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Albuquerque Restaurants Reopening

Ava Flores
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 7 min read

However, as the cold weather persists this winter, restaurant owners tell KROE News 13 they’re worried. Garcia’s Kitchen in Albuquerque is just one of the longtime local restaurants in New Mexico constantly adapting to restrictions and business models, trying to stay safe and afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.



For the past two weeks both indoor and outdoor dining was prohibited under public health orders. Beginning Wednesday, December 2, the state is moving to a county-by-county “red to green” reopen plan, depending on where each county stands with the virus.

Starting Wednesday, food and drink establishments in red counties can open at 25% capacity for outdoor dining only. “I have to figure out if I can get heaters and propane,” Garcia told News 13 after the new ‘red to green’ plan was announced.

According to the state’s public health order, any establishment serving alcohol must close by 9 p.m. each night. The Tao's restaurant owner told KROE News 13 they’ve been following all public health orders throughout the pandemic.

Some restaurant owners KROE spoke with Friday said they’re glad to open up their patio setups again, even if it is cold and it can only be at 25 percent capacity. She appreciates the state’s gesture but says it’s still not enough, considering New Mexico restaurants still have to abide by some of the strictest rules in the country.

Compared to restaurants in the northern part of the state which are already seeing snow and consistently cold temperatures. His location has been a favorite for 50 years on Central Avenue in the southwest part of Albuquerque, and he feels indoor dining should have been open all throughout the pandemic.

albuquerque restaurants

Like many restaurant owners, he feels like his type of business has been unfairly singled out. Assistant General Manager Javier Rocha says everyone could eat inside safely in their large room, even at 50% capacity.

We’re kind of taking it a day, a week or month at a time,” Rocha said. “I’m excited because it gives us an opportunity for guests that haven’t been in here to take in the full experience of what we offer,” he said.

At Fan Tang in Nob Hill, owner Jason Zen says he can’t turn a profit if he opens his indoor space at less than half capacity. He says he’s hurting, but is still doing relatively well with takeout, delivery and patio service, and he understands the governor’s decisions.

In fact, he wonders if inside dining is truly safe amid these conditions. At Monte Carlo Steak House on Central near Tingle, co-owner George Kansas is planning on opening his inside seating Saturday, but he’s frustrated with how difficult the last few months have been.

Michelle Lutein Grisham said a revised public health order going into effect Monday will allow restaurants, gyms, salons and malls to reopen at partial capacity. But customers and employees will be required to comply with a series of social distancing guidelines aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory disease that has killed 335 New Mexicans.

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Some previous orders imposed tighter restrictions in the northwestern part of the state, where the virus outbreak has hit hardest. The Blue Door Salon in Los Ranches de Albuquerque pictured in 2011.

To prepare for the reopening, Clark said, Swank bought 20 new salon capes to ensure every customer gets a clean one. Even at 50% of their normal maximum capacity, Lamar said the gyms can each accommodate several hundred people at a time.

Defined Fitness staff have reorganized gym equipment and closed every fourth locker to comply with social distancing restrictions. In addition, Lamar said, the gyms will have employees cleaning each piece of equipment in between uses, and sanitizing them more thoroughly every hour.

State residents, Scrape said, have succeeded in reducing the virus spread rate to 1.09, meaning each person who is sick infects, on average, 1.09 other people. Lutein Grisham said she hopes the state can gradually relax more business restrictions even before the end of June.

And retail stores will remain under a restriction requiring them to limit the number of customers and employees inside at any time. “There’s no real method to this, and her inequitable and discriminatory decisions continue to kill our economy,” Pearce said in a statement.

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However, Lutein Grisham has defended her administration’s approach to the pandemic and also pushed back on criticism centering on her remote purchase from a jewelry store in Albuquerque last month. The governor also said a special legislative session set for June 18 will have to comply with social distancing requirements.

With a little help from our neighbors (you), we’re collecting information about which businesses are still serving New Mexicans. Submit a Category Whether you’re a car dealership, retail store, or offer another service, submit your category, so we can quickly get your business and others like it listed on our site.

Additional retailers in the 130,000 square-foot Shops at Mohegan Sun also reopen, and Sky Tower hotel is now also accepting more reservations. Mohegan Sun implemented more than $1 million in new safety measures, some of which include non-invasive thermal temperature checks at all entrances, a cutting edge UV lighting system, robust cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and plexiglass dividers at various locations.

“Mohegan Sun has had a successful and safe return to business and that will continue as more dining, shopping, entertainment and hotel stays open up this week.” “We're especially excited about the return of live entertainment, as Comic Comedy Club will host the hilarious comedian, Corey Rodrigues, this Friday and Saturday evening.

Mohegan Sun and Comic have been hard at work to bring back live entertainment in a manner that will have the highest levels of health & safety standards for our guests.” Sky Tower, Mohegan Sun's iconic 34-story hotel, is also opening up more rooms and has begun welcoming guests from all 50 states or wherever they may be visiting from.

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Additional Phase 2 reopening across Mohegan Sun, which include Carlo's Bakery, Chick-fil-A, Harvest Moon Bar, Phantasma and more, are detailed further at Around 20 locations in the Shops at Mohegan Sun, which consist of more than 35 high-end retail outlets in total, have already safely opened, with more expected in the coming weeks.

Valet parking remains closed at Mohegan Sun, as does The Poker Room, Seasons Buffett, novella, Story, New Belgium Tap Room, GAME ON, the Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun Arena, Bean & Vine Café & Wine Bar, Pools, Gyms and Bus transportation. To protect those who are most vulnerable during the global pandemic, Mohegan Sun recommends that anyone over the age of 65 or in a high-risk group please visit us at a later date.

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