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Amazon Do No Harm

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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Painfully honest about the mistakes that can 'wreck' a brain, exquisitely attuned to the tense and transient bond between doctor and patient, and hilariously impatient of hospital management, Marsh draws us deep into medicine's most difficult art and lifts our spirits. It's a superb achievement, Ian Mean An enthralling read.

'An astonishing glimpse into this stressful career' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY Henry Marsh was one of Britain's foremost brain surgeons, and worked as Consultant Neurosurgeon at Atkinson Morley's/St George's Hospital in London for thirty years.

Since retiring from full-time work in the NHS, he has continued to operate and lecture abroad, in Nepal, Albania and Ukraine. He has been the subject of two award-winning documentary films, YOUR LIFE IN THEIR HANDS and THE ENGLISH SURGEON.

Windows Phone Day 1 reviews the findings from the Varieties of Contemplative Experience project, as well as related adverse effects data on mindfulness-based interventions.


Day 2 focuses more on concrete steps to ensure safety for your program, and includes four modules: informed consent, screening, monitoring, and mechanism, which are described below. This module is accompanied by access to the Meditation Safety Toolbox, which includes official curricula and implementation guidelines, informed consent, screening instruments from the Mass, Oxford and Bangor mindfulness centers, as well as a folder of research and other resources.

Examples of informed consent documents, and advertisements from mindfulness programs are provided. Expecting the students to spontaneously report difficulties to the facilitator, a process known as “passive monitoring” is not adequate.

This module focuses on the meditation-related difficulties that are most likely to occur with MBI interventions, such as anxiety/panic, traumatic re-experiencing and dissociation. Her clinical neuroscience research investigates the effects of contemplative practices on the brain and body in the treatment of mood disorders, trauma and other emotional disturbances.

She is especially interested in practice-specific effects, and moderators of treatment outcome, or in other words “Which practices are best or worst suited for which types of people or conditions and why”. As a clinician, she has been trained as an instructor in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBR) and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBC), and has taught mindfulness to both clinical and non-clinical populations.

Jared Linda is Visiting Assistant Professor in Brown University’s Department of Religious Studies and director of the humanities research track in the Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Lab. Since 2014, Dr. Linda has been directing the data collection, qualitative analysis, and writing of papers for the Varieties of Contemplative Experience research project.


“But I’ll be honest, I never could have imagined anything like this.” An investigation had been ongoing for months, but the news broke on Thursday. Six men were charged with plotting to kidnap Governor Whitmer before the November 3 elections and are in custody.

In addition, seven others who are part of a militia group called The Wolverine Watchmen were charged with terrorism, including attempting to attack the state Capitol, plotting to kidnap a sitting governor, and starting a civil war. Two weeks before that, demonstrators, some of whom were armed, entered the capitol building and demanded to go into the legislative chambers, which were closed because of social distancing.

They also demanded an end to the state of emergency and were angry that gyms in Michigan were closed in mid-March because of the threat of the spread of COVID-19. This is a stressful time for people around the globe, including the United States and here in Iowa.

And, at the same time as we affirm our freedom of speech, we have an obligation to speak out against harmful words and hate crimes. We have a few weeks leading up to our presidential election, and threats of partisan violence are real.

“‘We’re seeing more and more citizens expressing openness to violence as more and more partisan leaders engage in the kinds of dehumanizing rhetoric that paves the way for taking violent action,’ Lee Truman, one of the political scientists who oversaw the YouGov poll, told me.” In response to last Thursday’s arrests, Governor Whitmer said, “So let me say this loud and clear: Hatred, bigotry and violence have no place in the great state of Michigan.


If you break the law or conspire to commit heinous acts of violence against anyone, we will find you. I sense the polarization and tension increasing as Election Day draws near and would like to offer a few observations.

We must make it clear that, as disciples of Jesus Christ, we believe that violence is never an acceptable path to resolving differences, and we unequivocally denounce hate groups. Gary and I will likely participate in early voting, and I will make sure to thank all those who are working to provide safe and secure locations.

