if you do wear it swimming or in the shower (we won’t judge), just remember to eject the water with the handy software tool.

Over on the rear side, you’ll see an updated sensor array, the electrical hardware that powers heart rate, ECG (electrocardiogram) and blood oxygen monitoring on Series 6. But, most importantly, there are eight sapphire crystal windows with LED clusters and photodiodes that are used for measurements, namely blood oxygen.

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A continued surprise from Apple, allowing consumers to reuse some pieces from older Watch models, but definitely a welcome perk. As we wrote in our first impressions of the Series 6 and teased above, blood oxygen monitoring is the big feature of this Apple Watch.

From heart rate to electrocardiograms on your wrist and now the ability to take a blood oxygen reading. With the array of four infrared LEDs and the four photodiodes on the back of the Apple Watch, it broadcasts light through your wrist (passing the skin) and onto blood vessels that run through the arm.

We’ve been wearing the Apple Watch Series 6 for over a week and along the way have also been testing a ChoiceMMed Pulse Oximeter on our finger. As we wrote in our first impressions piece, the Apple Watch Series 6 was consistently within a digit (either above or below) of what the Pulse Oximeter was finding.

Same as with the Heart Rate sensor or when taking an ECG, the Apple Watch gives you insights into your body and health, but it doesn’t aim to diagnose. When taking a blood oxygen reading on the Apple Watch Series 6, you’ll want to keep your hand and arm still.

And when those arise, the Series 6 tries to troubleshoot by sharing recommended ways to get a proper result. In our week of testing, we only had three or four notable unsuccessful measurements, and most of the time it was due to our arm not being flat or it is moving.

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We’ve found that after about day three, it got closer to delivering the same core measurements as the Pulse sensor. The big Apple Watch feature that premiered on the Series 4 is here as well: the ability to take an ECG.

It still takes 30 seconds to measure and requires a finger to be resting on the Digital Crown. It uses sensors to monitor movement overnight, along with heart rate and blood oxygen readings, so the bigger battery here helps a lot.

The App Store on your wrist opens a lot sooner and it feels a little more seamless as a whole. You can easily browse and opt to download an app when at times in the past we were met with some slowdowns.

You can see your request processing quicker and appearing on-screen, plus she’s a lot swifter in delivering the correct response. We’re digging the Count Up display for its classic watch vibes and the ability to customize it with four complications in each corner.

Joseph Branson/Future via Getty Images If your Apple Watch dies too quickly, you can improve its battery life by shortening its “wake screen” time, unpairing and re-pairing your Watch, and other simple adjustments. You can also save battery life by turning off workout mode, disabling “Background App Refresh,” and turning on the “Reduce Motion” feature.

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Your Apple Watch should last up to 18 hours before it requires charging, but if that's not the case, here's seven ways to extend its battery. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

Compared to other smartwatches, the Apple Watch does not have a particularly robust battery life. An Apple Watch lasts for just 18 hours, which means you need to charge it daily.

Most people charge it overnight, which is why it doesn't have a built-in sleep tracking app like many other smartwatches and fitness bands. Here are the seven best ways to improve your Apple Watch battery and get more out of a single charge.

Setting the wake screen time to 70 seconds will quickly drain your battery. Dave Johnson/Business Insider When you raise your wrist to see your watch or tap the screen, it “wakes” the display for a short time.

If you have the wake time set to 70 seconds, that will drain the battery quickly. You can also turn off the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise feature, so your watch will only wake the display when you tap the screen or turn the Digital Crown.

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Dave Johnson/Business Insider If your battery is running out faster than it should, it's possible that there's something wrong with how your watch and phone are paired. Dave Johnson/Business Insider Sending a lot of notifications to your watch can also seriously drain your battery.

If that's the case, change the setting to “Custom,” and you will be able to fine-tune the notifications. You can save battery life by manually ending workouts.

Dave Johnson/Business Insider When the Apple Watch is in workout mode, it uses a little extra battery power, since it measures your heart rate continuously, instead of every few minutes. If your watch doesn't realize your workout has ended for a while, it can keep running at higher power longer than needed.

Dave Johnson/Business Insider When Background App Refresh is on, apps can exchange data between the iPhone and Apple Watch, so they always have current data when needed. This can affect battery life, of course, so you can turn the feature off entirely, or select specific apps.

On the Background App Fresh page, you can disable the feature entirely by swiping the button at the top of the screen to the left. You can turn on “Reduce Motion” in the “Accessibility” tab of your Watch app.

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