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Thursday, 28 October, 2021

A Little Bit Life

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
• 13 min read

Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. When @hleaparker22 and I got married her dad @buckykennedyministries gave us a devotional book “The Love and Respect Experience”.

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This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. This is the new album from Craig Morgan, which features co-production from Kith Ste gall and Phil O'Donnell.

Report'International Harvester” reminds me of my younger years growing up on the farm. ReportReportAsk a question you would like to share feedback with us about pricing, delivery or other customer service issues, please contact customer service directly.

So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us, and we'll match it. Sorry to start off the week on a sad note, but I have decided to but put blogging on a hold for now.

I’ve been extremely busy, and I really don’t have time to do it. I will start back up again one day, but for now I need to focus on other things in my life.

In the body, the worms produce embryonic larvae that migrate to the skin and eyes. Skin changes are a common symptom, but it’s also possible for people to develop eye lesions that can lead to permanent blindness.


And that represents a huge success, because Merck and Sight savers have been treating people in Nigeria since the 1980s. It also shows how long it takes to make progress and achieve elimination or interruption of transmission.

A key milestone for this disease was the Global Tacoma mapping project, which was launched in December 2012 and completed in January 2016. It sounds basic, but to achieve elimination, you first have to map out where you need to apply donated drugs and other programs.

As well as managing Pfizer’s donation of antibiotics to the program, It collaborates with stakeholders to implement the WHO’s recommended “SAFE” strategy for Tacoma control. Sight savers has been instrumental in helping us solve this, leading the Global Tacoma Mapping Project.

Using smartphone technology, the Mapping Project allowed fieldworkers to identify communities in need and send the data back for analysis faster than ever before. Data transferred from the field in real time allowed the It’s expert committee to approve and dispatch donated antibiotics more quickly, which had a rapid impact on communities affected by Tacoma.

Strong government and NGO partners can ensure that any donations are used effectively in the populations that most need them. The London Declaration brought together all stakeholders (governments, NGOs, donors, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and so on) to support the control, elimination, and eradication of at least two NTFS by 2020.


Pfizer has extended its donation through 2025, should it be needed, to ensure antibiotics will be available to help all endemic countries reach their targets to achieve the worldwide elimination of Tacoma. Health and Wellness A Littlest of Yankee and You all / 2020-10-21This picture was when I'm actually starting believing in myself So if you follow me on Instagram you know by now I am in the 1stphorm athlete search this year.

I entered previously but realized quickly I needed to work on my mindset a lot more and focus on becoming a better me in all aspects of my life. Uncategorized A Littlest of Yankee and You all / 2020-10-10So Dave and I are officially halfway through 75 Hard and to be honest I am exhausted some days and others I feel like I can take on anything.

I actually never knew one has more control than the other, I always assumed it was a constant power struggle between your moral conscious. 75 Hard A Littlest of Yankee and You all / 2020-09-11Honestly, this is not going to be some kind of life altering epiphany that I had post tonight.

I just spent an hour packing for our trip back up to Jersey tomorrow and all I want to do is eat my veggies and go to bed. When we find a meal plan that works and a fitness routine we are excited about we expect to see results in the form of a shrinking waistline.

75 Hard, Health and Wellness A Littlest of Yankee and You all / 2020-09-06Quick unrelated event: Before sitting down to write this post I chased a lizard around our house that Daisy brought in. I eventually caught the little guy in a cup and now he is hopefully alive in our front yard.

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Between Chloe throwing up EVERY NIGHT FOR A WEEK, Ben and I started throwing up after a week of nothing, two hospital trips (where the doctors could really do nothing), daily laundry and a broken dryer, I was bawling like a baby all day on Thursday. Thank God for friends and family who helped out and I think after 3-4 days of Gravel we’ve beat this.

After a whole day of Chloe not throwing up, we ended the evening with a big, Barry mess. Thankfully, she feels better this morning and that Violet is on sale at Walmart for $17.88.

I woke up at 3:50am and this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep until about 4:45ish (I’m guessing). The reason I couldn’t fall back asleep was that the little baby inside me kept giving me wonderful kicks and every time I felt one it kept me from falling back asleep.

Poor baby cried from 7:30am-9:30 when I put him back to bed after he was bathed, snuggled and had some fluids in him. We lost two stuffies and a fitted crib sheet for sure, and we’re trying to see if we can save Scout (the green version of Violet).

I have a ridiculous pile of laundry to fold and wash right now, but absolutely no energy to do it. All I’d like to do is sleep or spend the day in bed watching movies with my kids (which will very likely happen).