(United Methodist baptism, confirmation, and membership vow) Will you commit to dialogue about important issues while respecting one another? These are famous lines of high ethical and moral value which all physicians of allopathic system are expected to respect and adhere to.

Regardless of the system of medicine, all health workers’ final objective must be to care for the patients; for their betterment. The earliest health systems were based on magic, witchcraft, superstitious beliefs, etc.

Hence, the place for Ayurveda medicine is well established and never a doubt in Sri Lankan society. With the initial successful containment of the epidemic, Sri Lanka is now suddenly confronted with a painful ground reality.


Under this context, Minister Hanna Jayasumana’s attempt to introduce Sudarshana syrup to our system is justified and appropriate. The assault is beyond Minister Jayasumana and in fact the traditional Ayurveda system which has been trusted by many.

I am certain that all pharmacologists are well aware of the ancient association between numerous allopathic drugs and herbs. A classic example would be the usage of Cinchona bark for fever for many centuries.

At this critical juncture, one has to be careful about our heeds and deeds; as such actions can undermine and discourage those who are tirelessly fighting hard the battle against COVID-19–19. If such deeds are responsible for breakdown of the system, the adverse consequences are not only to them but to all of us in the country, regardless of political parties, wealth, social class, ethnicities, etc.

Therefore, all must be very genuine in their behavior as the infection does not differentiate, based on the type of people in the country. The need of the hour is to stop all unfair attempts, which could hinder the preventive measures, and unite as one force to face this unprecedented challenge.

Therefore, all precautions ought to be taken in order to minimize their exposure to the virus, as depletion in such human resources is not an option for our country. Under this circumstance, fresh thinking is essential with regard to the level of contact tracing as large numbers are reported on daily basis.

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Louis Pasteur, in 1885, decided on his own, in good faith, and vaccinated a boy who was bitten severely by a rabid dog. I fully agree that before carrying out research and giving drugs, present standard protocols, e.g. ethical clearance, etc., should be adhered to.

Only a few weeks ago in the Island newspaper, a doctor wrote a very pertinent piece on the choices we are left with in the face of the current pandemic. Open up the country for economic reasons and risk health repercussions or stay closed and healthy.

She gave very prudent advice to look for safe economic activities that can flourish within a closed country, at least for the time being. Sri Lanka which had strict lockdown in the 1st wave of the pandemic, had almost negligible cases and deaths.

But then the economy was biting and Sri Lanka needed to listen to the rumblings of the businesses. One can bet on the hard-nosed business people to break or flout the health guidelines at their whim.

Brandi cluster is a prime example of bending and bypassing health regulations. It cost Sri Lanka a second wave and a heavy price in human lives.

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Hard Nosed businessmen have already flouted the health rules within days, and burst the health bubble supposed to be maintained around tourists, Why this total disregard to the risk factors to the rest of the country? Sri Lanka will also have to come to total lockdowns soon, if the current trend in the virus spread continues, without being arrested.

During the first wave, only the president was in charge, and he was happy to let the health authorities do their work, unhindered by himself or anybody else. The forces, police and the health sector was more than equipped to handle it and control it effectively.

Then came elections, and the parliament, and the usual cacophony of noise, opinions, protests, oppositions, etc which the president is compelled to listen to. As the good doctor who wrote to the Island advised, we need to look local for business.

A country should not be put at risk for the fancy of one businessman, who wants to showcase his colors or rescue his tarnished reputation. Because even if we pursue an economy driven agenda now, the virus will bring us to our knees soon, and force us to total lockdown, like it is doing in countries which dared to carry on business as usual with minimum restrictions.

The UK, USA are prime examples of business driven health policies, now paying the price with the lives of their citizens. To go ahead and open up the country, calculating and knowing fully well the human cost of it, and accepting it.

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Prior to the Indian Foreign Minister’s visit, laying the groundwork as it were, was the visit, in end November, last year, of one of the highest officials in India’s foreign policy establishment, National Security Advisor With Oval. The preceding few months had also witnessed several other high-level international visitors to Sri Lanka, with the visit in early November of US Foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo, and the month before, in October, of the Chinese former Foreign Minister and current Politburo member Yang Litchi.

