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Monday, 29 November, 2021

27 Restaurant Miami Yelp

Christina Perez
• Monday, 29 November, 2021
• 7 min read

264 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL “The creaminess of the goat cheese and the heat from the cigarette added such great flavor to canvas like cauliflower.” In 289 reviews.

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3468 Main Hwy, Miami, FL “A great go-to spot in South Miami I'm a regular here and the staff makes me feel like I'm a part of the crew.” In 88 reviews.

6730 Biscayne Blvd, Ste 130, Miami, FL “We ordered the duck comfit quesadilla, big ragout, vegetables from the veg chalkboard and braised pork shoulder.” In 61 reviews.

3425 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL “When you walk in, you are greeted by a small dark indoor space with wine racks and cooler full of charcuterie.” In 58 reviews.

“Chef Adrianne's is located in the most unlikely yet basic (& plentiful) of Kendall's structures... a strip mall!” In 107 reviews. “We order the Victrola which is basically a sample platter over various apps on the menu.” In 12 reviews.

1155 Brick ell Bay Dr, Ste 101, Miami, FL “For each entrée, an appetizer is also included, so we ordered the oxtail tacos and chihuahua cheese casserole.” In 32 reviews.

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100 Chopin Please, Miami, FL “Their truffle fries are to die for and the La Bomb dessert is one of the best I've ever had.” In 72 reviews.

4702 South Jejune Rd, Coral Gables, FL “I was able to buy some gluten free cupcakes from Tom, I have to say my son and everyone who tried them, loved them.” In 8 reviews.

“I work in Coral Gables and I can tell you it's the cleanest, best run place, with very healthy food and drinks!! “Not only were the crêpes delicious, Chef Jon was amazing with his service, very friendly and took care of all my guests.” In 3 reviews.

860 NE 79th St, Ste b, Miami, FL “I was sad to see that he was no longer at Tunie's but the cashier mentioned that I could reach him online.” In 4 reviews.

“As a person that eats out a ton visiting hole 19 was such a refreshing take on sports bar food at a golf course.” In 3 reviews. “I called to order a cake and was helped by Laura, she was super nice and patient while answering all my questions.” In 2 reviews.

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Reviewed February 17, 2021 I went here to dinner last night with three friends and it was a terrible experience. When we arrived 3 things off the menu had sold out and what we did order was just not...great.

I tried asking the manager about the teeny fish portion and rather than apologize or offer to buy us a drink (whet I would have done), she seemed offended that we were unhappy. It has everything--character, great service, unique style.

Reviewed February 1, 2021 via mobile Arguably one of the best steaks I’ve had in years. Reviewed February 1, 2021 First night in Miami Beach, we walked to the closest restaurant.

We were warmly greeted and shown to a cozy table in a quiet corner. We have to call out two dishes: the octopus paella and the ceviche.

Reviewed January 7, 2021 Wonderful service, very charming and romantic atmosphere. Four years ago this rustic place was good, but today not more.


Waiter was unfriendly, the falafel and the cornflour fast-food like. After that we go and pay $64 ((with 2 small glasses standard Male).

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