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Amazon Do Not Disturb Sign

Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
• 7 min read

When you’re watching a movie, in a meeting, or just feeling mellow, you may not want your phone to interrupt whatever you’re doing. Since iOS 12, it’s been easy to make an exception for a group of contacts on the DoNotDisturb settings screens.

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Open Settings Tap Do Not Disturb Toggle Do Not Disturb to “on” In the Phone section of the screen, tap “Allow Calls From” You can choose to allow calls from Everyone, No One, or the contacts you’ve selected as Favorites. If there’s an individual contact who you want to hear from, but they are not on your Favorites list, you can still make an exception to DoNotDisturb on a person-by-person basis.

Open Contacts Select the entry for the person you want to bypass DND Tap “Edit” in the card’s upper right corner Scroll down to “Ringtone” and tap it At the top of the next card, toggle Emergency Bypass to “on.” That allows calls from that person to bypass Do Not Disturb. Go back to the person’s Contact card, tap “Edit,” and tap “Text Tone.” Toggle Emergency Bypass to “on.” There’s one way that Text Tone differs from Ringtone: where calls require some kind of sound to be selected, you can turn off text alarm sounds completely, relying on just vibrations to notify you.

Calls or messages from important individuals (even if they’re not marked as Favorites) will now get through to you, whether your DoNotDisturb is active or not. These donor influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links.

The Amazon Echo line of products has a feature unique to the digital speakers: You can make or receive a call without anyone having to actually pick up. It's called Drop In and it's supported on the Echo, the Dot, and the Show.

The person making the call doesn't need an Echo device, but to receive a Drop In, the person on the receiving end will need one. It's a feature that gives someone the ability to call you without you needing to answer.

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It's literally like dropping in on someone, except even more invasive because it's like someone just walked through your front door without even knocking. It's also very useful for people taking care of an elderly family member.

Make sure the person you want to use this feature also follows the steps below. Tap the contact name of the person you want to give permission to Drop In on you.

Everyone you give permission to Drop In on you will be able to connect to your Echo automatically, without you needing to respond. When someone gives you permission to Drop In, you'll get a notification in the Alexa app and on your Echo device.

You can then start a Drop In with that person, either from the Alexa app or from your Echo device. The person receiving the call will hear it through the Echo device on the other end.

Remember, the other person isn't necessarily expecting you, so be sure to say, “Hello” to get the conversation started. Though a Drop In happens automatically, you can stop the call from coming in if you don't want to talk to the other person at the moment.

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Say, “Alexa, hang up” to stop the call from coming in. On an Echo Show, you'll hear the chime and your screen will be covered in a blurred fog for a few seconds.

Say, “Alexa, hang up” to stop the video chat before it comes through. You can schedule DoNotDisturb with Drop In for specific times, and turn it on and off temporarily.

You'll have to follow the steps below for each device you have enabled Drop In on. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Toggle the Do Not Disturb switch on to temporarily enable or disable it. You may have thought it was a great idea to give Uncle Jim permission to Drop In on you at first, but now you think he's just having too much fun with his power.

Ocean-friendly Not only is the Lightproof Wake a nice-looking iPhone case, but it's made from over 85% ocean-based recycled plastic. These items will help you secure your home by simply using your voice.

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If you are in situation where you need to keep your phone silent, but you don’t want to mute it completely DoNotdisturb mode is right solution for you. Watch this video and learn how to open and enable DoNotDisturb mode.

So to take full advantage of your Pixel's feature set, you should learn how to use Flip to Shhh. In case you don't know, Flip to Shhh will automatically put your Pixel into donotdisturb mode when you lay the phone face down on a flat surface.

Obviously, this is intended for use with a case that prevents the front glass from touching anything, which could be why Google decided to leave the setting turned off by default. From now on, when you put your phone face down, you'll feel a small buzz signifying that donotdisturb mode has been turned on.

No calls or texts or notifications will ring through with the exceptions to any specific rules you created in Settings –> Sound –> DoNotDisturb. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for all your devices with a one-time purchase from the new Gadget Hacks Shop, and watch Hulu or Netflix without regional restrictions, increase security when browsing on public networks, and more.

Let's follow our steps in order to mute sounds in a specific situation. You can use schedule time in order to set up DND automatically.

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Let's set up donotdisturb rules on Samsung Galaxy S20. A new DoNotDisturb feature in IOS 6 is failing to disable itself for some today, leaving calls and notifications muted for longer than usual.

Hopefully this is only a minor temporary glitch for the first day of 2013, but if you're wondering why your iOS device is unusually quiet today then check the DoNotDisturb option to ensure you receive all those Happy New Year messages. Ditching Cherry MX switches for Hyper Reds, this 60 percent keyboard is one hot looking creation.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Snapchat's notifications from a particular person or group can be annoying at times.

If that’s the case, then in this guide we’ll let you know how you can enable DoNotDisturb for specific friends or groups on Snapchat. Note: There’s no time limit for Mute Story or DoNotDisturb feature on Snapchat like with WhatsApp.

When you enable donotdisturb feature or put message notifications from someone on silent, then it means you don’t want to get notifications for the messages from that person. However, you would still be getting the messages from that person in your inbox, it’s just that you’ll not get irritated because of the constant notifications.

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For putting someone’s message notifications on silent, follow the steps given below. And the steps can be followed on both Android and iOS platforms.

This will activate DoNotDisturb and you won’t receive notifications from that person or group. If you want to avoid stories of a particular friend at all cost, then again you have to follow the steps which we’ve already discussed above.

By doing this, you’ll no longer see their stories unless you manually decide to tap on them. Along with that, you also learned how to mute stories of those irritating friends.

These two features can be really important if you don’t want to be frustrated with the app because of a few irritating friends. And as the DoNotDisturb feature has been renamed and relocated somewhere else, it’s pretty common for someone to not be able to find the option.

But we really hope that this article was successful in clearing up that confusion. Hem ant Mendicant is a passionate blogger and keeps a keen eye on useful apps and gadgets.

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