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About Img Insurance

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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Our full-service approach to providing international medical insurance products includes servicing vacationers, those working or living internationally for short or extended periods, people traveling frequently between countries, and those who maintain multiple countries of residence. To meet our members' needs, we have developed a comprehensive range of major medical, life, dental and disability products.

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Global Response : UK-based Global Response offers 24/7 emergency medical assistance to policyholders, as well as claims and logistical support to insurance providers with clients worldwide. IMG offers a full line of international medical insurance, trip cancellation and stop loss programs, as well as 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance to meet the needs of anyone traveling or residing away from home.

IMG is an award-winning provider of global insurance benefits and assistance services. For more than 25 years, we have enabled our members to worry less and experience more by delivering the protection they need, backed by the support they deserve.

IMG's team of international, multilingual specialists is accustomed to working in multiple time zones, languages, and currencies. Log on to the secure, 24-hour online portal, my IMG SM, to submit and view your claims, manage your account, search for providers, Live Chat with representatives, and more.

In addition to our expansive PPO network available for treatment received within the U.S., our proprietary IPA network of more than 17,000 accomplished physicians and facilities allows you to access quality care worldwide. Our direct billing arrangements can also ease the time and upfront expense at select providers.

Our globally recognized underwriters, A-rated Sirius International Insurance Corporation (pub) and certain underwriters at Lloyd's, offer the financial security and reputation demanded by international consumers. When you're away from home and a medical emergency occurs, you may not be able to wait for regular business hours.

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IMG (International Medical Insurance Group) is one of the most popular company offering health, life, travel and indemnity insurance to the international community. IMG provides international medical insurance products includes servicing vacationers, those working or living abroad for short or extended periods, people traveling frequently between countries, and those who maintain multiple countries of residence.

They offer comprehensive range of major medical, life, dental and disability products that can be tailored to meet individual specifications. IMG provides complete plan administration expertise with the help of globally recognized underwriter, Sirius International Insurance Corporation, who offers the financial security and reputation demanded by international consumers.

To log on, simply enter your policy information as requested. Our website uses cookies to help us improve user experience so that we can better serve you.

The International Medical Group, or IMG, is dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of expatriates all over the world. Focusing on international medical health insurance plans for individuals, families, groups, and companies, IMG strives to offer you the exact coverage levels that you need.

By delivering superior services in conjunction with flexible and comprehensive insurance policies, IMG ensures that you are always protected, no matter where in the world you may be located. IMG has policyholders in over 150 countries around the world, and as a result, has the know-how to help you maintain your policy on a local level, wherever you may be.

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Having on site medical specialists and a top-notch claim handling process means that when you have an IMG policy, you are always assured of receiving the specific, tailored, solutions that you need. I decided to walk it off back to Hong Kong where I sought medical attention at a hospital.

For Reimbursement: If you have received treatment and need to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket medical expenses, complete the Claim Form and submit your original itemized bills and paid receipts within 90 days. IMG will reimburse your eligible medical expenses after applying the deductible and coinsurance.

IMG will apply eligible medical expenses to your deductible and coinsurance throughout the year. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

IMG provides complete plan administration expertise along with a globally recognized underwriter, Sirius International Insurance Corporation. Please find below some details on the policy along with the ability to obtain a quote and even purchase online.

In addition, there are different areas of coverage available, optional riders, flexible underwriting methods, as well as multiple deductibles and modes of payment. We do not recommend or offer the IMG Global Medical Insurance plan to expatriate living in the USA.

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We are proud of our company’s ability to provide risk, insurance analysis, and exceptional customer service. In other words, we can research rates and coverage options from several top insurance companies to find the best policies for you.

We invite you to submit a free online quote request or call us at 423-282-8888 to review coverage options for auto, home, life, health, business, and more. Doctors who accept International Medical Group (IMG) Insurance | has profiles for millions of doctors and other health providers in the United States, including those who take International Medical Group (IMG) insurance.

We use cookies and limited processing of your personal information for our website and services to function. An A-rated insurance company is one that the credit agencies judge to be on strong financial footing.

An A-rated insurance company is one that's considered highly likely to repay creditors and pay any claims presented. Many insurance companies are rated on this scale, which allows consumers to easily compare the financial strength of different insurance companies without having to pour over financial documents.

Any kind of “A” rating signals a financially strong company, whether it's technically “AAA,” or “AA,” or “A.” Some contractors, for example, are unable to complete certain types of jobs unless they can show they have insurance coverage through a company with a rating of at least “A-.

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Insurance companies receive their financial strength ratings from insurance rating organizations that carefully analyze and evaluate a company’s financial performance. Some key factors used to determine an insurance company’s rating include financial reserves, claims payment history, business focus, company structure, and management style.Each insurance rating organization uses its own formula for determining the varying degrees of financial strength ratings and their significance.

However, if you are on the hunt for the best value on an insurance policy, here are some top-rated companies that might serve as good places to start your search. A rating of “A” or better for an insurance company is important to you as the insurance consumer because it helps you judge which companies perform best in the area of creditworthiness and which ones will be around when you need them in uncertain and trying times.

So, on top of the ten benefits above, as an IMG preferred member, you’ll now also get these additional privileges. It provides IMG Preferred members P50,000.00 life insurance with free memorial concierge service through Everest.

Their trained Family Assistance Officers will help members in organizing personalized funeral plans when they need it. Preferred Members may use proceeds from their policies in Fidelity Life, Kaiser, or Phi lam MOST to cover expenses related to the personalized funeral services that Everest will arrange with the different providers.

Subsidies that help pay for health insurance premiums, like the premium tax credit, can only be used on plans that are available through a government marketplace (though you don’t actually have to buy the plan through the government marketplace). Additionally, health insurance companies can only provide policies through if they have a plan available for each of the four metal tiers.

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The big difference is the state, not the federal government, is in charge of all aspects of the health insurance exchange. States with their own marketplaces can place additional rules on insurance plans, requiring them to cover more benefits and services.

States may also set different qualifying events for Special Enrollment Periods. Private health insurance exchanges can still show you all the plans available on your federal or state marketplace.

A major difference with private exchanges is that they can also show you “off-exchange” health insurance plans. Private health insurance exchanges can also provide additional shopping support for customers.

At Policy genius, for example, we can make specific plan recommendations based on your personal preferences. We will also have a licensed expert help you with the application, check on your eligibility for a premium subsidy, and answer any questions you have about your plan.

For example, government exchanges require all participating insurers to provide a plan in each of the four metal tiers. No matter where you get health insurance coverage, after you’ve filled out the application and officially enrolled, you will receive your membership materials, including your member ID card, and your first bill directly from the health insurance company.

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