However, geography, history and, most importantly, modern-day economic reality, would mean that India, our closest and giant neighbor is the ‘primus inter pares’ or first among equals of international relationships, which Sri Lanka needs to nurture and protect. It was one of Sri Lanka’s most successful Foreign Ministers, the late Lakshmi Kadirgamar, who used to repeatedly say that Sri Lanka’s relations with India formed the strategic base of our external affairs policies.

Entrusted with nurturing and further developing this relationship on the Indian side is Foreign Minister, Dr. Subramanyam Jaishanker, currently a Raja Saga, or upper house, member of the ruling BJP, from Gujarat. Dr. Shankar is a very senior foreign affairs professional, a career diplomat, who is an expert in nuclear issues, and a former Indian Ambassador to both China and the USA.

Interestingly, he also served as First Secretary in the Indian High Commission, in Colombo, in the late 1980s, just after the Indo-Lanka Accord was signed. As the world, and Sri Lanka, copes with the Covid-19 pandemic, and sufficient access to low-cost vaccines has become the new and most pressing Covid-19 management issue, it was indeed welcome that Dr. Shankar, in articulating PM Mode’s neighbor first foreign policy, pledged preferential and early provision of the Indian vaccine to Sri Lanka, no sooner India, which has a serious Covid-19 situation, in its densely populated urban centers, begins to export the vaccine to other countries.

The visit by the Foreign Minister, brought to the fore the key priority issues which currently under girds India’s interests and engagements in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, much more than India, stands to benefit from closer economic ties between the two neighbors, ideally establishing ourselves as a services, logistics and knowledge hub for the giant economy next door, as well as a low-cost entry point to the subcontinent’s economy.

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It is clearly an irritant to India, that with fast track and increasing Government approval for China to pile on debt laden costly infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka of questionable utility value, such as the Port City and the Lotus Tower, that Indian investments on more mutually beneficial commercial terms, such as the Colombo Port’s East Terminal development, are stalled by government allied trade unions and political forces. India has quietly but carefully been a major grant donor to Sri Lanka, especially in the task of postwar reconstruction.

The Sri Lankan Government railways beyond Martha, as well as rolling stock, the Pally Airport development and indeed the 50,000 houses program in the Central, Northern and Eastern Provinces, together with ADB funded road reconstruction, have actually formed the core of postwar rebuilding in the former war affected provinces of Sri Lanka. It is in this context, that the most political articulation of policy made by Dr. Shankar was with regard to Sri Lanka’s postwar reconciliation, the devolution of power and the values of a pluralist society.

It is, indeed, noteworthy that India, despite being a melting pot of ethnicities, languages, social groups and subcultures, have developed an overarching Indian national identity with a strong Indian civic identity. In a joint press conference, with his counterpart, Minister Dinesh Gunawardena, Dr. Shankar, did not leave any room for doubt, with his forthright statements.

He articulated clearly if rather obviously that it was in Sri Lanka’s own interests to pursue reconciliation and that power-sharing, through the Provincial Councils, introduced through the 13th Amendment, consequent to the Indo-Lanka Accord, provided the time, tested, the best basis for further development of a governance structure which accommodates the diversity of Sri Lankan society. On the Sri Lankan side, the Indian Foreign Minister, met and invited to Delhi, Opposition Leader Saith Armadas and had a bilateral meeting with a delegation from the TNA.

Foreign Minister Gunawardena, who found himself agreeing with the sentiments expressed by his Indian counterpart, now faces the challenge of ensuring that the Administration, of which he is a part of, matches its deeds with its words. As I wrote in that letter, I assumed that the UK garbage was no more and had gone back to where it came from, the lot of it, numbering more than two hundred something containers.

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Our country is littered with some unscrupulous elements who would do anything to fatten their bank accounts and gather other forms of wealth. Anything means profit, even importing foreign garbage, containing health-hazardous matter such as hospital waste.

That alone says of the concern the relevant authorities, boards, bodies, ministries and on and on with legions of staff on them, have for the well-being of the country. In short, they or many amongst them, I am sure wouldn’t give two hoots, even if those remaining containers are going to sit wherever they are till the cows come home.

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