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Amazon Fastest Selling Items

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 9 min read

As we say goodbye to a year like no other, we’re looking back on the products that made the past 12 months a little brighter. This year saw readers shopping for items to make life more efficient, look better on video calls and, of course, treat themselves to some well-deserved self-care.

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Add some vintage vibes to the bedroom or office with this Apple Watch stand, which looks like a classic Mac monitor. Ago’s stand is made from scratch-free silicone and is also compatible with Apple Watch’s Nightstand Mode.

Energizer Max AA + AAA Batteries Combo Pack Power all your devices with this combo pack, which comes with 24 AA and 24 AAA batteries.

A life-changing product for anyone with long or thick hair, the Mushroom is an easy means to prevent annoying drain clogs. This stainless steel edition is simpler to clean than its rubber counterpart, so we think it’s worth the upgrade.

This is tiny, ultra-sharp blade makes everything from opening packages to scrapbooking easier and safer. Though labeled a neck massage pillow, this highly rated shiatsu massager can also be used on your back, feet and abdomen, and you can even attach it to a car headrest for relief on the go.

This versatile charger/stand from Anger lets you power up your phone in both portrait and landscape orientations, and even works through protective cases. This nifty gadget “splits, pits and slices,” making it easier than ever to get your avocado toast fix each morning.

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Whether you use it to sear steak, caramelize crème brûlée or make a festive flaming cocktail, this kitchen torch will add a gourmet finishing touch to meals. It also features a safety lock and adjustable flame, so even novice chefs can take their home cooking up a notch.

One likely reason AirPods were a bestseller in 2020: There aren’t any pesky cords to get tangled in the straps of your mask ! They’re also just great headphones, offering high-quality audio and up to five hours of listening on one charge.

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Combo Pack Give your skin a little pick-me-up after a hard year with this sheet mask combo pack, which includes 16 masks designed to brighten, clarify, moisturize and soothe.

You can add up to three additional users to your account, and My’s app will even alert you whenever you’ve accidentally left the garage open. Linen spa Amazon.comic's what's on the inside that counts: Fill your favorite duvet cover with this quilted microfiber comforter, which is packed with a hypoallergenic down alternative.

Meghan Marble loves this style of bag, and apparently, so does everyone on Amazon. It doesn't hurt that this cross body bag comes in more than 40 colors, including blush, beige, champagne, and gray.


More and more people are buying glasses online, possibly due to the vast array of cheaper frames. Perfect for tired, strained eyes, these leopard frames protect your peepers from the blue screens on your computer and phone.

Harebell Amazon.contain can be the worst enemy to your hair that you've spent all morning perfecting. If you haven't already heard of Alexa, she's a smart little assistant who can wake you up in the morning, set reminders, or tell you the weather and more.

She lives in many Amazon devices, but the Echo dot is popular for its compact profile and fabric design. Into this bi-fold leather wallet, which comes with 16 card slots and two zippered compartments.

Soft Amazon.Comsat goodbye to tension and product buildup with this silicone brush that helps distribute shampoo evenly and massage dry or oily scalps. “My arms are way less tired in the shower, and my hair and scalp feel great and very well cleansed,” says one Amazon reviewer.

These reusable screen cleaners can eliminate fingerprints and smudges in seconds, whether you're using it on your phone, MacBook, or tablet. AmazonBasics Amazon.comfort aluminum foil: These non-stick silicone baking mats cut down on cooking and baking clean-up time, plus you don't waste oil or greasing spray.

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Ideal for travel or small spaces, this small but mighty steamer heats up in just 60 seconds and removes tough wrinkles in clothes, drapes and bedding. Essence cosmetics Amazon.this mascara promises a false lash-like effect, with dramatic volume and length.

“It’s not waterproof but I can wear it all day at work and then to a super high intensity workout class and it still looks great.” Vendor Amazon.coastal this trainer belt on while lifting not only for extra support, but also to allegedly help you burn belly fat.

Follow this story between father and daughter, who work together to instill confidence and self-love. If you suffer from dry or damaged hair, this mask reconditions your ends and works to protect your hair from future damage without using sulfates, silicons, or parabens.

There's also your body fat, bone mass, metabolism, skeletal muscle, and more. Sync this smart scale to Apple Health, Google Fit, or the Fitbit App so you can have up-to-date information with you at all times.

Reviewers say these elastics are soft yet durable and won't snap, even for the thickest hair. Dog and cat owners, this one's for you: Your pet will love this glove because it comes with belly rubs.

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You'll love it because it'll reduce the amount of pet hair on your sofa, rug, and well, entire house. Forget snaking the drain: This handy strainer collects any fallen hair strands, jewelry, or other small objects before they even have a chance to clog your sink.

The more seasoned, the better: This cast iron skillet from Lodge, which comes in a range of styles and sizes, comes pre-season with vegetable oil to make cooking a breeze. The Good Housekeeping Institute even says it's a great choice for cooking on high heat from searing burgers to baking corn bread.

Berry Ave Amazon.comfort brooms that constantly tip over. This rack hanger keeps your brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools off the ground, thus saving you tons of floor space.

But we also think that the best way to care for yourself is to score a good deal without leaving your house. Waze Labs Amazon.comfort extra eyes around the house, this camera livestreams your outside area in 1080p quality.

Players match popular memes’ photos with over-the-top caption cards to create the funniest combos. Alarms jolt you out of bed, but this unique light gradually wakes you up by simulating the sunrise.


Some people believe that Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions that purify the air. The lamps are made of real pink salt to create a relaxing glow that sets the mood.

Plus, using the serum in combination with your daily sunscreen helps you block more of the sun’s rays. Protect your mattress from spills, dust, allergens and bacteria with this thin cotton terry cover.

Many fans of this product make a face mask by mixing the clay powder and apple cider vinegar. These Crayola color tablets make bath time so much more fun (even for adults!).

Kids love experimenting with the different color combinations, while adults use them to relax in spa-like, crystal-blue water. Just push the button to choose your cube size and you’ll have ice ready in six minutes.

The sleek stainless steel finish looks great in your kitchen and there’s even a clear viewing window that lets you check in on your ice. The picture is clear (it even has night vision) and the camera can rotate to give you a 360-degree view of the room.

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This ingenious grip sticks to the back of your phone to help you hold it while you text or surf the Web. They’re perfect for city dwellers, frequent travelers and people who wear headphones in a loud workplace.

The backpack also folds up into its own pocket for storage, so you can take it on a trip and avoid those extra baggage fees. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

It's always great to have options, but the sheer number of products can also make narrowing down your choices pretty tough. To make shopping a bit easier, we selected the best- selling products on Amazon.

How We Tested bought seven of our readers’ favorite best- selling Amazon products and our reviewers tested them for more than 100 hours. Quality There’s nothing worse than a great product that breaks shortly after you purchase it, or one that you can tell is shoddily made right out of the box.

So evaluating products for quality before you buy saves a significant amount of time and headaches. Customer feedback While not everyone will agree on everything, hearing how other people who purchased the products liked them and what their experiences with them have been is invaluable.

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