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Amazon Austin Interview

Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Takes a long time to hear back so be prepared for that. First you take and assessment and then you have to record yourself and answer three situational or behavioral questions.

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Definitely know the Leadership Principles and think about your experience as it relates to the key LPs for the position you’re applying for. I interviewed at Amazon (Austin, TX) in August 2020.

Then I had a phone interview with the HR Business Partner. Then I had a Zoom interview with another HR Business Partner and the Operations Director (due to COVID-19).

27) If you are on-call, somebody calls you and say if the whole network is down, what are the troubleshooting steps you will take? Call with HR, went through resume asked behavioral questions, went through background, as well as sales examples.

4.5-hour total session consisting of 4 rounds. Most of it was intentionally vague coding challenges plus “behavioral” questions that sometimes felt like a criminal interrogation.

Despite 20+ years of experience, no one asked about my past projects. It's not worth the extensive prep required, all to work at a Hunger Games-like environment.

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I interviewed at Amazon (San Marcos, TX) in April 2020. Emailed a date to go in and just reviewed all info that was summited previously online, took id photo and started within a few days.

I interviewed at Amazon (Austin, TX) in March 2020. They hide behind a TON of broken and archaic process that doesn't find or assess the talent that they need to drive the future business, It's clogged with a bunch of stagnant employees who can't get out of their own way, let alone review viable candidates in the recruitment/hiring pool.

Get rid of your inexperienced Sr. HR Millennial FAKERS! They have NO industry experience, can't assess senior talent with 20+ years experience, being that they themselves are only 25+ years old, making critical decisions on behalf of the company.

Get real and evaluate people for their skills, talents and ability to GET THE Job DONE! After clearing the technical assessment test(90 minutes two questions related to Graph and sorting) they called me for on site interview which had 5 rounds plus one lunch break.

After clearing the technical assessment test(90 minutes two questions related to Graph and sorting) they called me for on site interview which had 5 rounds plus one lunch break. 1st Round: Related to Graph and leadership principles.

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An online coding assessment including 3 questions which for each you’re expected to write algorithms for real life scenarios at Amazon. Good thing is that you can choose your preferred coding language.

The recruiters were good and the process doesn’t take too long once you submit your availability for the interview Final Round: If you do wonderful on your coding assessment you'll get a single interview with an engineer talking about your solution and how you implemented it, they might ask you a follow-up question.

If your coding assessment was just okay you'll get 3 back-to-back 45-minute interviews with engineers (with 15-minute breaks in between each one). Each one will ask you 1-2 coding questions that you have to solve and walk them through it.

After interview, I waited a week to hear back. Interview process consisted of 3 part: 1. Debugging 2. Coding challenge 3. Behavioral work place choices and brain-teasers each section was given after the previous 1 was completed.

Technical phone screen interview for a Software Engineer position. We all introduced our self and jumped to the exercise, no leadership question which I was told by the recruiter to be prepared for at least 3.

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Based on a social media network find the minimum distance between two friends? Although he said he’d move me forward to the next steps and sent me an assessment to fill out, I realized I was completely unqualified after looking at the job description.

I interviewed at Amazon (Austin, TX) in June 2019. Phone Screen + 6 in person interviews based on their leadership questions.

The interview process went on for almost 6 months, as I was not open to relocation. But the recruiter continued working with me constantly and helped me find a role which was based out of my preferred location.

Overall I got the feeling that the recruiter wanted me to succeed and helped me in every possible way. Give us a situation where you did not agree with your manager and went ahead with your idea.

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