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Tuesday, 21 September, 2021

Akron Beacon Journal Real Estate Transfers

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 21 September, 2021
• 7 min read

Divvy Homes Warehouse 2 LLC from Equity Trust Co FBO Asher D McClure Ira, 2252 S Freedom Ave. , $105,000. Divvy Homes Warehouse 2 LLC from Equity Trust Co FBO Asher D McClure Ira, Freedom Ave. S, $105,000.



Chen Ann L from Gemini Joan Combs Jane Mikhail Panic, 2825 Patriots Path Condo 2-b, $150,000. Morris Wayne Erma from Les Kohn Construction Inc, Park Commons Cir Ne, $18,000.

JRE Homes LLC from Bigelow Dale R Susan C, 8804 Blitzed Road NW, $95,000. Dundee Christopher Kearns from Rhodes John P Jr Tamil, 1310 Tumbleweed St. Ne, $152,000.

Owen Douglas Roxanne from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA Ryan, 3334 Suffolk St. NW, $260,620. Bases Michael Lisa M from Ruff Robert Shawna, 13682 Nutmeg Cir NW, $260,000.

Suarez Richard A Luann from Safer Robert G Nancy K B Trustees / R, 9311 Bletchley Ave. NW, $319,900. Hendrickson USA LLC from LSI Gm Acquisition Corp, 9260 Pleasant wood Ave. NW, $8,100,000.

Calvary Chapel Of Canton from Heritage Reformed Baptist Church, 3077 Mount Pleasant St. NW, $127,000. Six Brothers Investment Properties LLC from Bear Donald R Trustee, 13415 Cleveland Ave. NW, $173,800.

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Six Brothers Investment Properties LLC from Bear Donald R Trustee, Cleveland Ave. NW, $173,800. Wittensoldner Amy D James L Jr from Cook Kenneth W Jean L, 2709 Country Squire St. NW, $205,000.

Wittensoldner Ryan S Kelly N from Sec Property Holdings, LLC, 582 Cobblestone Ave. Ne, $80,000. Cody Steven A from WWW Premier Properties LLC, 11320 Lair Road Ne, $120,000.

Fountain Robert L Iv Marsha A from Great Value Realty LLC, 14890 Elm side St. Ne, $129,900. Provence Amanda R, Richard Jr, Penny from Hensley William O, 12616 Union Ave. Ne, $192,000.

Fountain Robert L Iv Marsha A from Great Value Realty LLC, Elm side St. Ne, $129,900. Dunner stick Sean M Sharon R from Very Emily S Moore Matthew L, 1425 Washington Blvd.

Moore Matthew L Emily S from Myers David Michael Mary Elizabeth Lee, 221 Deviancy Ave. , $119,900. Angler John Thomas Ii Woman Bailey from Herrick Todd M Aimee J, 1189 Chevron Ave. , $250,000.

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Patton Hugh T Andrew Carmen from Henderson Adam J, 10583 Benson St. Ne, $191,500. Young blood Taylor Kristian from Hora Christopher M Jamie M, 4795 Leon Road Ne, $144,000.

Shaw Madeline Mae Kingship Chase A from Deal Andrew T Nicole I, 5125 Hahn St. Ne, $165,000. Miller Hayden D Although Taylor M from Vincent Earl E, 2713 Conan Ave. Ne, $156,013.

Hanna Todd M Kristen Y from Stevens Barbara A miller Jenny L, 750 Caimans Ave. Habitat For Humanity East Central Ohio from Big Arms Enterprises LLC, 402 E Line St., $50,000.

Stover Adam L Vicky M from GREC Joseph V Molly A, 1279 Fox Ave. Conn Timothy M Heather from Howard Last K Ware Bryan T, 259 Union Ave.

Church David L Jr Ashlee from Re nicker Mark A Brenda L, 13129 Lincoln St. Gross Gerard C Kathleen A from Hillier James B Connie V, 1037 Oak wood Dr, $239,900.

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Finn Rebecca S from Lase Francis B Stacey V, 3313 Mount Pleasant St. NW, $109,000. Richards Rebecca Suzanne from Croatian Sheila Salinas Christina, 2707 Kim St. NE, $189,900.

