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Albuquerque Restaurants Breaking Bad

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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Twisters, a burrito and burger place located where the AMC drama is set in Albuquerque, N.M., has been drawing travelers from as far away as China who want to get a look at the restaurant that serves as the setting of the fictional “Los Polls Germans.’’ On the second through fourth seasons of Breaking,’’ drug kingpin Gus Bring, played by Giancarlo Esposito, uses the 14 locations of the chain restaurant as a front for his crystal meth empire. Central character Walter White (played by Bryan Canton) and several other primary characters are regular visitors to the chicken fast-food establishment, which in real life has become one of the tourist landmarks around Albuquerque sought by rabid fans.

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“People are always coming in asking, ‘Where’s Gus?’’’ Twisters district manager Gaston Monte told Tourists have steadily streamed into the restaurant, which has a “Los Polls Germans’’ picture on the wall but no other adornments or menu items signifying the relationship to the show.

“They put in a book for visitors to sign about two weeks ago, and there’s already 10 or 15 pages filled already,’’ Monte said. Monte was even an extra in one episode, playing a cook at Los Polls Germans, although you could only see his hands (and not his face) on the show.

He recently put pictures on the wall of himself and fellow employees shaking hands with Canton and Esposito during a visit from the actors, but said the photos mysteriously disappeared quickly. The buzz from Breaking ’’ has improved the bottom line at the Twisters' location by about five percent, according to Monte.

Description: Twisters is a fast-casual dining experience specializing in New Mexican foods with our famous red and green Chile as well as American favorites! Twisters are started with the idea that customers wanted quality food at fast-food prices with quick service in a pleasant environment.

Our goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations in value, quality, and service. No sign of Gus Free, I guess he is not yet fully recuperated ...

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We visited this Twister’s as the first stop of our Breaking Tour”; we are big fans of the TV series Breaking that happens to be filmed in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. With a little of internet research we were able to create a tour for ourselves.

SW a few miles south of Albuquerque proper. This Twister’s is used in the TV Series as a front for a place called “Los Polls Germans” and owned by the fictional character Gustavo “Gus” Bring who owns a successful chain of chicken restaurants, and uses it as a cover for a Money laundering operation.

This Twister’s even has a permanently painted mural on a wall of Los Polls Germans (The Chicken Brothers) see the attached photo that I took. While this Twister’s doesn’t serve fried chicken they do serve very good Burritos and Burgers and great fries, the service is typical New Mexico friendly (the Folks in New Mexico are just so nice).

So if you’re a Fan of Breaking or good fast food check out this Twister’s. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

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Creator: Vince Gilligan Stars: Bryan Canton, Aaron Paul, Anna Gun 5 seasons, 62 episodes Original channel: AMC Original run: January 20, 2008 – September 29, 2013, The Breaking Bad prequel movie “El Camino” was released on October 11, 2019 Creators: Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould Stars: Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea See horn Season 5 has finished airing.

Los Polls Germans was founded by Chilean nationals Gus Bring (played by Giancarlo Esposito) and Max Arcing (James Martinez) in Mexico. An apocryphal story as told in a fictional television commercial suggests that it was inspired by recipes cooked by Gus' uncles.

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Eventually Gus emigrated to the United States and opened branches primarily in New Mexico, and the chain grew to have over a dozen locations throughout the American Southwest. Los Polls Germans trucks were used to smuggle drugs manufactured by the show's fictional drug cartel across the Mexico–United States border.

A large chicken farm for Los Polls Germans at the outskirts of Albuquerque served as a front where the incoming drugs were processed and shipped to the various stores and other destinations. Bring kept the restaurants themselves clean of any business related to the cartel drug business.

The company eventually became a subsidiary of fictional German shipping conglomerate, Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, whose connections Bring used to further increase the outreach of both his legal and illegal operations. After Bring's death at the hands of Walter White (Bryan Canton) and Hector Salamanca (Mark Marigolds), the chain was closed, with the flagship restaurant in Albuquerque reverting to Twisters, the same restaurant which is used as the filming set in real-life.

The Twisters store in Albuquerque used for the flagship Los Polls Germans store during filming of Breaking and Better Call Saul While Breaking was still on air in 2013, Twisters claimed to have received a 10% increase in revenue due to its association with Breaking. In 2014, a Cook County, Illinois man was arrested and charged with several crimes including the manufacturing of methamphetamine, and wore a Los Polls Germans shirt in his mugshot.

Breaking creator Vince Gilligan revealed on a 2015 Reddit AMA that there were talks at Sony to make Los Polls Germans into a real restaurant. The logo for the Polls Germans restaurant was created in 2008 by Mexican artist Humberto Puentes-Segura.

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Topanga Productions, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures, the producer of Breaking, began selling merchandise including T-shirts and hats displaying the Polls Germans logo. In 2016, Puentes-Segura sued Sony Pictures and Topanga Productions, claiming he did not permit Sony to license or sell merchandise using the logo.

In 2017 Los Polls Germans opened as a series of pop-up restaurants across several cities. It was announced to open from April 9–10 in New York City on Pearl Street (Manhattan), although the pop-up reportedly only offered curly fries on the menu and not chicken at all.

It also appeared in Los Angeles on April 10–11, and Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. On April 11–12, a pop-up event occurred at Thirsty Bird in Potts Point, New South Wales, with Giancarlo Esposito making a visit on the first day.

Netflix, the international distributor for the series, also organized two separate pop-up events in Italy on May 12–13 at real fried chicken restaurants in Rome and Milan which were decorated to look like Los Polls Germans restaurants. On January 20, 2018, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the beginning of Breaking, the Twisters' location used to film the restaurant on the show was temporarily renovated for a single day to look like Los Polls Germans.

The occasion was paid for by two “super fans” Edward Candelabra and Mary Smith, and was allegedly unsanctioned by Sony Pictures or AMC. The event also coincided with the beginning of local filming for Better Call Saul Season 4, and several Breaking cast members, including Ian Posed (Brock Castillo) and Jeremiah Bits (Victor), appeared at the event.

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In August 2018, Postmates offered a limited-time delivery service for Los Polls Germans for Los Angeles and New York City. Breaking Bad : “Germans ".

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' Breaking Bad Pop-Up Restaurant Pretty Much Only Consists of Curly Fries”. Breaking Bad's Los Polls Germans Restaurant Is Pretty Real”.

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“Los Polls Germans Is Popping Up Downtown on Wednesday and Thursday Los Angeles Magazine”. ' Breaking Bad Restaurant Los Polls Germans Is Popping Up in NYC”.

“Sydney's Breaking Bad fans go wild for Los Polls Germans pop-up restaurant”. ^ Breaking Bad's “Los Polls Germans” opens in Italy”.

“An actual Los Polls Germans is coming to Albuquerque, and it's every Breaking Bad fan's dream come true”. Albuquerque Gets an IRL Los Polls Germans for Breaking Bad's Anniversary”.

“Los Polls Germans Pop-Up Comes to Albuquerque for Breaking Bad's 10th Anniversary”. “New Mexico Breaking Bad Fans Are Getting A Real Los Polls Germans”.

^ “Twisters transforms into 'Los Polls Germans' for 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad ". “AMC Delivered 'Los Polls Germans' Chicken to 'Better Call Saul' Fans.

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“A Breaking Bad Pop-Up Is Coming to L.A.” Food & Wine. ' Breaking Bad Restaurant Los Polls Germans Comes to Life Via Virtual Restaurant”.

“Uber Eats Will Deliver Food from Breaking Bad Restaurant Los Polls Germans”. ^ Breaking Bad Movie Brings Los Polls Germans to Real Life”.

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