I’m hearing of friends who are taking their kids outside, to sports, to recreational swimming and/or gymnastics, and I’m thinking: “I suck. Josh Classes from CTV news: Total snowfall in #yews area since November 1st looks to be in the 70-80 cm range.

Also, we’ve somehow managed to lose 3 out of the 4 pairs of mittens Ben owns. While I held my puking daughter this morning, washed the vomit from her face, and bathed her in warm water, all I could think about was being servant like Christ calls us to be.

I thought of Mother Teresa who cared for sick individuals who were cast out by society and how she wiped their passing sores, how she held them tenderly as if they were Christ themselves and the work of caring and cleaning for a child with the stomach flu took on so much more meaning. My thoughts led to my new love that has taken a while to implant in my heart: Opus DEI.

There are times when I feel like clearing the table and washing dishes is more than I can handle. The mundane task of wiping the dirty table, putting away laundry and dusting the mantles sometimes seems useless and unimportant.

The Veggie Tales song from the St. Nicholas movie plays in my mind daily now (probably because the kids watch is every morning): “I can love because God loves me, I can give because He gave. Jesus’ love is why I’m smiling, why I give every day.” which reminds me why I am doing what I am doing as a mother.

everyday bit little potty stamp holding hands

Ok, so I chose the perfect time to start blogging again: right before my house gets hit with the flu. Finding this out only after I buckled the kids in the car and promised them bakery cookies made this that much worse.

Tuesday morning I was drinking my coffee and reading emails/blogs when Chloe comes to me saying, “Ben made a big mess.” I walk into the kitchen and see him sitting beside a half empty 3L jug of olive oil directly in this oily, greasy puddle. It took two mappings with hot, dish soapy water to keep us from slip sliding around and two rounds of laundry with hot, dish soapy water to get the towels grease-free.

(Ok, this is turning into a longer post than I originally planned…thank goodness for Cheerios and princess coloring books)… She seems to be feeling better now but I cancelled tomorrow’s long anticipated ultrasound just, so I didn’t spread this bug to my family (the babysitters).

I threw up 6 times in 40 minutes and the next day I was way too tired to do more than sleep and the household chores that were absolutely necessary. I wanted to have a great celebration on Friday, but turns out Ryan wanted to be present when the kids found their shoes full of goodies: I complied willingly.

We still watched a couple St. Nicholas movies and said special prayers asking for his intercession. Dinner was meant to be a ‘feast’ with mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and a roasted chicken, buuuuuut… Ryan and I had some miscommunication.

little bit creation take adam meme

I went through and used a bunch of promo codes and rebates and THAT is how I’m going to cart around my three children come May Tomorrow we will be celebrating St. Nicholas’ feast and I’ll let you know how it goes.

This is our first year incorporating the celebration of St. Nicholas’ feast day into our family! I was briefly raised with the whole Santa Claus idea until my mom put a halt to it when I was around 8 years old.

As I’ve grown in my Catholic faith and am I learning how to raise a family in that faith, I’ve decided that I don’t want to even go near Santa Claus, but celebrate his Catholic origins instead. St. Nicholas’ feast is widely celebrated in Europe where children will put shoes near the door, by the fireplace or even outside to receive a small gift “from” this saint (usually gold coins, fruit and/or some other small token).

The tradition comes from the generous spirit of St. Nicholas who was very wealthy and gave to those in need. The coin/shoe tradition comes from St. Nicholas helping three poor sisters who could not afford a dowry to marry, so they were at risk of being sold into slavery/prostitution.

Real Food, Reflections and Simple Living for the Christian Year”. Santa Claus is a twist on the true story of St. Nicholas, but I find that the celebration of the two are quite different.


My little sister upon finding out that Santa wasn’t real was confused by the unintentional lie and asked, “Is Jesus not real too?” I want my children to grow up knowing truths and celebrating these truths! As the children get older and ask about the gifts they received, I will tell them that St. Nicholas was a follower of Christ and gave generously because he loved our Lord.

I read blogs, e-books, pinned things on Pinterest and had big plans. Today is the day before the feast and I’m letting go of some of these big plans in order to simplify and remember why we are celebrating.

Tomorrow morning Ryan’s shoe will be filled (I can’t resist treating him too). We have a simple St. Nicholas movie they can watch and coloring sheets for Chloe.

We will end the day with a special prayer to St. Nicholas, thanking him for his example in the faith and his generosity. I didn’t mean to stop blogging but something happened in my life where I literally felt I couldn’t manage it in my day.

Both aforementioned fertility and decisions result in two solid lines on my test. I found out days after Ben turned one (one of these times we’ll get pregnant after our last child’s first birthday ;)).

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