Milan Jennifer R from Parker Michael P Kathleen A, 11095 Jan Cir NW, $201,000. Jarvis Robert Lauren from Porter Trevor J Gabriela, 2669 Country Squire St. NW, $221,000.

Lansing er William S Jessica M from Boss Nathan Leannegail, 1961 Gulf St. NW, $252,000. Dishing Roger M Lawyer Sarah M from Tucker Daniel G Catherine E, 11193 Hoover Ave. NW, $385,000.

Drama Kristina M from Figaro Kathryn Trustee Of The Anne E Hub, 506 Richards Dr, $96,000. Pinnacle Home Sales LLC from Easter day Angela, 4325 Woo dale Ave.

Ga skins Cole J from Schloss er Jr Duane E Lenore A, 6606 Reno Dr, $157,000. Warner Nolan J Vicki L from Harsh Jay L Deborah JT tees/harsh Fame, Tunnel Hill Ave.

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Bailey Lance R Ashley D from Allison Thomas P Nancy K, 3450 Geese Road, $260,000. Hunter David E Tammy L from Mitchell Christopher Stone Jr London Successor Trustees, 5135 16th St. NE, $75,000.

Burger Sarah E McKnight Kim D from Barnaby William R Jr Roberta, 7611 Hill Church St. Bowling William G from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO 200240043 Ira, 201 N Grant Blvd., $10,000.

Snider George Thomas Jeanette S from Waltz John A Jetties, 1152 Baird Ave. NE, $80,000. Snider George Thomas Jeanette S from Waltz John A Jetties, Baird Ave. NE, $80,000.

219 Highland Blvd., Ashland; Richard P. Roger and Melissa G. Roger to Scott C. Sodden and Barbara L. Sodden; $133,900. 1122 Cooper Drive, Ashland; Lynn Ann Wells to Michael J. Todd and Ann Marie E. Brushoff; $126,500.

1030 Cottage St., Ashland; Zachary G. Organ and Amber M. Allen to Hallie Schodowsky and Ryan Schlemiel; $70,000. Unit III on Curry Lane, Lot 95, Polk; Karen J. Fisher to Roland Kyle Tallow; $2,880.


934 Ohio 58, Ashland; Cathy Kaiser, Rhonda Offhand, Regina Skienicka and Lisa Burgess to Tyler C. Bates and Melissa A. Bates; $147,000. 54 and 62 County 281, Sullivan; River Point Development, LLC to Kimberly Ann Bolsonaro (trustee); $52,000.

58 County Road 281, Sullivan; River Point Development, LLC to Kimberly Ann Bolsonaro (trustee); $26,000. SAI Sung Lin and Sandra SOE OO from Diana L. Dicks, 811 Bonnie view Ave., $62,500.

David and Andrew Bowling from Ethan Davis, 7640 Lake field St., $127,900. Divvy Homes Warehouse I LLC from David D. and Julie E. Girt on, 4035 Hamilton Ave., $103,000.

Christopher T. and Allison D. Millet from Roger D. Mate, 213 Beech wood St., $105,000. Katherine Anne Sierpinski and Timothy Pearl Sh reeve from NVR Inc., DBA Ryan Homes, 1393 Chevron Ave.

Akron Council has given initial approval of a deal to allow horizontal drilling and fracking under 475 acres of public land at the La Due Reservoir, which is upstream from the city’s main drinking water supply along the Cuyahoga River. Akron owns and manages about 33% of the Cuyahoga River shoreline through Portage and Gauge counties.

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The city protects wildlife and wetlands, manages the forestry and keeps the water shed fenced as part of a broader effort to safeguard the drinking supply. The gas well deal would allow the city to continue these environmental efforts while tapping into revenue streams locked thousands of feet below the surface where the Utica and Marcellus shale formation overlap in eastern Ohio.

If the wells are dry, the contract says they would need to be capped after three years, at which point the city would take back the mineral rights. Ladle said the city’s water supply is on the surface, not thousands of feet below the reservoir.

And there would be no storage tanks, equipment or access roads installed on the city land. Councilmen Sham mas Malik and Russ Neal, who attended the committee meeting but not as a voting members, asked about safeguards.

Tara Samples abstained from voting, a move she said was made to give her time to review the deal and voice her fundamental opposition to gas and oil extraction.

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