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Monday, 29 November, 2021

2k20 Fastest Jumpshot Reddit

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 29 November, 2021
• 8 min read

The game is just awful, the my team was destroyed all players have 99 stats for everything, 40 of badges, the players are not realistic and their stats are inverted. On top of all the game modes are super limited and ridiculous.



2k must reassess everything and start listening to the gamers, and still then Polly wouldn't buy it. I’ve no joke gotten Gatorade boost 16 times in a row the wheel is terrible.

Anyone can recommend the fastest jump shot for very low shooting rating builds? We are the biggest community for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series.

I've had a rebounding type build in every single 2K going all the way back to 2K17. Throughout the years, I have learned every little tip and trick that helps me grab the most rebounds possible.

Basically, if you want to be a great rebounder, the taller your Player is, the most strength you want over vertical. In opposite, as a smaller rebounder, your main goal is to actually get in that zone.

A good mix and balance of height, vertical and strength is (in my opinion) the way to go for a rebounding build. Let me tell you games where I grab 11 boards to the opposing center's 2 are more than common.


Also, don't think I need to explain this, but the longer your wingspan is, the higher chance you have of grabbing that sketchy rebound. It'll allow you to box out bigger matchups better because most if the time, your strength attribute alone isn't going to do the job.

Your higher strength is often going to be enough to keep opposing centers out of harm's way, so you'll want a higher chance to at least get through opposing box outs when the situation calls for it. While takeovers are an essential part of this game, you definitely can rebound successfully without it.

For next gen, unless you're playing 5v5 Pro-Am or Rec, I'd stay away from Glass Clearing Dimes. Box out Wall has definitely bailed me out countless times, and is the only rebounding takeover worth considering.

Though, if you're an experienced glass cleaner, I'd look into another takeover category that can help you in better ways. Although grabbing rebounds is mostly an experience thing, I'm going to give you guys tips that I discovered throughout my big man ''career''.

First and foremost (and I can't emphasize this enough); d on't look at the ball in the air, look at the opponent trying to get it. Another very essential tip is to not jump before knowing the ball's trajectory.

More often than not, it'll throw your player in a completely different direction and will get you to miss an easy rebound. If the shot turns into a long rebound, you'll at least have a chance of getting it by running feet on the ground.

Finally, a tip for more experienced rebounders, but one that can help tremendously. A very early shot means the ball will 99% of the time bounce on the far side of the glass (from the shooter's perspective).

The more information you can get about the shot that is up, the higher chance you'll have of grabbing that board for an extra possession. Hope this post will help you grab more boards on the court.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I have the jump shot creator unlocked and my shot that I used in 19 is broke AF (base 8, Kobe release).

We are the biggest community for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series. At this point, several members of the 2K community are still trying to determine what aspect of the game has been altered and if there will be any notable changes.

The last update, which dropped in January and nerfed behind-the-back dribble and added several new hairstyles for existing players was a little over 4 GB as well. Some in the community were outraged when they realized one of the newest things added in the patch is a warning for quitting games.

Many, including several YouTubers like JABridgeforth seemed to have been expecting Neighborhood changes or the return of the Behind-The-Back dribble move. He sounds pretty disappointed in the video below as he does a lightweight test to determine what has been changed.

JA also checks for new gear honoring the late Kobe Bryant in the NBA Shop and doesn’t find it. JA says those are the only things anyone cares about, but he only speaks for the group of gamers who fit into his play style.

According to popular NBA 2K Team YouTuber, Dog, the bug that causes international players to sometimes lose their collector level and access to the Auction House has been fixed: It makes sense in general, but fuel was added to the fire when 2K’s Ronnie Singh was heard mentioning the concept on a now-infamous accidental Caffeine TV stream.

According to Singh, it appears there is “Kobe content coming” on April 12, which is the day after the Players Only NBA 2K tournament he referenced. If that’s the case, it’s possible the newest update could have things like new Bryant shoes, jerseys, and other virtual merch.

For NBA 2K20, the developers spent considerable time overhauling the dribbling mechanics. Experiment with flicking the Right Stick to perform standing dribble moves.

Rotate Right Stick clockwise then quickly release when dribbling with right hand. Tap L2/LT while driving for a quick change of speed to break a defender off and set up an open shot.

Use it against trailing defenders to prevent them from getting around you, making it easier to finish at the rim. Use it against trailing defenders to prevent them from getting around you, making it easier to finish at the rim.

Once you've mastered basic maneuvers, you can use R2/RT as a modifier, to do a more intense version of the same move. Most 2K players won't progress beyond flicking and mashing the right stick at random.

Flicking it deliberately, for a specific, desired move takes a lot of practice. Watching real NBA players can actually teach you when to use these different moves contextually.

The step back, for example, is one of James Harden'a favorite weapons; he uses it to drop back behind the 3-point line and hit the open shot. You won't dribble; instead, you'll anchor your left foot and pivot on it while holding the ball.

This position is known as Triple Threat, because at this point, you can shoot, pass, or dribble; your opponent doesn't know which he needs to look out for, which makes this the perfect time to fake him out. Move Right Stick right then quickly release (with left pivot foot established).

Move Right Stick up right then quickly release (with left pivot foot established). Rotate Right Stick clockwise then quickly release (with left pivot foot established).

Rotate Right Stick counter-clockwise then quickly release (with left pivot foot established). The sudden change in momentum will make your opponent lunge in the wrong direction, allowing you to pull up and score with a jumper.

Remember to mix up your moves, whether pivoting in your Triple Threat stance or sprinting with the ball. So, choose the pie chart with the highest Shooting and Finishing.

Physical Profile Here, you should pick the most balanced pie chart. This will grant you good agility and vertical, and great strength.

Your high strength will make it easier for you to get past guards and dunk. First and foremost, you must remember to use them efficiently to maximize your badge gain.

In the Play making Category, max out Ball Handling and Post Moves. It is also a good idea to use some points for Block, so you can get more Defensive Badges.

From Gold, get Acrobat and Fancy Footwork which will help you make those tough layups easily. These will enable your character to have a much higher chance of landing a successful jump shot, after they catch the ball, even when you’re fatigued.

You should also consider Quick Draw; another no-brainer for this build which will allow you to make shots much quicker. This will increase the distance between you and defenders, making shots from afar easier.

As their names suggest, your first step will be much quicker, shocking defenders; and you will also be able to, very swiftly, start and stop motion. This will make your character use the Post Spin technique much more efficiently.

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