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Amazon Can You Split Payments

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 8 min read

With another holiday season over and January upon us, if you ’re anything like us you ’ve no doubt accumulated a collection of prepaid gift cards from friends and family who were either too reluctant (or lazy) to brave the maelstrom of Christmas shopping or just genuinely had no idea what to buy you. Of course, unless you ’re blessed with a plethora of well-to-do friends and relatives, there’s a good chance that what you ’ve now got in your hands is a collection of $10, $25, and $50 prepaid gift cards.

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The email should have both a gift card code and a “Redeem now” button that will take you right back to Amazon to load it into your account. Further, this can also be a handy way to use up older gift cards that you ’ve got lying around with smaller amounts on them that are otherwise useless for normal purchases.

Simply have the other contributors buy e-gift cards and email them to you, and toucan then add them in during checkout to make up their portion of the payment. However, if you're looking to split payments between multiple credit cards, you can 't do that on Amazon.

If you're looking for a way to split costs between two different credit cards on Amazon, you're out of luck. Still, it's always good to know how to lower the amount charged to your credit card, especially if you already have digital cash to spend.

If not already there, go to your cart by clicking the basket icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Click the yellow “Proceed to checkout” button in the upper-right corner.

In the box under “Add a gift card, promotion code, or voucher enter your Amazon gift card code then click “Apply.” Make sure the correct credit or debit card is selected under “Payment method” and if not click the “Change” button and then select your preferred card.

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5. Review your delivery options and then click the yellow “Place your order” button. From clothes to serious computer tech, toucan find really affordable products in just a few clicks.

Once you have found your desired item, click on Add to Cart and proceed to the next page where you will need to enter your credit card information. Toucan either opt for one of the offered amounts ($25, $50, $75, $100, and $150) or choose a custom balance.

If you opt for the latter, simply enter the funds you have left on your Visa gift card and fill the required fields so that toucan send it to yourself. On checkout, choose your old Visa gift card as the payment method and proceed to pay.

Once the checkout process is complete, you will receive an Amazon gift card in an email. In the email, you will notice that toucan click on the link to redeem a code.

All that you need to do now is clicked on the “Apply to Your Account” button, located under the “Redeem Your Gift Card”. Enter the received code and hit the “Apply to Your Account” button again.

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If you have bought multiple Amazon gift cards, add their codes into the field like earlier. Toucan use any of your available Amazon gift cards to shop for books and apps for your Kindle Fire.

If you want to add your card directly to your Kindle Fire, you need to go through the Settings menu. Just because there aren’t enough funds on your credit card doesn’t mean that toucan ’t shop on Amazon.

If you have an old Visa gift card lying around or have received an Amazon gift card from a friend or a family member, toucan easily turn them into Amazon credits and use them to pay for your purchases. Have one person send the other an e-gift card for half of the cost, then simply apply it to the overall order.

Also, we’d like to point out that the review page for Amazon gift cards makes for some strange and boring reading. 28,376 people have felt the need to express themselves about the experience of buying an Amazon virtual gift card.

How to use a gift card to make partial payment on Amazon .com Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

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It's important to note that you don't save or lose any money by paying in installments. There are no hidden fees or charges ; it's just another way to pay for Amazon's latest hardware.

Most of Amazon's gadgets are eligible for an installment plan, but in some cases this payment method only applies to a certain version of a product. For example, the Kindle Paper white is only eligible if you buy the version without special offers.

“In the 17-plus years I’ve been involved with online payments, I’ve never seen a single shopping cart offer me the option to use multiple credit cards at checkout,” said Rey Panini, executive director at payment processing company Total-Apps, in an email. Technology, security and expense are among the probable stumbling blocks preventing e-commerce sites from supporting multiple-card payments, experts say., however, does allow customers to combine a credit card with up to four Target Rightwards or eGiftCards for one order, the website says. Invariably, these shopping carts are configured to only accept a single credit card at checkout,” Panini said.

In addition, merchants anticipate that people may receive several gift cards and combine them for a large purchase, Panini noted. A consumer using 10 separate credit cards with $2,000 limits to buy a $20,000 Cartier watch, however, might raise suspicions, he said.

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Outside online shopping carts, there are some industries where multiple cards might be utilized in a transaction, Panini noted. A large wedding catering bill could amount to $50,000, and since most consumer credit cards don’t have that size of a limit, the consumer might utilize five different credit cards with a $10,000 limit each, he said, adding that split payments also would be allowed for areas such as legal services, travel, timeshare, wholesale bulk orders, commercial and construction.

PROBABLY NOT It’s hard, but not impossible, to find U.S. e-commerce sites that allow multiple credit cards for one order. did a spot-check of 10 online retailers and found only one that does allow the customer to use two credit cards for one transaction at checkout.

RetailerAllows split transactions online? (and affiliated Yes Amazon .com No No No No No No No No Source: research, April 2016 The editorial content on this page is based solely on the objective assessment of our writers and is not driven by advertising dollars.

Toucan politely explain to the customer that you do not have anything to do with the billing. You should direct the buyer to Amazon Customer Service.

Update: I provided this information for general education of sellers. However, customers can combine Amazon Gift Cards with a credit or debit card payment method to complete your order.

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It is against cc policies to split purchases across multiple credit cards. I was gone this past weekend on a little trip and got a comment on one of my most popular articles.

It shows you how to share your Amazon Prime shipping benefits with four other family members. Most people didn’t know you could share you Amazon Prime benefits.

Either way, apparently Amazon has decided to change up how you are able to share your Prime account. My dad and sister were listed under mine and were able to get my prime shipping benefit.

I can count a number of possible reasons, but the main one is probably because they realized people were abusing the system. There were a number of articles showing you how to save on an Amazon Prime membership and this was the top tip.

When you take Prime shipping away from those who were getting it for free, you might be able to convert them to paying customer. For us who are already paying customers, this doesn’t affect me much as I wasn’t getting money from my family to share my shipping benefits.

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To get more paying customers, they introduced the Amazon Household program. It’s only for up to six people and four of those being children who don’t need Amazon accounts.

Note: In order to share content, Prime benefits, and Amazon Mom benefits, both adult account holders need to authorize each other to use credit and debit cards associated with their Amazon accounts for purchases on Amazon. This will not affect either of their current payment settings, but each adult will be able to copy the credit and debit cards of the other account to his or her Amazon account and use them for purchases with Amazon.

Basically, this weeds out anyone trying to share their Amazon Prime shipping benefits with anyone outside their close family. You wouldn’t want your co-worker getting access to your credit cards and vise versa.

Prior to this new change, you were only able to share your two-day shipping benefits and the Kindle library. Since the traditional sharing method is gone, then you will need to set up and Amazon household if you want to share with someone you don’t mind having access to your credit cards.

In order to set up a new Amazon Household system, you need to follow a few basic steps. Click the Manage Your Content and Devices link in the list.

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Click the Settings tab, then scroll down to the Households section. Click on the Invite an Adult button (they need to be present or you should be able to log in for them).

Luckily, I will be sharing a large post soon with many more ways to save money on Amazon. I cut my cable nearly five years ago because I was tired of paying for shows I didn’t watch.

While I missed TV, I’ve found better solutions like DirecTV NOW. This article contains affiliate links for services and sites we trust or use.

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